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LED Speakers

“>soundcore LED speakers will light up any place you go with built-in flaring and vibrant lights that rhythm with the beat of your music.

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Outdoor Speakers

soundcore outdoor speakers are perfect companions for camping and party, boosting the vibe with huge sound while fearing no rain and water.

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  • Enjoy 360° immersive sound everywhere with soundcore speakers

    Bluetooth speakers are wireless and convenient compared to traditional speakers, with no cable connection needed to listen to music with stunning acoustic effects. soundcore speakers provide bass-driven audio and 360° surround sound to those who value sound quality, ensuring an impressive stereo speaker experience. The IPX7 Waterproof casing of soundcore keeps it safe when you enjoy your favorite music at a party or by the pool so that entertaining with thumping music everywhere is apparently a cinch.
    The enhanced bass-up technology together with passive radiators applied by soundcore improves both treble and low frequencies, thus generating bass-thumping stereo sound. soundcore not only extends the treble all the way up to 40 kHz but also eliminates noises and minimizes sound distortion by utilizing dual drivers in back-to-back formation, which guarantees clarity in addition. Hi-Res audio is also available for soundcore speakers, ensuring the music is lossless in the reproduction process through Bluetooth devices. soundcore speakers offer ultra-long battery life, allowing you to use the speakers for up to 24 hours continuously, which means there’s no problem spending the whole day out with this extraordinary speaker.

  • FAQ about Bluetooth speaker

    What’s the difference between a Bluetooth speaker and a regular speaker?

    1. Regular speakers need a cable and port to connect your devices, while Bluetooth speakers are wireless using Bluetooth built in the speakers and your devices to get connected. This saves the trouble of carrying tangled cables all the time, such as the charging and connection cable.
    2. Bluetooth speakers, with a relatively smaller and lighter design, you can use the portable speakers anywhere you prefer. And out of this reason, Bluetooth speakers usually adopt waterproof casing to protect themselves from being soaked or destroyed.
    3. Once connected, the Bluetooth speaker will remember your devices and get paired up automatically next time, unlike the normal speakers in which you have to plug certain cables in every single time to play music.

    How does a Bluetooth speaker work?

    Bluetooth speakers are generally rechargeable speakers that are able to connect with audio-playing devices, like smartphones, iPad, computers, etc.
    Just like regular speakers, Bluetooth speakers capture digital audio information that your devices emit, convert them into analog audio signals, magnify the audio signals and convert them into sound. The only difference is that Bluetooth speakers accomplish the above procedure wirelessly via internal Bluetooth.
    There’s no internet requirement for Bluetooth connection, all your devices need is built-in Bluetooth. What has to be noted is that the Bluetooth connection range is limited due to the influence of some obstructions, varying from 10 to 30 meters.
    Another thing is that audio quality is often impaired in the decompressing, decoding, and transmission process. That’s why Bluetooth speakers that can reproduce Hi-Res lossless sound, for example, soundcore Bluetooth speakers, are currently well acclaimed.

    Which Bluetooth speaker is the best?

    If you are looking for a wireless speaker which is both portable and acoustically astonishing, soundcore Bluetooth speakers deserve your consideration.
    soundcore launches multiple lightweight speakers, enabling you to carry them easily to anywhere you want. The IPX7 Waterproof feature is another extra in case you’d love to spread out music outdoor, like on the beach. soundcore high-fidelity speakers, e.g., soundcore Motion X600 Hi-Res speakersperfectly combines bass-up technology, Hi-Res audio, twin drivers, and passive radiators to reproduce striking and clear surround sound via Bluetooth. Compared to the other speaker brands, soundcore comes with a more reasonable offer!

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    JBL Boombox 2

    /bluetooth-speakers/JBL+BOOMBOX+2-. html?dwvar_JBL%20BOOMBOX%202-_color=Squad-AM-Current&cgid=bluetooth-speakers
    Portable Bluetooth Speaker




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    JBL Charge 5

    Portable Waterproof Speaker with Powerbank


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    Save 19%


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      JBL Go 2

      Portable Bluetooth speaker


      $22. 88
      Price reduced from
      Save 43%



        JBL Boombox 3

        Portable speaker




          JBL Pulse 5

          Portable Bluetooth speaker with light show




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          JBL Flip 6

          Portable Waterproof Speaker


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          $129. 95
          Save 23%

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          Save 13%



            JBL Clip 4

            Ultra-portable Waterproof Speaker






              JBL Go 3

              Portable Waterproof Speaker






                JBL Xtreme 3

                Portable waterproof speaker


                $279. 95
                Price reduced from
                Save 26%

                Price reduced from
                Save 25%


                  JBL PartyBox On-The-Go

                  Portable party speaker with built-in lights and wireless mic





                    JBL Clip 3

                    Portable Bluetooth® speaker



                    Price reduced from
                    Save 25%


                      JBL Clip 4 Eco

                      Ultra-portable Waterproof Speaker

                      /bluetooth-speakers/CLIP-4-ECO. html?dwvar_CLIP-4-ECO_color=White-AM-Current&cgid=bluetooth-speakers




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                      1. Can someone connect to my Bluetooth without me knowing? 
                      Bluetooth is a standard technology that many everyday devices contain as a standard feature, but that does not mean the feature is completely free from issues. Be careful where you use your public Bluetooth connections as it is possible for people to access your connection without your knowledge. 
                      It is also typically difficult to tell when someone else has connected to a device unless you are there and can see the device and a connected users list. When you leave your Bluetooth device on and the connection settings on public, people can see and connect to your device with or without your consent or knowledge. Be careful what devices you leave on and open to access when you are not nearby. Turn off any Bluetooth devices you are not using to save power and protect your digital security.

                      Read More »

                      2. How to Prevent Someone from Connecting to your Bluetooth?
                      Whether you are on the train, in a car, or walking down the street, someone with the right technical skills could hack your Bluetooth device without your knowledge. However, that does not mean there are no ways to protect your Bluetooth devices. You can make your speakers and other connections more secure by using these methods:

                      • Use connection codes: Modern Bluetooth devices do not allow for instant pairing, and you must provide a code to pair with a device before the connection is confirmed. Use these confirmation codes to limit who has access to your devices and quickly tell if someone is trying to connect so that you can stop them.  

                      • Turn off the Speakers’ Bluetooth: Turn your speakers off when you are done with them as devices without power cannot accept new connections. 

                      • Use Wired Audio Jacks: When you plug in a new audio jack, it becomes the primary connection and keeps other Bluetooth connections from taking over. The wired connection overrides any incoming wireless signals, but this change is reverted when you unplug the cable to go back to wireless mode. 

                      • Turning off visibility: If you have an option to toggle your device’s visibility, keep it set on non-discoverable until you want to connect, as leaving your device in public or open mode could let a hacker know your signal is available to exploit. Turning your device to non-discoverable or invisible mode ensures no one unwanted can connect, which keeps your devices safer. 

                      3. Can you leave a Bluetooth speaker plugged in all the time?
                      There are no dangers in leaving your Bluetooth speaker plugged in all the time. It is entirely safe to leave your speakers plugged in all day and overnight, even once it is fully charged, as the modern components ensure being perpetually plugged in will not cause a failure. 

                      4. How do you disconnect someone from a Bluetooth speaker?
                      Removing a Bluetooth connection is even simpler than adding a pairing. You can unpair keyboards, mice, speakers, and more devices with a few simple clicks. 

                      • Find your Bluetooth panel on your device, which is typically within the settings or devices menus, but you can also search for Bluetooth setting directly

                      • Select the device you want to disconnect from the list of active connections and visible devices. 

                      • Click on the device and use the new dialog box to remove the connection before returning to the device list to ensure the connection ended adequately. 

                      5. Can you connect to more than one Bluetooth speaker at a time?
                      Some equipment will let you connect two Bluetooth speakers at once, but not all will let multiple speakers work together. Devices with Bluetooth 5 will let you pair two devices at once, and other manufactures may have developed similar solutions, but the ability to pair two devices at once is not yet standard across the board. 
                      Many JBL products come with a Connect, Connect+, or a PartyBoost that lets you piggyback different products to combine speakers. All you need to do is connect a device to a speaker, then turn on the other speaker and press the corresponding button. 
                      JBL also allows you to connect up to 100 JBL devices, which is a vast improvement over Bluetooth 5 features. The JBL Connect app helps you configure your speakers, so they operate in the best modes for your needs.

                      6. How do Bluetooth speakers work?
                      Bluetooth speakers receive a digital signal when a Bluetooth devices pairs with the speaker and sends the signal wirelessly. Bluetooth speakers accept the wireless transmission and convert it to the proper formats, so the audio is played like any other speaker in the world. 

                      7. How to pair Bluetooth speakers?
                      Every Bluetooth speaker has its own process for pairing, but most speakers follow a similar process. Completely turn off the device, then hold down the power button, look for blinking lights, or listen for an audio sound indicating something has changed. The most common indicators of pairing mode are blinking lights and a noise like a beep, but every brand is different.


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                      ELTRONIC LOUD 20-77 – a small music speaker for a big company / Eltronic Blog / Companies / iXBT Live

                      column for a large company – this is how you can characterize the new brand
                      ELTRONIC – model ELTRONIC LOUD 20-77. LOUD means “loud” in English, and
                      this is no accident. With compact dimensions of 220 x 95 x 72 mm and a weight of 1.2 kg, the column
                      produces a loud, well-read sound.

                      But for now oh
                      appearance. Acoustics ELTRONIC LOUD 20-77 simple, concise, black,
                      at the same time, it has streamlined shapes and a soft-touch coating. The speakers at the column are sheathed
                      dense and durable textile braid. The combination of these characteristics gives the level
                      IPX5 water resistant. Fine splashes, light rain, high humidity room
                      are not terrible for the speaker in question.

                      equipment is assigned all-weather and is taken with you anywhere. In anticipation
                      holiday season, you can place it on the banks of a river, lake, and if successful
                      coincidence and by the sea and throw a party for their own.

                      almost standard: speaker charging cable – where without it, connector
                      modern Type-C; AUX cable, by the way, plays music perfectly
                      through this connection option; detailed instructions with pictures and diagrams.

                      Other than
                      cable, the speaker plays songs via Bluetooth from any gadget, even
                      she can use a memory card. Connection sockets closed
                      rubber stopper that does not allow water to pass through.

                      We are returning
                      to loudness, it, of course, does not directly depend on power, but the correlation
                      observed. So, RMS power rating is 50W, PMPO peak power is
                      500 W. The seashore within a radius of several meters will sound quite, even the sound of the waves
                      will block. At the dacha under the barbecue, the neighbors will also be pleased, yet she really

                      speaker from Type-C cable for about 3 hours. Built-in 3.7V battery and claimed
                      with a capacity of 2000 mAh is ready to play your favorite tunes for about 8 hours – a third of the day.
                      This is with continuous playback, if you give the speaker a rest, then it may
                      and longer.

                      column controls are on top, you can see the expected set

                      • Column activation;
                      • Sound source selection – Bluetooth / memory card / AUX;
                      • Playing and pausing a track PLAY / PAUSE;
                      • Sound volume control +/-;
                      • Turn on the microphone. It works when the speaker is connected to the gadget via Bluetooth and is necessary to receive a phone call and communicate hands-free.

                      the characteristics were measured with an analyzer. It turned out that the active zone of the working sound
                      ELTRONIC LOUD 20-77 ranges from 600 Hz to 17 kHz, which is quite
                      not bad for such a small speaker. In the end, we note that with this acoustics
                      You can also get stereo sound. It has a TWS function which can
                      synchronize two bluetooth speakers and give stereo sound.

                      to the speaker here:

                      Soundboks Go is a Bluetooth speaker, large in size, battery, bass.

                      Perhaps the craziest thing about the suitcase-sized new Soundboks Go isn’t that it makes the original HomePod look like a mini, but that it’s not the company’s largest battery-powered Bluetooth speaker…

                      It’s actually a smaller a thousand dollar version of the original Soundboks speaker. This one costs $700 and not only tops out at 121dB, but you can even chain five of them together (if you don’t need ears later).

                      Soundboks Go: Look and Feel

                      The most obvious first impression of the Soundbok Go is that it’s black and big – very big! The speaker measures 18 inches wide, 12 inches high, and 10 inches deep.

                      The front has a distinctive hexagonal grille with a somewhat gaudy silver logo. Slim, it’s not.

                      On the top is a reasonably comfortable rubberized carrying handle, a weighted volume knob with white LED segments, and a pair of buttons used to switch between solo and multi-speaker modes. The volume knob serves as a power button, pressing and holding it turns the power on and off.

                      It’s made from a mix of ABS and polycarbonate, and silicone rubber bumpers protect it when you put it on the floor – something you’ll want to do quickly since it weighs 20 pounds. However, it’s actually not as heavy as one might expect from looking at it. I wouldn’t want to carry it far, but it can be transported from the car to the nearest outdoor location, and that’s really all you’re likely to do with it.

                      It looks more basic than premium, but everything has been done to make it as reliable as possible. This is a party/beach speaker and the company expects it to scatter a bit.


                      2x 72W class D amplifiers 10″ woofer 1″ silk dome tweeter Frequency response 40-20kHz Max. up to five Soundboks 99.84Whr removable/replaceable battery (legal in aircraft) Claimed battery life: 40 hours at medium volume, 10 hours at full volume Charging time: 3.5 hours

                      Setup and ease of use

                      Setup couldn’t be easier: keep the volume knob pressed until it turns on and it will automatically enter Bluetooth pairing mode the first time you use it.

                      It doesn’t offer AirPlay, but that doesn’t make much sense. Despite the size, this is a portable speaker designed for use at outdoor parties.

                      The volume knob is pretty nice to use, has a decent amount of weight, but it’s actually still plastic. There are white LED segments to display the volume level, and there’s also a battery saver feature where all of the relevant segments light up when turned, but then revert to displaying only the highest one after you release the knob. The only time you get any other display is at maximum volume, when – in a nod to Spinal Tap – it displays 11.

                      The battery is removable and there is a pass-through charging adapter that allows you to connect to the speaker on one side and the battery on the other. The company warns that the speaker should not be used without the battery connected, as the power supply is not strong enough for full use. In practice this is not a problem and I don’t see a lot of people needing a spare battery for this beast!

                      Sound quality

                      When you first play it at low volume, it sounds surprisingly quiet. This continues all the way up to half volume, where the sound starts to get loud, but I’ve heard similar volume from much smaller speakers.

                      Above 50% everything gets very loud, very fast. It doesn’t look like a linear progression, more like a logarithmic one. There are two volume ups for each segment LED, and by the time you get to 7/11, your ears will be hurting standing in front of the speaker driving it. After that, you will want to stand behind him, turn up the volume and run…

                      If you want to listen to music from a different state, you can connect two of them into a stereo pair. If you want to listen from another country, you can connect five of them wirelessly.

                      Default outdoor sound quality… well, I guess I’d use the phrase “customized to your market”. The company expects this to be used at a party where it’s all about the strength of the rock track, not the subtlety of antiphonally placed strings in Mozart’s violin sonatas.

                      The 1″ tweeter struggles to keep up with this 10″ woofer, so the chest-pounding bass leaves the treble rather weak. There are no EQ controls on the speaker itself, but the companion app lets you choose between Outdoor, Indoor, and Bass+ modes.

                      Bass+ mode is even louder. I would never use this mode, but I bet many owners will: amazing distortion-free bass at outdoor “inevitable police” volume levels is what this speaker is all about.

                      The sound is much better balanced in Indoor mode, but even then the bass still dominates, only to a lesser extent.

                      Finally, there is a manual EQ mode. This is a nice feature that allows you to set up your own profile and give it a name for future use.