Best wireless keyboard under 100: The 4 Best Budget Gaming Keyboards – Summer 2023: Reviews

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The 4 Best Budget Gaming Keyboards – Summer 2023: Reviews

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          Updated May 29, 2023 at 02:30 pm

          By Gregory Vodden

          Whether you’re a casual or serious gamer, looking for a gaming keyboard that suits your needs can be challenging, especially if you’re on a tight budget. We’ve compiled a list of picks to help you find the best gaming keyboard under $100, and although some won’t have extra features like more premium models, they’re reliable for playing all your favorite games. When looking for a gaming keyboard, it’s important to consider which types of switches you’re most comfortable with, as some come in a range of mechanical switches while others have rubber dome switches.

          We’ve tested over 195 keyboards, and below are our recommendations for the best budget gaming keyboards available to buy. All of these picks are suited for gaming, so if you’re looking for budget keyboards that aren’t gaming-focused, you can check out our picks for the best cheap keyboards. Although many of these picks are mechanical, you might find something better suited to your needs in our recommendations for the best budget mechanical keyboards. Otherwise, feel free to check out the best keyboards for gaming.

          1. Best Budget Gaming Keyboard

            Razer Huntsman Mini


            Finding Store


            Finding Store






            7. 6



            Entertainment / HTPC



            Compact (60%)



            See all our test results

            The best budget gaming keyboard we’ve tested is the Razer Huntsman Mini. This board uses optical switches, available in clicky or linear varieties. These switches feel like standard mechanical switches but use a beam of light to register keystrokes. Combined with how lightweight these switches are, the result is an extremely fluid and responsive-feeling gaming experience. Like other options on this list, this keyboard offers all the standard customization features with Razer’s Synapse 3 software, including macro programming, per-key RGB backlighting effects, and onboard storage for custom profiles.

            The build quality on this keyboard is also excellent, and it feels very sturdy even compared to more premium options in Razer’s catalog. Another major selling point for this keyboard is its compact size which takes up very little room on your desk, giving your setup a minimal look and leaving plenty of room for dynamic mouse movements. Unfortunately, this board has a fairly tall profile and doesn’t include a wrist rest, so you may consider buying one separately for the most comfortable gaming experience.

            See our review

          2. Best Full-Size Budget Gaming Keyboard

            Logitech G413


            Finding Store


            Finding Store








            7. 3

            Entertainment / HTPC



            Full-size (100%)



            See all our test results

            If you need a traditional full-size layout with a Numpad, we recommend the Logitech G413. While it’s an older model by peripheral standards, its performance isn’t outdated. Thanks to its exceptionally low latency and sensitive Romer-G Tactile switches, games feel responsive and fluid while you play. It also comes with a few additional features, including a USB passthrough so you can plug in a device, like a headset, or mouse receiver, directly into the keyboard for better cable management.

            If there’s a downside to this keyboard’s age, it isn’t up to speed with all the most recent customization options. So, it only comes with one switch type, and its backlighting is limited to only one color. That said, it’s a standout choice for gamers who only care about raw performance, as this unit is about as simple as it gets.

            See our review

          3. Best Wireless Budget Gaming Keyboard

            Logitech G613 LIGHTSPEED


            Finding Store


            Finding Store









            Entertainment / HTPC



            Full-size (100%)



            Switch Type


            See all our test results

            Until recently, we’ve focused on recommending wired-only keyboards since high-performance wireless options usually have a price tag much higher than $100. Enter the Logitech G613 LIGHTSPEED. This full-size wireless unit has remarkably low latency and uses the same sensitive Romer-G Tactile switches as our full-size recommendation, the Logitech G413. These switches have a smooth tactile bump that feels very responsive while gaming. There are also quite a few extra features packed into this already impressive board, including dedicated media keys, a column of dedicated macro keys, and even a built-in wrist rest for better ergonomic support. However, there are some trade-offs. It lacks backlighting, making the legends on keys hard to see if you like gaming in a darker environment.

            If this is a deal-breaker for you, check out the Obinslab Anne Pro 2, which has full RGB backlighting that you can customize on a per-key basis. However, its latency is only good enough for gaming when used in a wired mode. The latency is best suited for casual gaming if you use it with Bluetooth. It also isn’t a full-size keyboard, so the G613 LIGHTSPEED is a better option if you need a Numpad.

            See our review

          4. Best Non-Mechanical Budget Gaming Keyboard

            Corsair K55 RGB PRO XT


            Finding Store


            Finding Store









            Entertainment / HTPC



            Full-size (100%)



            Switch Type

            Rubber Dome

            See all our test results

            Mechanical options often hog the spotlight, but non-mechanical gaming keyboards have advantages. Take the Corsair K55 RGB PRO XT, the best non-mechanical budget gaming board we’ve tested. It uses membrane switches hidden under a piece of solid frosted plastic, a bonus for the folks who like to eat and drink by their keyboard as it’s more resistant to spills and crumbs since there aren’t any exposed moving parts. These switches are nearly silent during use, making it a great choice for people who game late into the night or have to game in tight, shared spaces.

            In terms of its performance and features, it has pretty much every feature a gamer could want. It includes RGB backlighting that’s customizable on a per-key basis, dedicated macro keys for easy access, extremely low latency, and a detachable wrist rest for ergonomic support during those marathon sessions.

            See our review

          Notable Mentions

          • Razer Cynosa V2:
            The Razer Cynosa V2 is a budget membrane keyboard with great RGB lighting features. However, its latency isn’t as low as the Corsair K55 RGB PRO XT, and its software isn’t available for macOS.
            See our review
          • ROCCAT Vulcan II Mini:
            The ROCCAT Vulcan II Mini is a compact (60%) model similar to the Razer Huntsman Mini but with more of a focus on its RGB backlighting. It has low-profile keycaps that allow more light to shine out from the switch housings, and many of its keys have a secondary dedicated LED that lights up when secondary functions are active. However, it’s typically more expensive than the Razer.
            See our review

          Recent Updates

          1. May 29, 2023:
            Replaced the Razer Huntsman TE with the Razer Huntsman Mini as the top pick; it performs slightly better but costs less. Also removed the ‘Best Compact’ category, as the Huntsman Mini is a compact board. Removed the Razer Cynosa Chroma from the Notable Mentions and replaced it with the Razer Cynosa V2 due to availability.

          2. Mar 27, 2023:
            We’ve gone through this article and verified all picks are in stock and remain the best choices for their categories. We’ve also made some minor tweaks to our text and added the ROCCAT Vulcan II Mini to our list of Notable Mentions.

          3. Jan 19, 2023:
            We’ve reviewed this article and refreshed the text for several entries, but we haven’t made any changes to our recommendations.

          4. Nov 22, 2022:
            Removed the EVGA Z15 as a pick due to its price exceeding a budget threshold and user-reported build quality issues. Replaced the EVGA Z20 with the Razer Cynosa Chroma as a Notable Mention due to price.

          5. Sep 23, 2022:
            Renamed the picks to their sizes; added the HyperX Alloy Origins 60 as ‘Best Compact’, changed the ‘Best Wireless’ pick to the Logitech G613 LIGHTSPEED as it has better wireless latency, removed Notable Mentions that were no longer relevant.

          All Reviews

          Our recommendations above are what we think are currently the best gaming keyboards under $100 for most people. We factor in the price (a cheaper product wins over a pricier one if the difference isn’t worth it), feedback from our visitors, and availability (no keyboard that is difficult to find or almost out of stock everywhere).

          If you would like to do the work of choosing yourself, here is the list of all keyboards we’ve tested under $100. Be careful not to get too caught up in the details. While no product is perfect for every use, most keyboards are great enough to please almost everyone, and the differences are often not noticeable unless you really look for them. Be sure to know your key switch preferences before choosing.

          The 10 Best Mechanical Keyboards Under $100 (for 2023)

          On a budget? No problem! 💰

          There are amazing mechanical keyboards you can pick up for under $100, without sacrificing a good sound and feel.

          In fact, out of the 30+ keyboards I own, over 75% of them are BUDGET keyboards.

          But there are some “duds” that aren’t worth it–so keep reading.

          Here are our top picks for the best mechanical keyboards under $100:

          Best Overall

          Keychron K2

          The best low-budget

          Tecware Phantom

          Best Premium Feel

          Durgod Taurus


          Price not available


          View on Amazon

          View on Amazon

          View on Amazon


          RGB backlighting


          Switch Options?

          Best Overall

          Keychron K2

          $89. 99

          View on Amazon


          RGB backlighting


          Switch Options?

          The best low-budget

          Tecware Phantom

          Price not available

          View on Amazon


          RGB backlighting


          Switch Options?

          Best Premium Feel

          Durgod Taurus


          View on Amazon


          RGB backlighting


          Switch Options?

          Let’s get into it.

          Table of Contents


          How we rank our budget keyboards:

          There are a few common features that we like to look for:

          Cost: Obviously, we’ll look at the price tags of these keyboards and make sure they’re under the $100 range.
          Wireless: Do you need your keyboard to be wireless? Or do you prefer the wired connection?
          Hot-swappable: Hot-swappable keyboards allow you to easily change the switches without de-soldering (which makes it more convenient to make customizations. )
          Switch and customization options: Many of these keyboards have different switch options to choose from, as well as different case colors or even keycap colors!
          Build Quality: We’ll check to make sure the overall build quality is good and that there aren’t any obvious “cheap stuff.”

          Best Mechanical Keyboard Under $100

          Now that you have an understanding of how we are judging these keyboards, let’s dive into our favorite recommendations.

          Keychron K2 – Best Overall (and Best for Mac)

          Keychron K2 75% Layout 84 Keys Hot-swappable Bluetooth Wireless/USB Wired Mechanical Keyboard for Mac with Gateron…

          • Keychron K2, a 75% layout 84 keys hot-swappable white LED backlight wireless mechanical keyboard giving you all the keys and function you need while keeping it compact. And let you personalize per-key…
          • With a unique Mac layout while compatible with Windows, the Keychron K2 has all essential multimedia and function keys you need. Extra keycaps for both Windows and Mac operating systems are included.
          • Connects with up to 3 devices via the reliable Broadcom Bluetooth 5.1 chipset and switch among them easily for multitasking needs. The K2 is best to fit home, office and light gaming use while…
          • Cost: ✅ $69-$99
          • Wireless? ✅ yes
          • Hot-swappable? ✅ yes
          • Customization Options: ✅ lots!

          The Keychron K2 takes our top spot for one reason: it’s one of the ONLY keyboards under $100 that has all the options:

          • They have hot-swap versions
          • They have versions with different color keycaps
          • Windows & Mac compatible (with a physical toggle switch on the case!)
          • Great RGB backlighting
          • Wireless works really good!

          The very first K2 I ever bought!

          It’s just a solid keyboard overall, and Keychron actually makes several different versions of these!

          The K2 is a 75% TKL layout (meaning it doesn’t have the 10-key numberpad), but you can pick up 100% full-sized versions, 60% compact version K12, etc.

          Preview Product Rating Price
          Keychron K4 96% Layout 100 Keys Wireless Bluetooth 5.1/Wired USB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard with… No ratings yet $79.99 View on Amazon
          Keychron K12 60% Layout Hot-swappable Bluetooth Wireless/USB Wired Mechanical Gaming Keyboard with. .. View on Amazon

          AND–you can actually save a bit of money by choosing NON hot-swappable versions. Though it’s only a few bucks more.

          Looking for more Mac keyboards? Check out our recommendations here.

          Durgod Taurus K320: The Runner-Up

          DURGOD Taurus K320 TKL Mechanical Gaming Keyboard – 87 Keys – Double Shot PBT – NKRO – USB Type C (Cherry Blue,…

          • Cherry MX Blue mechanical key switch,deliver a fast and precise response with great tactile feedback.
          • Allow you to rebind control or assign macro. USB Nkey rollover provide gamer a competitive edge. Some function like onekey text input also make the work convenient.
          • PBT double-shot seamless keycaps is elegant and not easy to wear. The appropriate color collocation makes keycaps and shell complement each other.
          • Cost: ✅ Right at $99
          • Wireless? ❌ No
          • Hot-swappable? ❌ No
          • Customization Options: ✅ lots!

          The Durgod Taurus is probably the most “premium” look and feel that you can get for under $100.

          It’s probably the most well-built keyboard on our list!

          Add to that several Cherry MX switch options (Red, Brown, Blue, Silent Red, and Speed Silver), AND several color options–and this is a great pick.

          • N-key rollover
          • PBT Doubleshot keycaps
          • USB-C (some keyboards don’t have this, sadly)

          Those features are mostly going to be standard on all of the budget keyboards recommended here–but the Durgod is reliable keyboard and a step up in terms of build quality and feel.

          Anne Pro 2 – Best Compact under $100

          On Sale

          ANNE PRO 2D, 60% Wired/Wireless Mechanical Keyboard (Gateron Red Switch/White Case) – Full Keys Programmable – True…

          • Minimalistic design doing more with less. Requires less hand movement while still being able to access all the functionalities
          • Compact and Portable . It saves desk space and easy to carry around. Fits right in backpack. Perfect for home, work and on the go
          • Decent bluetooth connectivity enables wireless connection up to 4 devices and switch seamlessly back and forth
          • Cost: ✅ $69-$89
          • Wireless? ✅ yes
          • Hot-swappable? ❌ No
          • Customization Options: ✅ Enough

          The Anne Pro 2 is one of THE most popular keyboards in the community, and for good reason: it’s a cheap-but-good 60% layout!

          The 60% layout means you will be missing…

          • The number pad
          • The function row
          • Dedicated arrow keys
          • the “home cluster” keys

          Yes, you can still ACCESS the keys, but they’ll require using a fn (function) layer.

          And hey, it’s small enough to fit in your pocket (almost).

          The Anne Pro 2 offers several different Gateron switch options, as well as case colors (white/black), and it’s one of the few wireless 60% keyboards that actually works well!

          If you’re looking for a smaller keyboard on a budget, the Anne Pro 2 is highly recommended.

          Corsair K65 – the Runner-Up Compact 60% Layout

          Preview Product Rating Price
          Corsair K65 RGB MINI 60% Mechanical Gaming Keyboard (Customizable Per-Key RGB Backlighting, CHERRY… $109.99
          View on Amazon

          Another great pick is the Corsair K65 RGB.

          It’s not wireless or hot-swappable, and has fewer options, but if you like the overall design (which is a bit different than the Anne Pro), this could be a good option (especially for a gaming keyboard).

          The K65 offers Cherry MX red switches, or Cherry MX speed silvers!

          Tecware Phantom – the Best Ultra Low-Budget

          TECWARE Phantom 87 Key Mechanical Keyboard, RGB led, Outemu Brown Switch

          • RGB BACKLIGHTING – Enhance your gaming experience with 18 pre-set configurations on the mechanical keyboard, or create a unique one to match your setup
          • OUTEMU SWITCHES – The gaming mechanical keyboard comes with Outemu mechanical switches for precise gaming and comfortable typing. Spare switches + keycap & switch remover tools are provided for easy…
          • FIBERGLASS PCB – Built with SMD LEDs and FR-4 fiberglass printed circuit board, this Tecware mechanical keyboard is able to withstand extended periods of intensive and hardcore gaming sessions
          • Cost: ✅ $39-59
          • Wireless? ❌ No
          • Hot-swappable? ✅ yes
          • Customization Options: ✅ a few

          The Tecware Phantom comes in 2 sizes:

          • The 87 = an 80% TKL
          • The 104 = a 100% full-sized keyboard

          I recently purchased the Phantom 104 for testing (you can read our full review of the Tecware Phantom here), and it’s FANTASTIC at that price point!

          $39 for a mechanical keyboard?

          That’s insane, and they managed to squeeze a good design, sturdy construction, and some solid Outemu switch options.

          It’s the best gaming keyboard sub-$50 keyboard, period.

          The Tecware Phantom comes with its own software, which allows you to create macros and assign personal keybinds. You can generally download this from the Tecware website.

          Related post – The 10 Best Hot-Swappable Keyboards for 2023.

          Keychron K7 – the Best Low-Profile Under $100

          Keychron K7 65% Layout Ultra-Slim Hot-swappable Wireless Bluetooth/Wired USB Mechanical Keyboard with Low-Profile…

          • Keychron K7, a compact 65% layout 68 keys hot-swappable ultra-slim white LED backlit wireless mechanical keyboard built to maximize your productivity and desktop space, with its 65% layout and…
          • The redesigned low-profile keychron optical switch is 40% slimmer than conventional switches with a shorter pre-travel and total travel distance that triggers an input and feedback faster than…
          • You can easily hot-swap every low-profile optical switch without soldering to customize your typing experience on the K7 (*This keyboard is NOT compatible with any conventional MX style mechanical. ..
          • Cost: ✅ $80-90
          • Wireless? ✅ yes
          • Hot-swappable? ✅ yes
          • Customization Options: ✅ lots!

          The only problem with our TOP OVERALL pick, the Keychron K2, is that it can feel a bit tall for some people (you’d either have to get used it or purchase a wrist rest).

          Most of these mechanical keyboards ARE “high-profile” like that, unless explicitly called “low-profile.”

          The Keychron K7 is our favorite low-profile pick in this price range!

          It’s a 60% layout, so it’s ultra-portable. They also offer both optical and Gateron low-profile switches, which is pretty sweet!

          The K7 offers RGB backlighting (with per-key customization), Mac and Windows support, etc, etc. Everything that the Keychron K2 offers, it’s just much more low-profile and travel-friendly!

          Click here to see our other low-profile keyboard recommendations.

          Logitech G413 – a Budget Keyboard With USB Pass-Through Ports

          On Sale

          Logitech G413 Backlit Mechanical Gaming Keyboard with USB Passthrough – Carbon

          • The Romer-Gmechanical switch is purpose-built for pro-grade performance, responsiveness and durability.
          • Romer-G is also purpose-designed for precise and clean lighting through the keycap. Keys are always visible and never distracting, especially during late night gaming sessions
          • Additional USB cable connects the USB pass-through port to its own input for 100% power throughout and data speed. Plug in a device to charge or plug in a mouse to charge your adversaries
          • Cost: ✅ $59-$79
          • Wireless? ❌ no
          • Hot-swappable? ❌ no
          • Customization Options: ✅ a few

          The G413 doesn’t offer all the bells and whistles of the more expensive Logitech keyboards, but it DOES have some USB pass-through ports!

          You can plug in a device to charge, plug in your mouse, etc. This is a handy feature, and you can’t usually find it at this price point!

          Also, it looks cool. I like the brushed aluminum, and they also offer a lighter grey color as well.

          The G413 Carbon is an 80% TKL layout, but they also sell a 100% full-sized layout for only a few bucks more.

          Not a ton of switch options though, and not wireless.

          (And of course, all of the Logitech keyboards utilize the Logitech gaming software, which you can use to change up the media keys, macro keys, etc)

          Logitech G PRO – the Most Premium Logitech Keyboard Under $100

          On Sale

          Logitech G PRO Mechanical Gaming Keyboard, Ultra Portable Tenkeyless Design, Detachable Micro USB Cable, 16.8…

          • Built with and for esports athletes for competition-level performance, speed and precision.
          • Durable GX Blue Click switches deliver an audible and tactile click for a solid, secure keypress.
          • Ultra-portable compact ten keyless design frees up table space for mouse movement. It’s easy to pack up and transport to tournaments.
          • Cost: ✅ $99
          • Wireless? ❌ No
          • Hot-swappable? ❌ No
          • Customization Options: ✅ lots!

          The Logitech G PRO series are a bit higher in quality (even if they still lack some of the better features like hot-swap, wireless, etc).

          It’s built like a tank.

          The upgraded features (from the cheaper Logitech keyboards) are:

          • GX switches – these are Logitech’s premium switches. Still no Cherry MX in my opinion, but they’re probably better than normal Gateron or Outemu switches
          • LIGHTSYNC – a premium RGB experience, which mostly just means more customization options.
          • A few dedicated media keys
          • A “more solid build.”

          Honestly, it probably IS built a bit better, but that’s not a super noticeable thing (especially if it just sits on your desk all the time!)

          Also, several versions of this keyboard are OVER $100. But if you stick to the standard version with GX blue clicky switches or GHX red linears, it’s right around $100.

          Corsair K60 – the Most Premium Corsair Keyboard in This Price Range

          Preview Product Rating Price
          Corsair Wired K60 RGB Pro Mechanical Gaming Keyboard – CHERRY Mechanical Keyswitches – Durable. .. $99.99 View on Amazon

          We already mentioned the 60% compact Corsair K65, well the K60 is it’s big brother!

          It’s a slightly different design (no crazy logos or branding on the space bar, for one), but it also offers some great Cherry MX switch options.

          This is your “no-frills, plain but solid” keyboard pick for the Corsair brand.

          Aluminum frame. 100% full-sized layout.

          Nothing fancy, but it’s just a solid keyboard.

          HyperX Alloy Origins Core – Lots of Options

          HyperX Alloy Origins 60 – Mechanical Gaming Keyboard – Ultra Compact 60% Form Factor – Linear Red Switch – Double…

          • Petite 60% form factor: Free up more room for your mouse with this supremely compact keyboard. Side-printed functions on the keycaps allow you to quickly locate secondary keypress functionality.
          • Full aircraft-grade aluminum body: The aluminum casing keeps the keyboard structurally sound and stable when the action gets intense and the game hangs in the balance; battle after battle, night after. ..
          • Double shot PBT keycaps with side printing: The pre-installed PBT keycaps have text on the sides to help you quickly locate additional key functions.
          • Cost: ✅ $89-$99
          • Wireless? ❌ No
          • Hot-swappable? ❌ No
          • Customization Options: ✅ lots!

          The HyperX Alloy had to be mentioned in this post as well. It offers SEVERAL different size and switch options, all under $100!

          THEY HAVE A PINK CASE VERSION which is super cute!

          These keyboards come stock with HyperX switches, which aren’t my favorite, but they aren’t terrible either.

          Not hot-swappable or wireless, but these are still solid mechanical keyboards if you’re a HyperX person (I’m not).

          Razer Ornata V2 – Detachable Wrist Rest and “Hybrid” Switches

          Razer Ornata V2 Gaming Keyboard: Hybrid Mechanical Key Switches – Customizable Chroma RGB Lighting – Individually…

          • The #1 Best-Selling Gaming Peripherals Manufacturer in the US: Source – The NPD Group, Inc. U.S. Retail Tracking Service, Keyboards, Mice, PC Headset/Pc Microphone, Gaming Designed, based on dollar…
          • High-Performance Mecha-Membrane Switches: Provides the tactile feedback of mechanical key press on a comfortable, soft-cushioned, membrane, rubber dome switch suitable for gaming
          • Ultimate Personalization & Gaming Immersion with Razer Chroma: Fully syncs with popular games, Razer hardware, Philips Hue, and gear from 30+ partners; supports 16.8 million colors on individually…
          • Cost: ✅ $50
          • Wireless? ❌ No
          • Hot-swappable? ❌ No
          • Customization Options: ❌ No

          So why would we include a keyboard on this list that ISN’T hot-swappable, wireless, and doesn’t have many options?

          Because it’s unique, that’s why.

          The Razer Ornata comes with 2 cool things:

          • A detachable “leatherette” wrist rest
          • “mecha membrane” switches

          They aren’t mechanical switches. They aren’t cheap rubber dome switches.

          They’re a hybrid switch that’s designed to activate FASTER (which is supposed to lead to a better gaming experience, of course).

          (Note: The difference in speed is hardly noticeable to me, but alas)

          All in all, it’s just a unique keyboard that offers something different than the others on this list.

          And of course, wrist rests are a must-have if you suffer from any sort of wrist pain (which I do), and the Razer Ornata comes with one!

          And at $50, it’s hard to beat.

          SteelSeries Apex 5 – a keyboard with a tiny OLED Smart Display

          On Sale

          SteelSeries USB Apex 5 Hybrid Mechanical Gaming Keyboard – Per-Key RGB Illumination – Aircraft Grade…

          • Hybrid mechanical gaming switches – The tactile click of a blue mechanical switch plus a smooth membrane
          • OLED smart display – Customize with gifs, game info, discord messages, and more. OS-Windows, Mac OS X, Xbox, and PlayStation. USB port required
          • Aircraft-grade aluminum alloy frame – Manufactured for unbreakable durability and sturdiness
          • Cost: ✅ $90
          • Wireless? ❌ No
          • Hot-swappable? ❌ No
          • Customization Options: ✅ yes, but costs more

          In most respects, the SteelSeries Apex 5 isn’t any “better” than the keyboards listed above, but it DOES have a fancy OLED screen, right there on the keyboard.

          You can customize this little display with GIFs, game info, volume display, discord messages (COOL), and more.

          Is it worth paying extra for?


          Luckily, the Apex 5 also comes with a detachable (magnet) wrist rest, and “hybrid” switches (though there are some mechanical options as well, they might cost more).

          For example, if you want the same keyboard with mechanical blue switches, the price jumps up to $150+. Odd.

          iKBC CD87 V2 – a minimal design with Cherry MX switch options

          On Sale

          iKBC CD87 V2 Ergonomic Mechanical Keyboard with Cherry MX Clear Switch for Windows and Mac, Tenkeyless Keyboard…

          • ▼ Mechanical keyboard with Cherry MX Clear Switches (Medium Tactile and Light Clicky): It was designed for firmness and tactility so a slightly enhanced version of the Cherry MX Brown with a more…
          • ▼ CD87 v2 Designed with Mistel Doubleshot Keycaps: MISTEL OEM PBT DOUBLE SHOT KEYCAP is created using Special two-shot molding process, ensuring more durability, more stability and legends that. ..
          • ▼ iKBC CD87 v2 Mechanical Keyboard Design: The case is very simplistic and streamlined and the ergonomic wide PBT keycap shapes are designed to provide a comfortable typing experience even during…
          • Cost: ✅ $80
          • Wireless? ❌ No
          • Hot-swappable? ❌ No
          • Customization Options: ✅ yes, but costs more

          The more I write about this keyboard, the more I think it should’ve been higher on our list!

          To sum up the iKBC CD87 = boring, but good.

          It features some WOB (white on black) PBT double-shot keycaps (the best), and a simple black case design.

          No wireless. No hot-swap.

          But they have several nice Cherry MX options:

          • MX clear
          • MX red
          • MX silent red
          • MX black
          • MX brown
          • MX blue

          Even though the design screams “I’m not a gaming keyboard,” it’s totally work of course. I LOVE the simple black design.

          Royal Kludge RK84 – a budget keyboard that’s wireless and hot-swappable

          On Sale

          RK ROYAL KLUDGE RK84 Wireless RGB 75% Triple Mode BT5. 0/2.4G/USB-C Hot Swappable Mechanical Keyboard, 84 Keys…

          • That is THREE MODES: Believe it or not, this is the first generation of RGB three-mode wireless keyboards on the market. Wireless mode with stable bluetooth 5.0, hassle-free 2.4Ghz dongle plus USB-C…
          • 84 Keys, Redefine TKL – The innovative 75% unique layout differs from traditional TKL keyboards, which cuts more clumsy space off while supporting the same functionality as practical arrow, multimedia…
          • Hot-swappable – Hot-swap PCB allows you to replace 3 pins/5 pins switches freely without soldering issue. Enjoy the fun of making your own unique keyboard.
          • Cost: ✅ $80
          • Wireless? ✅ Yes
          • Hot-swappable? ✅ Yes
          • Customization Options: ✅ a few

          I mean, as far as gaming keyboards go, you might NOT need 2 features I’ve brought up a lot:

          • wireless Bluetooth capabilities
          • the ability to hot-swap in mechanical switches.

          And while the Keychron K2 recommendation has both of these (and more), there’s another low-budget pick in the RK84. my RK84 on the right! I put POM Jelly keycaps on there

          And they also have different sizes, all of which are wireless and hot-swappable!

          The reason the Royal Kludge keyboards aren’t higher up on our list?

          • Build quality feels a bit cheap
          • The stock RK switches are NOT the best
          • The RGB lighting feels a bit off (from a color perspective. It’s not BAD. Just feels a bit more “saturated”)

          Specifically, the stabilizers (under the space bar, enter key, backspace key, etc), are a bit wobbly and scratchy.

          But overall, there are ton of features for being a $50-80 keyboard!

          Related Reading: The 5 Best Budget Keyboard Switches (Cheap But Awesome)

          Conclusion: Should you get a keyboard under $100?

          Absolutely! Just because a keyboard doesn’t cost $250+, doesn’t mean it can’t be great.

          As long as you do a bit of research to figure out which FEATURES you absolutely need and want, you should have no problem finding a fantastic keyboard under $100.

          Our favorites are:

          • The Keychron K2 – It’s wireless keyboard that’s hot-swappable and built like a truck!
          • The Durgod Taurus K320 – It feels like a premium keyboard (though it does lack a few features)
          • The Tecware Phantom – A fantastic gaming keyboard under $50!

          By the way, click here to check out our best keyboards under $50, if you want to stay even cheaper.

          Budget Keyboard F.A.Q.s.

          Let’s explore some frequently asked questions!

          What is the best mechanical keyboard for gaming under 100?

          If you’re a gamer who needs to stay on a budget, we recommend the Durgod Taurus K320 (because of the premium feel and build quality), or the SteelSeries Apex 5 (because of the extra media and macro keys, as well as an OLED Smart Display right on the keyboard).

          What is the best $100 keyboard?

          Overall, we recommend the Keychron K2. It has an incredible feature set for the price, including hot-swappable mechanical switches, wireless and wired connectivity, Mac and Windows layout options, and solid build quality. And it comes in at just under $90!

          What is the best 60 percent keyboard under 100 dollars?

          There are two budget compact keyboards that we recommend: The Anne Pro 2 (because it’s packed with features and fully programmable) and the Keychron K7 (it’s a great low-profile option that still offers switch options).

          What is the smoothest mechanical keyboard?

          Really, the “smoothness” of a keyboard comes down to several factors, including what switches are being used, as well as the keycaps and case build. Overall, any mechanical keyboard that comes with LINEAR switches will be smoother (as opposed to tactile or clicky switches).

          And if you want an even SMOOTHER experience, look for keyboards that are gasket-mounted, or that have foam installed in the case.

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          Best Wireless Keyboards 2020 – For Gaming PC

          As we have mentioned in previous articles, a keyboard is currently considered one of the most important additions to any gaming rig. The number of features you can pack on a keyboard is constantly increasing and you can get a serious edge over the competition.

          The last hurdle in finding the perfect keyboard is trying to find the best wireless gaming keyboard . Now I know what you’re thinking. Wireless keyboards do not provide the same level of performance as wired mechanical boards. They don’t have the same responsiveness and they definitely have latency issues. Historically, this would be true.

          Today, however, brands like Logitech and Corsair definitely have something to say to the doubters.

          What’s Important When Buying a Wireless Keyboard

          Whenever you’re thinking about buying new hardware, you need to consider certain aspects of the device to decide if it’s right for you.

          In this section, we will look at a few possible variables you may encounter to help you make a more informed decision.

          Keyboard Dimensions

          One important area to consider before buying a keyboard is size . By size, I mean how many keys your keyboard comes with. There are many different keyboard sizes, and each has a different purpose.

          Full size keyboard is best for people who use their board for everything from gaming to typing.

          However, the 60% keyboard is aimed at the gaming market and eliminates the “extra” keys.

          Keyboard Switches

          You should definitely consider switches before buying a keyboard. The switch can completely change the feel of the keyboard, depending on what you’re doing.

          The primary switches found on most gaming keyboards are Cherry MX switches. They come in different types and have different aspects, respectively. If you’re lucky, the keyboard manufacturer will give you a choice of switches before you buy.

          Cherry MX main switches include:

          • Cherry MX Red
          • Cherry MX Blue
          • Cherry MX Brown
          • Cherry MX Speed ​​Silver
          • Cherry MX Black

          The list goes on, but these are the most commonly used.

          More and more manufacturers are developing their own switches, which have their own unique set of features and functions.

          5 wireless keyboards ideal for gaming

          1. CORSAIR K63 – Best

            Wireless Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

            What we like :

            • Wireless 2.4 GHz
            • Full changeable keys
            • Dedicated volume and multimedia control
            • Excellent Cherry MX Red mechanical switches

            What disappointed us :

            • Only 15 hours battery life


            Corsair K63 makes our list of the best keyboards yet again, and for good reason, it’s an excellent compact gaming keyboard.

            Corsair designed the K63 with a subtle gaming look that uses their popular brushed aluminum and blue LED theme. We’ve seen this design on other keyboards in the line before, and it’s certainly one that the consumer agrees with.


            keyboard comes with a decent wrist rest and some adjustment keys, which were great for me. The keys are very tactile and provide a good feel for whoever is typing or playing games. They seem to have found a good balance between game and office feel.

            The wireless technology in the K63 is based on an ultra-fast 2.4GHz connection that delivers a superb 1ms response rate. I’ve been using this keyboard for a few weeks now and haven’t experienced any lag issues.


            Corsair K63 comes with some cool gamer-specific features such as Cherry MX switches, macro keys, Corsairs iCUE software, dedicated media keys, window lock keys, detachable wrist rest, and 100% anti-glare key rollover.

            If you’re looking for the best wireless gaming keyboard, then look no further, Corsair has once again provided an excellent product for gamers.

          2. Obinslab Anne Pro 2 – full functionality for gamers

            What we like :

            • Smooth but very nice design
            • Responsive keys
            • Pleasant click sound
            • Bright RGB

            What disappointed us :

            • Build quality seems questionable


            Anne Pro 2 from Obinlabs was a new keyboard for us, but it’s gaining a reputation online. For this reason, we decided to buy and test it. The results were pretty amazing; in a good way.


            Anne Pro 2 is a 60% keyboard that doesn’t take up as much space. Every inch of this keyboard is used for keys. I like it.

            We didn’t waste any time and threw the Anne Pro 2 into a gaming test and, to my surprise, it did very well. Keystrokes were very responsive.


            Obinslab provides several different switches to choose from, so you can choose exactly what you need. The keyboard comes with some gaming features and multimedia keys. Snaps in the game can be easily customized using the included software, which allows you to change everything from snaps to RGB.


            Anne Pro 2 took second place, and for good reason. This is a truly excellent keyboard.

          3. Logitech G613 Lightspeed – Best Budget

            What We Like :

            • LightSpeed ​​Wireless Technology
            • Excellent battery life
            • Stylish and slim design
            • Very responsive keystrokes

            What disappointed us :

            • Not geared enough for gamers

            The Logitech G613 keyboard is their first entry in this list of the best wireless keyboards and offers us great performance at an affordable price.


            G613 is, for lack of a better term, an all-around keyboard that’s great for both gaming and office use. It has a design that leans neither and has enough functionality to satisfy all your gaming needs.

            The wrist rest offers good support for long gaming sessions. However, if you intend to use it in the office, don’t worry, it will also work just fine. Not to mention the quiet Romer-G mechanical switches that won’t annoy the entire office block.

            Six programmable G-keys are located on the bottom left side of the keyboard and can be used for in-game binding. However, the addition of these extra keys makes it quite unwieldy compared to other keyboards.

            The main feature of this keyboard is undoubtedly the LightSpeed ​​wireless connection that it is equipped with. It offers extremely fast response times, which is great for gaming scenarios where precision and responsiveness are key.

            All in all, this is a keyboard that delivers excellent value for money and ranks high on the wireless keyboard selection list.

          4. Logitech G915 –

            Luxury Wireless Keyboard

            What we like :

            • Fantastic ergonomic design
            • 5 well-placed G-keys
            • Feels luxurious product
            • LightSpeed ​​9 Wireless Technology0010

            What disappointed us :

            • Very expensive

            Logitech’s second mention in this guide to the best wireless keyboards is ‘s impressive G915 . This is by far the most expensive keyboard on this list, but for the price, you get unrivaled durability, superb aesthetics, and brilliant performance. This is truly a Rolls Royce keyboard.

            In contrast to the G613, where the LightSpeed ​​wireless function was the main advantage, the G915 is just another premium feature to add to the endless list. Features of this keyboard include: LightSpeed ​​wireless, LightSync technology, low profile GL mechanical switches, fantastic aesthetics, dedicated G-keys, universal connectivity, 30 hours+ battery life, newly designed media keys and onboard memory profiles. This does not affect in-game performance or build quality.

            I mainly used this keyboard in the office for typing and light gaming. It’s safe to say that the low-profile takes a bit of getting used to, however if you’ve ever used a laptop, you’ll be comfortable right from the start. Once I got used to it, I found it quite pleasant to type on. Mainly thanks to the switches chosen before purchase. You have the choice between clicky, linear and tactile switches.

            I had a chance to use the G915 for a short period of time for gaming, and here it also showed high quality. Even with the appropriate switches for the office, it showed excellent responsiveness and accuracy. I was unable to use the G-keys. However, their location is ideal for gamers looking to add additional keybindings to their arsenal.

            Ultimately, the G915 is the deluxe keyboard on this list. Build quality and functionality meet all premium standards.

          5. Apple Magic Keyboard

            What we liked :

            • Good aesthetic design
            • Excellent keyboard for typing
            • Soft activation
            • Very light

            What disappointed us :

            • Does not work with Windows
            • No enumerator

            We decided to showcase the Apple Magic Keyboard because it’s the best Apple has offered its customers in a long time.

            In terms of design, the latest Magic keyboard offers an extremely sleek style that is perfect for their branding. Of course, they stuck to their white and silver theme, which looks very nice. The keyboard is compact, which again matches their style.

            Scissor-switch buttons provide a fairly snappy feel, with no extra load, no matter how long you plan on typing. The addition of multimedia keys adds additional functionality.

            If you’re looking for an Apple Wireless Keyboard, we highly recommend the new Magic Keyboard.

          How to choose the best wireless keyboard

          Certain aspects of the keyboard must meet your requirements in order for the keyboard you are looking at to be right for you. These aspects include the following areas:

          Keyboard Price

          The first thing you need to set before starting your search for a new wireless keyboard is your budget. It makes no sense to aimlessly surf the market without a set budget. This is not practical and will cost you more in the long run.

          There are hundreds of keyboard offerings out there, and if you’re planning to attack the market without thinking about your budget, you’ll spend hours evaluating keyboards that don’t even fit your budget. Install it right away and stick with it to save time and money.

          Membrane versus mechanical keys

          There are two main types of switches – membrane and mechanical. They differ significantly and offer their own unique set of pros and cons. Gamers have always leaned towards mechanical switches as they offer better durability and responsiveness. The membrane switch, on the other hand, offers a quieter, more pleasant typing experience that office workers appreciate.

          Depending on your requirements, decide which switch will best suit your needs.

          Aesthetics vs. comfort: RGB and stand

          Aesthetics can be what determines your choice. A product can have all the bells and whistles, but if it doesn’t look attractive, most won’t buy it.