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The Best Outdoor TVs |

Watching television outdoors is a great way to soak up the sun when it’s warm and enjoy your favorite entertainment without having to leave the comfort of your home. Phone, laptop, and traditional screens often have glare and can be easily damaged by the elements, so why not consider an outdoor TV? With outdoor televisions being fairly new to the market, however, it can be difficult to determine which model will be a good investment.

In this article, we’ll discuss all the details you need to know before investing in an outdoor television of your own, including our top picks for the finest outdoor TVs of 2023. We’ve considered various factors, such as size, resolution, brightness, and durability to ensure that you get the most out of your outdoor entertainment. So, if you’re ready to take your backyard to the next level, keep reading to learn more about the most popular outdoor TVs available.

Best Overall: SunBrite Veranda 2 Series Outdoor TV

Most Premium: Samsung The Terrace Full Sun Outdoor TV

Best Value: Kuvasong Smart Outdoor TV

Best Smart Features: Sylvox Deck Pro Series Smart Outdoor TV

Ideal for Small Spaces: Furrion Aurora Partial Sun Outdoor TV

Reviewing the Top Outdoor TVs of 2023

SunBrite Veranda 2 Series Outdoor TV – Best Overall

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List Price: $1,999. 99

The SunBrite Veranda 2 Series Outdoor TV is our top pick overall due to its impressive rugged design, astounding picture quality and reasonable price. This next-generation model features a premium 4K ultra HD HDR 55-inch screen with direct LED backlight, making it up to 50% brighter than indoor TVs to deliver a breathtaking and vivid picture in any outdoor environment. It’s designed for permanent outdoor installation thanks to its rugged aluminum case built to provide ultimate protection against rain, snow, extreme temperatures, dust, and salt.

Ideal for those who prefer not to rely on indoor televisions when hosting gatherings in their backyard, this outdoor TV has built-in speakers and a generous media bay to accommodate popular streaming devices. The connectivity options are expansive too, with HDMI, SB, and HDMI ARC inputs as well as both IR and IP control. With its bright picture, versatile compatibility, and durable construction, this is the best overall choice for an economical and permanent outdoor TV that can withstand the elements.

  • Excellent picture quality even on sunny days
  • Impressive sound quality plus external speaker options
  • Solid metal build with cable-sealing back door
  • Easy setup and connection of streaming devices
  • Streaming devices must be purchased separately
  • External speakers are required for surround sound

Samsung The Terrace Full Sun Outdoor TV – Most Premium

Courtesy of Amazon

List Price: $9,999.99

What sets this outdoor TV apart is its highest 1,500+ nit level brightness rating and premium features that offer a clear and immersive viewing experience in any weather condition. Thanks to its optimized QLED picture with direct-sun protection, you can view your favorite entertainment in clarity despite any harsh conditions or bright sunlight. Its QLED 4K resolution provides a crisp image with authentic color and rich contrast. The 65-inch anti-glare screen boasts a wide viewing angle to ensure that you get the best view from wherever you’re sitting. It’s fully weather-resistant with an IP55 rating designed for extreme temperatures and resistance to water and dust.

This model is powered by Tizen so you can quickly access your favorite streaming services directly from it. Plus, it’s equipped with Alexa capabilities so you can control your TV with a simple voice command. This great combination of features and durability makes this an excellent option if you’re looking for a high-quality outdoor TV that provides everything you need to enjoy your entertainment in any weather condition.

  • Superior picture quality and brightness
  • Durable and built to withstand the elements
  • Smart TV with many different apps
  • Good sound quality and Bluetooth capability
  • Heavy construction requiring heavy-duty mount
  • Direct sunlight can diminish visibility

Kuvasong Smart Outdoor TV – Best Value

Courtesy of Amazon

List Price: $1,799. 99

Sold with an external 40W soundbar and tiltable, swiveling wall mount, the Kuvasong Smart Outdoor TV offers a remarkable value for the price. The true 1500 nits high brightness LED panel is great for covered outdoor areas exposed to partial sunlight. This model can automatically reduce glare and enhance images so each viewer has an optimal view from any angle. This 65-inch TV is compatible with five input modes, including optical input, coax, USB, AUX, and Bluetooth. It also comes with a full-motion TV mount for easy setup.

This outdoor TV is fully compatible with an ATSC+NTSC TV system as it comes with three HDMI ports, three USB ports, RJ45, WIFI, AV-in, and an optical out port for other external devices. It’s also plug-and-play with most smart streaming devices and has built-in access to Netflix, YouTube, VUDU, and Screencast. Its convenient features, anti-glare technology, and included accessories make this outdoor TV an incredible value for its price.

  • Bright picture display in partial sunlight
  • Included soundbar provides excellent sound quality
  • Built-in WiFi and access to streaming channels
  • Great value relative to features and performance
  • Not rated for completely open outdoor areas
  • Poor sound quality and clarity without soundbar

Sylvox Deck Pro Series Smart Outdoor TV – Best Smart Features

Courtesy of Amazon

List Price: $2,599. 00

The Sylvox Deck Pro Series Smart Outdoor TV packs an impressive amount of built-in entertainment features into one model with superior picture quality. It runs on Android 11.0 and comes pre-loaded with over 700,000 movies and shows that are intelligently organized for easy access. This pick also has a built-in Chromecast so you can easily stream movies, TV shows, and photos from your Android or iOS device. It’s compatible with Google Assistant so you can use voice commands to find movies, play music and easily control the TV’s features. It’s also equipped with HDMIx3, USBx2, RJ45, TV, and AV interfaces along with 2.4G & 5G WiFi and Bluetooth capabilities.

This outdoor TV’s 4K ultra high definition 65-inch screen and high dynamic range deliver stunning detail and remarkable visuals in bright and accurate colors for an immersive viewing experience. This commercial-grade model features a unique waterproof design and cooling technology to withstand long-term use in any outdoor location. This weatherproof option offers a ton of content packed into stunning picture quality to make any movie or show feel like a true theater experience.

  • High-quality picture brightness and accurate colors
  • All weather encasing and metal frame durability
  • Over 700,000 shows are easy to access
  • WiFi, Bluetooth, Chromecast, and Google Assistant ready
  • Installation can be complicated for novice users
  • Sound quality lacking to external speaker needs

Furrion Aurora Partial Sun Outdoor TV – Ideal for Small Spaces

Courtesy of Amazon

List Price: $1,177.00

The Furrion Aurora Partial Sun Outdoor TV is the perfect entertainment companion for smaller outdoor spaces in your home. It’s built for partially shaded outdoor living areas such as patios, backyards, and porches. Its 750-nit brightness provides clear pictures in low and bright light alike while its anti-glare display ensures good visibility in any outdoor lighting condition. Built with weatherproof IP54 housing, this model can withstand rain, snow, UV rays, dirt, salt, and humidity. This 43-inch outdoor TV also includes adaptive brightness technology to adjust the brightness automatically to match shifting outdoor light conditions.

For extra protection against the elements, a secure weather-tight media bay seals out moisture to keep all of your connections safe. This pick has multiple media inputs including HDMI, USB, and AV as well as three HDMI ports and two 5V USB ports. It also comes with an IP67-rated magnetic and waterproof remote control. From its high-quality visuals to its reliable weatherproofing and connectivity options, this outdoor TV offers everything you need for a reliable outdoor entertainment experience.

  • Ultra-bright picture even in lower light conditions
  • Adaptive brightness adapts to changing lighting conditions
  • Weatherproof housing to withstand the elements
  • Easy to operate with included remote control
  • Sound quality lacking unless soundbar is purchased
  • Installation can be difficult and time-consuming

Buying Guide: Outdoor TVs

Outdoor entertainment has never been more accessible with the latest outdoor televisions. Outdoor TVs are great for enjoying entertainment while hosting a backyard BBQ, having a pool party, or just enjoying a sunny day. With the right outdoor TV, you can enjoy picture-perfect visuals and immersive sound quality even in extreme weather conditions. Here’s a comprehensive buyer’s guide covering the most important factors to evaluate to select the right outdoor TV for your needs.

Water resistance

The most crucial product feature to consider when purchasing an outdoor TV is its water resistance rating. Be sure to look for the IP rating that indicates how much water a television can survive when exposed or sprayed directly at its housing. For example, an IP68 rating means the TV is dustproof and protected from water ingress up to a full immersion depth of 1.5 meters for up to 60 minutes. The highest rating available is IPX9K which indicates protection from extremely high-pressure jets of water and total submersion.


It’s essential to consider the brightness output of outdoor TVs since this will determine the picture quality when used in direct sunlight. Look for models with panel brightness levels of at least 500 nits. This will ensure a good image even in sunny conditions.


Consider your installation area to determine the size and weight of the TV that best suits your space. Look for lightweight TVs that are easy to mount but also consider your desired viewing distance and size from the seating area. Opt for a larger screen and heavier installation points for larger outdoor spaces and added stability during windy days.

Picture quality

Most outdoor TVs come with 1080p HD or 4K ultra HD resolution depending on the model. While 4K resolution is not always necessary it can be helpful if you’d like to stream movies or shows in UHD on your TV.

Sound system

For an optimal viewing experience, you must consider both your viewing environment and audio setup. Make sure to select a TV with either built-in speakers or external sound systems such as soundbars or multi-channel speakers. Opting for a sound system with a Bluetooth connection is also a good choice for streaming audio wirelessly to compatible devices such as smartphones or tablets.


Ensure your outdoor TV is built with durable materials such as metal housings or thermoplastic alloys designed to withstand extreme temperatures, dirt, humidity, and dust particles both indoors and outdoors without any issues. Also, look for models with UV protection and anti-glare coatings. This will help to keep brightness levels consistent in bright sunlight over time without visible fading from repeated exposure.


Ensure your outdoor TV has all the necessary inputs to connect any devices you may use such as streaming sticks, Blu-ray players, gaming consoles, and other content sources you plan on using. Look for HDMI inputs, USB ports, Wi-Fi support (ideal for streaming apps), Bluetooth connectivity, and other ports so you don’t need to purchase additional hardware later.

Temperature rating

When shopping for an outdoor television pay close attention to its temperature rating. This rating indicates how well a TV will handle extreme cold and heat conditions over time without causing any permanent damage to its internal components and surfaces due to exposure. Look for models with operating temperature ratings between -14 and 140 degrees Fahrenheit.

Mounting options

Make sure to look at available mounting options when selecting an outdoor TV. Choose the option that best fits your space such as tabletop stands (ideal for balconies), wall mounts (great for backyards), and pole mounts (great for patios) so you know exactly how and where you can securely mount the TV. You should also ensure any mounting hardware is made from corrosion-resistant material such as stainless steel to withstand harsh weather.


Lastly, make sure you understand the manufacturer’s warranty coverage before making a purchase so you know what to expect should any problems crop up down the road. Make sure you understand if parts replacement is covered under the warranty as well as any repair service fees.

People Also Ask

What is the best size outdoor TV for my space?

The best size outdoor TV for your space depends on the available space and the desired viewing distance. Generally, a 32-inch to 75-inch model is ideal for outdoor spaces but you may need to go larger if you have a big outdoor area or plan to sit far from the TV.

What kind of audio does an outdoor TV have?

Most outdoor TVs come with built-in speakers that provide decent sound quality. Some models may also come with external soundbars or ports compatible with outdoor speakers to give you more flexibility in terms of audio quality if desired.

What types of connections are available on outdoor TVs?

Outdoor TVs typically offer HDMI and other video connections compatible with most media devices like Blu-ray players, video game consoles, streaming devices, and more. Some models may also provide extra ports such as USB and Ethernet to connect to a home network or peripheral devices.

How do I protect an outdoor TV from extreme temperatures?

Keep your outdoor TV in a well-ventilated space and out of direct sunlight if possible. Many models are designed with temperature regulation systems that help keep internal components at safe levels in extreme temperatures. You can also extend its life by applying a weatherproof cover when not in use to protect it from direct sun exposure and other harsh weather conditions.

Will an outdoor TV work in all climates and weather conditions?

Some outdoor TVs will not hold up in all climates and weather conditions. When exposed to weather extremes over time, the TV components can break down within the unit and lead to permanent damage. It’s best to check with the manufacturer regarding the specific weather conditions their product can withstand before leaving your unit outside in extreme weather over an extended period.

Do I need special equipment to watch my outdoor TV at night?

Some models may require special equipment such as black light filters or glare shields to enhance nighttime viewing and reduce glare caused by ambient light.

Are special mounting brackets needed for an outdoor TV?

Yes, many outdoor TVs require special mounting brackets specifically designed to withstand the harsh weather conditions they may face outdoors. Be sure to check what type of bracket the manufacturer recommends before installation.

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Why trust us

Our commitment to the consumer begins with product selection and ends with the last word we write in each article. Each outdoor TV is carefully vetted quantitatively through star ratings and the number of reviews qualitatively through careful examination of reviews and the features each one has to offer. Leveraging our team of bargain hunters, we’re also always sure to keep your budget in mind while we find the best outdoor TVs on the market. Our team of experts is dedicated to accurately depicting the pros and cons of each product, translating technical product specifications into information you can understand. Our mission is to make sure you get the most bang for your buck…or, in this case, the best outdoor entertainment experience for your buck.

12 Best TV Suitable For Outdoor 2023

I vividly remember the time when my friends and I planned a cozy outdoor movie night under the starry sky. We wanted to enjoy a film together, surrounded by nature, and escape the confines of our living rooms. However, the thought of hauling our indoor TV outside seemed like a hassle, and we didn’t want to compromise on the viewing experience either. That’s when we discovered the world of outdoor TVs.

Outdoor TVs have become a popular solution for those who want to entertain guests or simply relax outdoors. Gone are the days of sitting inside, bored, while relatives and friends visit. Now, we can bring the excitement and joy of watching movies, sports, and playing games to our outdoor spaces.

Finding the perfect outdoor TV can be a challenge, as not many televisions are specifically designed for outdoor use. We had to consider factors like reflection quality, picture clarity, and brightness to ensure optimal viewing, especially in the face of abundant daylight.

One outdoor TV that stood out with its exceptional qualities was the Sony XBR85X950H. It provided the perfect blend of performance and durability for our outdoor movie night, leaving us mesmerized by its picture quality and ability to withstand outdoor conditions.

If you’re in search of an outdoor TV that can meet your needs, I highly recommend considering the Sony XBR85X950H. However, if you’re looking for more options, check out our recommendations for the best outdoor televisions available this year. Additionally, don’t forget to explore our suggestions for the best kitchen TV, the best bedroom TV, and the best smart TV, as we’ve got you covered for all your viewing needs in every corner of your home.

Brand Name Standard Features
Samsung Terrace It gets incredibly bright and handles reflections well, so you can watch outside during the day.
LG CX Infinite contrast ratio. Wide viewing angles, Displays wide color gamut.
Vizio P Series Produces extremely bright HDR highlights, Low input lag for gamers, Excellent motion handling
Samsung Q90T Deep and uniform blacks, Exceptional reflection handling, Get very bright in SDR and HDR.
Hisense H8G Outstanding low input lag, The image remains accurate when viewed at an angle.


Top Picks for Outdoor Use

Outdoor television is a great way to entertain your family and friends. It can be used in outdoor or indoor settings, but it is not always necessary. It is also good for outdoor activities like hiking, camping and other outdoor activities.

1. Best overall: Samsung The Terrace

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Samsung The Terrace is the best outdoor TV that we’ve reviewed. It’s a specially built QLED TV for outdoor use, and it’s the first real outdoor TV we’ve checked. It’s outstandingly well-built, and the whole framework is made of metal. There’s a cover where the inputs are to shield them from the elements, and IP55 water resistance is valued for this model, but this is not something we are looking for.

How bright it gets is the standout feature. Simply put, it’s the brightest we’ve checked, and combined with its superb reflection handling, even with bright sun on it, you shouldn’t have any trouble using it outdoors.

The VA panel has an excellent contrast ratio, amazing black uniformity, and a good full-array local dimming function that offers exceptionally deep blacks, even if you want to watch television with it at night. Without any issues, it upscales lower-resolution content, and the built-in Tizen OS has a lot of applications you can use.

Thankfully, it has small viewing angles, but when viewing from the edge, you sacrifice image accuracy. The built-in speakers are very loud, but when you play at their full volume, you can detect some distortion. Thanks to its exceptionally high peak brightness and wide color gamut, the HDR content still looks really good. All in all, you can’t really go wrong with this one if you want to purchase a TV dedicated to outdoor use.


  • High contrast ratio.
  • Exceptional build quality.
  • Can get extremely bright.
  • Outstanding reflection handling.


  • Sub-par viewing angles.


2. Best OLED Outdoor TV For Night Use: LG CX OLED

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The best outdoor TV we’ve reviewed for late-night use is the LG CX OLED. It’s a well-built entry-level OLED that can turn off pixels independently, resulting in an almost infinite contrast ratio and absolute black uniformity. This suggests that when seen in the dark, blacks look deep and inky, and there are no uniformity concerns such as backlit fading or blooming in dark scenes around light objects.

It offers amazing image consistency with which most people should be delighted. HDR content has an exceptional color gamut and gets respectably bright to bring out highlights. It has outstanding out-of-the-box color accuracy, without any issues, upscales lower-resolution video, and can delete judder from all sources.

It has very wide viewing angles, but when viewed from the edge, photographs remain correct. It also has exceptional reflections handling, but it doesn’t get very hot, which is why nighttime use is recommended.

Unfortunately, it’s not resistant to permanent burn-in, like every OLED. This can only be a real concern if you are continuously viewing content, like television, with static elements. However, if you use it for a few hours every night to watch movies or shows, it shouldn’t be a challenge. All in all, it’s filled with functionality and looks fantastic in the dark, making it the best nighttime outdoor TV we have checked for viewing.


  • Infinite contrast ratio.
  • Wide viewing angles.
  • VRR support.
  • Displays wide color gamut.


  • Risk of permanent burn-in.
  • Only decent HDR peak brightness.


3. Best Outdoor TV For Sports: Samsung Q90/Q90T QLED

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The Samsung Q90/Q90T QLED is the best outdoor TV for viewing sports we have reviewed. It is an incredibly well-designed model with small borders on both sides and an attractive center-mounted stand. It manages reflections extremely well and is more than bright enough to fight glare, so even on sunny days, you don’t have to think about exposure. Unlike the Samsung The Terrace, a TV specially made for outdoor use, it has the ‘Ultra Viewing Angle’ layer from Samsung that significantly enhances viewing angles.

Even without causing any upscaling artifacts, it upscales lower-resolution content, such as cable sports. In quick-moving scenes, it has a fast response time to provide transparent images and a Black Frame Insertion function to further enhance the quality of motion.

It has a refresh rate of 120Hz and can interpolate up to 120fps of low frame rate content to make motion look smoother. If you want to play some video games, it has very low input lag, and it has variable refresh rate support to minimize screen tearing. In addition, it has HDMI 2.1 ports, perfect for those of a Series X PS5 or Xbox.

The good news is that the internal speakers get really loud and therefore do not distort much at full volume if you don’t have dedicated speakers for outdoor use. The frequency response, though, is only okay as there is a lack of low bass to create the thumping, rumbling tone. Samsung’s Tizen OS is user-friendly, lots of applications are available, and you can scan for content using voice control. Overall, it’s an impressive TV that most individuals can be pleased with.


  • Gets very bright in SDR and HDR.
  • Decent viewing angles.
  • Exceptional reflection handling.


  • Vignetting and dirty screen effect.


4. Best Large Outdoor TV: Sony XBR85X950H

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The Sony XBR85X950H is the best available outdoor TV that we’ve checked in an 85-inch size. It is available in models of either 75 inches or 85 inches, and it has excellent overall image quality. It’s well-built, and it’s packed with Android TV, which has an outstanding choice of downloadable apps, so you won’t need to get your outdoor system from an external media device.

In Sony’s 2023 range, this is the flagship 4k model and it has the performance associated with a high-end TV. It has outstanding handling of reflection, but sunlight won’t be distracting. In both SDR and HDR, it has outstanding peak visibility, so it combats glare and pulls out highlights in HDR the way they are meant to. It comes with the ‘X-Wide Angle’ layer from Sony, which, at the expense of its comparison, slightly increases the viewing angles for a VA panel TV. Even, in order to enhance the contrast, it has a full-array local dimming feature.

Unfortunately, for gamers, it’s not perfect. It has a decent response time, but no variable refresh rate technology is enabled by it, and its input lag is not as short as other versions. Regardless, this is the best outdoor TV available in a large size that we have reviewed if you’re only planning to use it to watch shows or movies outdoors.


  • Excellent SDR and HDR peak brightness.
  • Outstanding reflection handling.


  • Mediocre viewing angles.


5. Best Budget Outdoor TV: Hisense H8G

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The Hisense H8G is the best outdoor TV in the budget category we have reviewed. It is a simple, affordable model that most consumers should be satisfied with. The built-in Android TV includes a lot of downloadable apps, so you won’t have to purchase an extra package to keep your outdoor setup clean.

In SDR, it has great peak visibility, adequate to fight glare. It’s not optimal to put direct sunlight on it, like any TV, but in most outdoor conditions it should work well. It has a VA screen, creates deep blacks, and it has a great local dimming option for full array, so it’s a fine nighttime viewing option. It supports HDR10+ and Dolby Vision, and for HDR content, it shows a wide color gamut, but in that mode it doesn’t get very bright.

Unfortunately, it has narrow viewing angles, so a wide seating arrangement outside is not recommended. It has strong reflective handling, but if there is bright sunlight on it, the reflections can be too distracting. Fortunately, without any complications, it upscales lower-resolution content. All and all, this is one of the better outdoor TVs that we’ve reviewed, if you’re on a budget.


  • Displays deep blacks.
  • Great SDR peak brightness.
  • Incredibly low input lag.


  • Narrow viewing angles.
  • Limiting HDR experience.


6. Best TV For Bright Settings: Vizio P Series Quantum

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If you want to buy a 4k TV for outdoor watching and If you need a very bright TV for daytime and you find that the LG SM9500’s brightness isn’t enough, then I would recommend you to get the 2018 Vizio P Series Quantum.

You won’t get the same wide display angles as the LG, and you should plan to stand directly away to enjoy the best performance of the picture. On the other hand, this television can be stronger able to battle daylight than the LG. It’s wonderful to manage reflections, which can be a problem with outdoor TVs.

This TV has a smooth finish that minimizes reflection interruptions, so you don’t have to care about it too much. This TV provides excellent value picture and an excellent HDR experience that you will most appreciate in the dark of the night.


  • Produces extremely bright HDR highlights
  • Low input lag for gamers
  • Excellent motion handling


  • The image loses accuracy when viewed at an angle


7. Best Large TV: Sony XBR85X900F

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Sony XBR85X900F is one of the largest Tv with 85 inches wider. The features in Sony XBR85X900F excellent are more compared to the other TVs. We can enjoy watching the movie on this TV as we feel we are in a cinema theater.

The people who like to play games and watch video games like this TV because of its outstanding performance in delivering the image as it has a very low input lag. The brightness and the contrast ratio are excellent in the daylight and deep black levels as well. The disturbance from the reflections has been reduced. The viewing angles are not much clear who does not sit in front of the TV.


  • Deep and uniform blacks
  • Excellent motion handling
  • Bright HDR highlights


  • Picture quality degrades at an angle


What to Look for in an Outdoor Television

Outdoor TVs are great for having fun and watching the game on your patio. Like standard indoor televisions, they can handle high humidity, intense temperatures, and salt air without breaking. Many of them can also handle full exposure to the weather.

With that being said, there are other items to bear in mind when buying an outdoor TV, such as TV location, screen size, and brand, if you choose a smart TV, and if there is a chance of physical damage (i.e. do you have children playing where the TV is going to be?). There are also two separate types of weatherproofing to be considered: enclosures and nano-coating materials.

The enclosure is a weatherproof external cover where the television is, which defends it from all elements and physical damage. For nano-coating, the internal elements of the TV are equipped with a proprietary conformal procedure that prevents the TV from dust, salt air, and high temperatures.

Silicone and 3 M cover are used on certain nano-coated televisions to make them fully weatherproof against all conditions, including rain and snow, although these TVs are not as resistant to physical harm as those in the enclosures.

To make your decision simpler, we selected the best outdoor televisions and based our lists on the following:

  • Value – The worth of an outdoor TV should not be dependent exclusively on the price. They must take into consideration the form of television, size, resolution, display quality (i.e. 2160p is better than 1080p), weatherproofing, brightness, and other features.
  • Placement – The placement of outdoor TV is another factor that we consider. Although all outdoor TVs are designed to be used outside and can handle humidity, salt-air, and high temperatures, others are built for maximum visibility and can manage the elements, and some are designed to be hidden only and can not be rained on. Full-exposure TVs tend to be more costly, but there are more choices on where you can place them.
  • Features – There are several options to consider when you’re looking for an outdoor TV: quality, TV brand, brightness (some are designed for shade only), including accessories, whether a soundbar is required if it’s a Smart TV, and more. When determining its value, we take into account all the features of an outdoor TV. To know more, head over to our Outdoor TV Buying Guide.

How to Choose the Best Outdoor TV


Keep in mind that outdoor TVs are distinct from indoor TVs because they have unique features that render them usable and durable in outdoor living spaces.

But, before you buy, these are the things you‘re going to be looking for on the outdoor Screen.

Water Resistant Vs. Waterproof

Most people believe these two words are the same, but they are somewhat different. Waterproof TVs will be functional, even though they are fully immersed in water.

Water-resistant TVs can withstand being wet, so are likely to be safe with any heavy rain, but submerging them can result in long-term damage.

Just use the option you think is ideally adapted to your outdoor patio. If your TV is protected by a roof or a wall, water resistance can be perfect. If it’s going to be open, we highly suggest waterproof.


Okay, consider the environment. Many TVs, while considered to be outdoor-specific, do not perform well in such weather or environmental conditions. Some may prescribe specific connectors to reduce corrosion or build up deposits in high humidity or salty environments.

Many TVs can only work well within a specific temperature range. If you stay in a colder climate, look for a TV with an internal heater that holds the interior of the Screen nice and dry when it’s cold and snowy.

Full Sunlight vs. Shaded vs. Partial-Shaded


Lighting is another significant factor while you’re looking for outdoor Television. Lighting can be rough on screens, so intense lighting will render it difficult to see a picture.

Outdoor TVs come with various lighting requirements to render watching them easier under a range of light levels. We recommend that you have the best outdoor TV covers to deal avoid so much sunshine.

Full day, full shade, and partial shade TVs are supposed to be installed at the required level of light. Hanging a shadow TV in the sun can make it difficult to see the picture.

Once you buy, decide just where you’re going to put your TV, so have the perfect level of light for the optimal viewing.


Outdoor TVs, like indoor TVs, come in a range of sizes. Remember the room you ‘re going to have to put the Television, the size of your entertainment area, and how many people are going to watch. If your room is small, there could be a 75 “TV for your space.

Picture Quality

Look for panels that are made of anti-reflective, high-temperature glass. This mix would result in higher image quality than other options. This form of the screen would also be more robust and have a better picture quality in the sun.

To further improve the picture quality, make sure that the TV you pick has options for adjusting the display attributes such as light, color, and width.


Outdoor TVs, including the features that protect them from the elements, have many of the same features as indoor TVs.

Things to remember include size, inputs and outputs, brightness, device features, smart choices, and Wi-Fi connectivity.


Do you need a special TV for the outdoor patio?

How long will a regular TV last outside?

A regular TV is not designed for outdoor use and may not last long if used outside, as it is not built to withstand exposure to the elements, such as rain, humidity, and extreme temperatures. So it will not last long.

Can outdoor TVs freeze?

Yes, outdoor TVs can freeze if they are exposed to extremely low temperatures for an extended period of time. However, most outdoor TVs are designed to withstand a wide range of temperatures, including freezing temperatures.

When choosing an outdoor TV, it’s important to check the manufacturer’s specifications to ensure it is suitable for the temperature range in your area. Some outdoor TVs are designed to operate in temperatures as low as -20 degrees Fahrenheit, while others may have a higher minimum temperature limit.

Do they make waterproof TVs?

Yes, they make waterproof TVs that are specifically designed for use in wet environments, such as bathrooms, kitchens, and outdoor areas.

Waterproof TVs typically feature an IP rating, which indicates the level of protection against water and other liquids. The IP rating consists of two digits: the first digit indicates protection against solids (such as dust), while the second digit indicates protection against liquids (such as water). The higher the IP rating, the greater the level of protection against water and other liquids.

Are outdoor TV more expensive?

Yes, outdoor TVs are generally more expensive than indoor TVs, as they are built to withstand the elements and provide a clear picture in bright sunlight.

The higher cost of outdoor TVs is due to the fact that they require special features and construction to protect them from exposure to rain, wind, and extreme temperatures. Outdoor TVs typically have brighter displays and are designed to be weather-resistant, with special coatings and materials that can withstand moisture and prevent rust and corrosion.


As I wrap up this comprehensive guide on the best outdoor TVs, I can’t help but recall a memorable experience. A few summers ago, I hosted a backyard barbecue party for my friends. We had everything – good food, great company, and a perfect summer evening. But the cherry on top was the outdoor TV I had recently installed. We ended up watching a classic movie under the stars, and it was an experience none of us will ever forget.

Outdoor TVs have truly revolutionized the way we entertain and relax in our outdoor spaces. Whether it’s for a family movie night, a sports game day, or just a quiet evening with your favorite show, these TVs bring a whole new level of enjoyment.

However, remember that not all outdoor TVs are created equal. From water resistance to brightness, there are several factors to consider when choosing the right one for your needs. But once you find the perfect fit, I guarantee it will transform your outdoor living space into an entertainment paradise.

So, whether you’re planning a summer party or just want to upgrade your patio, consider investing in an outdoor TV. It’s an investment that will pay off in countless hours of outdoor fun and entertainment. Happy watching!

Top 10 Outdoor TVs of 2020

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Best Overall: SunBriteTV 55-inch at Amazon

“The second generation of Sunbrite’s 55-inch Veranda series has everything you could want in an outdoor television.”

Runner-Up, Best Overall: SunBrite TV 43-inch at Amazon

“It has the same durable aluminum frame and powder coat paint to protect against weather, dirt, and pests.”

Best Smart TV: Skyvue 55-inch at Amazon

“This TV is designed to be used in fully exposed areas” acy at

“A quality outdoor television that doesn’t skip out on the essentials of protection.”

Best 4K: Cosmos 50-Inch Outdoor TV at

“The LED panel is made of non-glare glass and produces up to 700 nits of brightness.”

Best Laser TV: Hisense 100L10E at Amazon

“This unit uses laser projection to produce super precise images and lifelike colors for the ultimate viewing experience.

Runner-Up Best Laser TV: Vava 4K UHD Laser TV Projector at Amazon

“The projector runs on the Android 7.1 operating system, allowing you to download your favorite streaming apps directly to the machine.”

Best Inflatable Screen: Khomo Gear Inflatable Indoor/Outdoor Projector Screen at Amazon

“The frame inflates in around five minutes with the included blower fan, and it can be deflated just as quickly by undoing the zipper seal on the back.”

Best Outdoor TV Cover: Kolife Outdoor TV Cover at Amazon

“The Kolife outdoor TV cover comes in multiple sizes from 24 to 75 inches”

Best Outdoor TV Stand: Mount-it! Tripod TV Stand at Amazon

“The Mount-it! Tripod TV stand is designed to take your indoor TV where you need it.”

Outdoor TV can be a great addition to backyard entertainment. With features such as weather protection and durable metal frames, you won’t have to worry about environmental damage when you’re preparing for cooking, parties, and other gatherings with family and friends.

We’ve compiled our top outdoor TV results, including established brands like Hisense and newcomers like Skyvue and SunBriteTV. We have included traditional TVs and the latest laser TV technology to help you choose the right model for your patio, deck, pool.

Best Overall: SunBriteTV 55″ All Weather Sundeck (2nd Gen)

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What we like

What we don’t like

  • Subdivision reports DOA

  • Screen failure reports

  • Reports of failed speakers

The second generation of Sunbrite’s 55″ Vebrnda series has everything you need in an outdoor TV. The latest model is 50 percent brighter than indoor TVs, making it ideal for watching your favorite sports or movies outdoors with friends and family. The body is made from durable aluminum for strength without adding a ton of weight. It is weather and insect resistant and has an industrial powder paint finish to resist rust and corrosion.

4K UHD LED-backlit screen so you can see every detail of the big game or the hottest new movies. The TV is equipped with a media compartment for storage of playback devices and cable management; thick rubberized pads help seal out moisture, dust and pests to keep everything working the way it’s supposed to. This model is designed for use in semi-shady areas such as covered porches and sun decks, covered patios and gazebos. It is also designed for permanent outdoor installation for safety.

Weather protection is a top priority when choosing a TV for outdoor entertainment. A good outdoor TV will have a sturdy frame and weatherproof seals to keep out moisture, dirt and insects. They will also have additional weather protection around the connecting ports to prevent damage and injury.

Runner-Up, Best Finish: SunBriteTV 43-inch Sundeck All-Weather (2nd Gen)

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What we like

What we don’t like

  • Subdivision reports DOA

  • Screen failure reports

  • Reports of failed speakers

Like its bigger brother, the second generation 43-inch Sunbrite Veranda has all the features you could want in an outdoor TV, but in a slightly smaller package. It has the same strong aluminum frame and powder paint finish to resist weather, dirt and pests. It also features a weatherproof, dustproof and vermin-proof compartment for storing cable and satellite boxes or DVD players, as well as protection from water and insects.

It has excellent 4K UHD resolution with HDR support, so every frame of your favorite movies and shows is crystal clear. The smaller screen size gives you more placement options in outdoor areas where wall or floor space is at a premium. There are three HDMI inputs and one USB port so you can connect all your favorite devices.

Best Smart TV: Sealoc Outdoor TV, Fully Insulated, 55″ UHD Smart Weatherproof LED TV

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What we like

  • Designed for full exposure areas

  • -18 to 125F operating temperature

  • Nano waterproof coating for internal components

What we don’t like

For those looking to buy an outdoor smart TV, the 43-inch Sealoc is worth checking out. This TV is designed for use in fully open areas, so whether you have an indoor patio or an outdoor terrace, you can enjoy movies, sports and shows with friends and family. The outer casing is reinforced and sealed to resist water, dust and insects; Internal components feature Sealoc’s proprietary waterproof nano-coating to protect against accidental leaks.

You don’t have to worry about leaving this model outside all year round; it has a wide operating temperature range from -18 to 125 degrees Fahrenheit. This means that from harsh winters to hot summers, this TV is ready for anything. The screen is calibrated for outdoor use and features a low-glare design for better viewing on sunny days. It has HDMI inputs and USB ports, as well as WiFi and Ethernet connectivity for hassle-free setup of all your favorite devices; You can also download streaming apps directly to your TV.

Best Value: 32″ 1080P Gold Legacy Mirage Vision Outdoor TV

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What we like

What we don’t like

For less than $1,000 you can get a quality outdoor TV that doesn’t miss the basic security features. The Mirage Vision Outdoor TV 32” 1080P Gold Legacy features a sealed, UV-protected, weather-resistant exterior that can withstand temperatures below freezing and scorching temperatures up to 145 degrees Fahrenheit.

32-inch 1080P Gold Legacy 1080P Gold Legacy exterior with bug, moisture and dust resistance, ideal for those on a budget. The outdoor TV is capable of reflecting both rain and snow thanks to its waterproof and weather-resistant design. Mirage Vision has even applied a coating to the TV’s internal components for extra protection, as well as vents in the back of the case that allow heat to escape.

Best 4K: Space 50″ Outdoor TV

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What we like

  • Stainless steel frame

  • Glare-free glass screen

  • Integrated voice control

What we don’t like

  • Very expensive

The Cosmos 50″ outdoor TV is the perfect choice for those looking for 4K UHD resolution for their entertainment space. The LED panel is made of glare-free glass and boasts up to 700 nits of brightness, so you can enjoy your favorite shows and movies in all but the brightest conditions. The frame is made from stainless steel for durability and comes in four colors: brushed metal, brushed black, brushed white, and brushed moss green. It is also equipped with a temperature control system, a protective cover and a waterproof remote control to operate in almost any outdoor environment.

The TV uses the latest Android TV operating system, allowing you to download your favorite apps, stream music and share the screen of your smartphone or tablet. It also has built-in Google Assistant-enabled voice control for hands-free operation and smart home network integration. Cosmos offers both raised stands and VESA-compatible wall brackets to give you plenty of placement options, and a 20-foot power cord means you won’t have to worry about being near outlets. Cosmos offers neoprene cases to help protect your TV from the elements.

Best Laser TV: Hisense 100L10E

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What we like

  • Harman Kardon Sound System

  • Eight inch distance

  • Integrated Amazon Alexa

What we don’t like

If you’re looking for a high quality outdoor TV and you definitely need the money, the Hisense 100L10E is your luxury item. This unit uses laser projection to produce ultra-accurate images and true-to-life colors for maximum viewing comfort. The projection unit has a projection distance of only eight inches, so you don’t have to worry about someone walking in front of the projector and ruining the nighttime movie. It also features stunning 4K UHD resolution with HDR support and motion blur smoothing, so whether you’re watching football with the kids or watching cartoons with the kids, you’re guaranteed incredible detail.

The dedicated projector screen measures a whopping 100 inches and is equipped with ambient light suppression technology so you get bright, clear images in almost any environment. This unit features built-in Harman Kardon speakers and a wireless subwoofer for a truly cinematic sound experience. Amazon Alexa is built into the remote control for easy voice control of menus and searches. You can connect more audio equipment and streaming devices via Bluetooth and WiFi for a personalized home theater experience.

Laser projection is the latest in home television technology. These devices give you a large viewing area, stunning colors and excellent 4K UHD resolution with distances up to 8 inches. This means you don’t need a giant space to enjoy your favorite shows and movies.

Best Laser TV Runner-up: Vava 4K UHD Laser Projector

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What we like

What we don’t like

For a slightly more affordable outdoor laser TV, check out the Vava laser TV projector. With a price that’s less than a third than the Hisense 100L10E, it’s still expensive, but still manageable for more people and businesses. Like Hisense, this projector has a very short throw distance; only 7.2 inches. You can adjust the screen size from 80 to 150 inches, ensuring that no matter where you are, everyone can enjoy the viewing experience.

Vava uses patented ALPD 3.0 laser technology for 4K UHD resolution with HDR-10 support for true-to-life images and richer color saturation. It also has a 3000:1 contrast ratio for sharper images as well as deeper blacks and brighter whites. The lamp is rated for 25,000 hours of life, which means you can watch up to four hours of your favorite movies and shows for 17 years without having to replace anything. In terms of audio, Vava has a built-in 60W Harmon Kardon soundbar with Dolby Audio support for a more immersive sound experience. The projector runs Android 7.1 operating system, allowing you to download your favorite streaming applications directly to your computer.

Best Inflatable Screen: Khomo Gear Inflatable Indoor/Outdoor Projector Screen

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What we like

  • Quick set-up and demolition

  • Front and rear projection capability

  • Storage bag included

What We Don’t Like

The Khomo Gear Inflatable Projector Screen makes it quick and easy to set up a family movie night or party to watch the big game. The frame inflates in about five minutes with the included fan, and can be deflated just as quickly by detaching the zip seal at the back. The projector screen itself attaches to the frame with Velcro for easy removal and storage when not in use. The screen measures 13 feet wide and eight feet high, giving you ample viewing space wherever you sit.

As with the Yardmaster 2, you can project images to either the front or back of the screen to allow for multiple audio and visual hardware setups. If you need to take the screen to a park or other location, it comes with a carry bag to make it easy to transport and protect the frame and screen from damage. It also comes with tie-down cables and stakes to secure the frame once inflated.

Best TV Street Cover: Kolife TV Street Cover

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What we like

What we don’t like

Outdoor TVs are an expensive investment, and while they come with weather-resistant frames and components, it’s still a good idea to get a case for added protection. The Kolife Outdoor TV Case comes in several sizes from 24″ to 75″, so no matter how big or small your model is, there’s always a case that fits.

It is made of weather resistant materials and has a soft interior to prevent scratches and other damage to the TV screen. The seams are double stitched for durability and strength when standing up to the elements. Velcro fasteners make it quick and easy to take them off when you’re ready for movie nights or a watch party for big play. The back of the lid features a dedicated pocket to store your remote control to keep it safe and within easy reach.

Best outdoor TV stand: Mount-it! TV Stand

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What we like

What we don’t like

  • Not stable in cold conditions

  • Mounting Hardware Missing Messages

  • May be unstable at maximum altitude

Sometimes you want to have a movie night or watch a party on your deck or in your backyard, but you don’t need the hassle and expense of installing a permanent outdoor TV setup. Mountain is! The tripod stand is designed to place your TV indoors where you need it. The frame is constructed from durable steel tubing and is rated for a maximum load of 77 lbs. The mounting bracket conforms to VESA standard patterns and can hold screens from 32″ to 70″ wide.

You can adjust the height of the stand from 43 to 68 inches, allowing everyone to enjoy a big game or their favorite movies and shows. For safety, the stand’s feet are equipped with non-slip rubberized feet to help hold it on almost any surface. The mounting bracket has a screw lock to keep your TV secure and exactly where you need it so you don’t have to worry about it falling off. The top of the stand offers 360-degree swivel and eight-degree tilt for the perfect viewing angle.

How outdoor TVs differ from conventional ones

In 2020, Samsung launched a splash and sand resistant outdoor TV. Imagine an outdoor terrace with a cozy sofa and a 75-inch screen to watch your favorite TV shows. Isn’t it a dream? Russian manufacturers are also not far behind – the AVQ brand is known for all-weather TVs and monitors that can be used outdoors in the garden or in the park.

We discuss how to choose a TV for the street and what are the features of such models.

Outdoor televisions

On the Internet you can find information on how to take an ordinary TV and install it on the street, having built a protective cover and having done a lot of extra gestures. But why, if brands offer ready-made solutions for outdoor use. For example, in the AVQ line there are models of different prices and functionality that can be installed even in the park, even on the sea coast.

Outdoor TV design feature:

  • resistance to moisture, temperature fluctuations, dust;
  • high tightness of the case and high-quality materials;
  • temperature sensors;
  • ventilation system;
  • overheat fuses.

How to connect a TV outside? In many models, the connection is via a single cable, for example, in the Samsung model, it is an HDBaseT cable. Through it, electricity is supplied and all signals that come directly from sources connected to the block with connectors. The block itself is recommended to be kept indoors.

Outdoor TV differences

What are the advantages of an outdoor TV compared to ice screens that have long been used to broadcast images in open spaces?

Many advantages:

  • high definition, contrast and realism of the picture;
  • LED screen;
  • wide viewing angle from any side;
  • reliability, trouble-free operation in any weather.

How do street TVs differ from ordinary home TVs? For example, consider the new product that was mentioned at the beginning of the article – Samsung Terrace. Characteristics of the model at the flagship level with a resolution of 4K. The Samsung Terrace peaks at 2,000 nits, perfect for comfortable viewing in direct sunlight. Let’s compare: the image brightness of ordinary TVs rarely exceeds 600 nits, 300 nits is considered optimal.