Best rated shark vacuum: The 9 Best Shark Vacuums of 2023, Tested and Reviewed

7 Best Shark Vacuums of 2023 for Your Cleanest Floors Yet

Take a bite out of household chores by cleaning your floors with the best vacuum cleaners from megabrand Shark

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Keeping floors clean is the definition of a chore. The best way, of course, is to invest in a dependable vacuum cleaner. Vacuuming carpet and hard floors on a regular basis removes all that dust and debris that gets walked into the home daily. And for anyone who suffers from allergies, a good vacuum cleaner will remove allergens from the home and improve the air quality.

The best Shark vacuums, including upright, robotic and handheld vacuums, can make quick work of keeping your home tidy and healthy. But with so many different models, it can be difficult to decide on the best Shark vacuum for your needs. No sweat—we did that work for you here.

The Best Shark Vacuums

  • Best overall: Shark Navigator Upright ZU503AMZ
  • Best budget: Shark Rocket ProPlus Stick HV322
  • Best wet/dry: Shark VacMop Pro VM252
  • Best cordless: Shark Vertex Cordless Stick IZ483H
  • Best handheld: Shark WandVac WV201
  • Best for pets: Shark Rotator NV752
  • Best robot vac: Shark AI Ultra AV2501S


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Best Shark vacuum overall

Shark Navigator Upright Vacuum

The Shark ZU503AMZ is a force to be reckoned with and deserves the top spot on our round-up of the best Shark vacuums. With its powerful suction and versatile design, this is the ideal vacuum for all kinds of users, but pet owners will enjoy its self-cleaning brush roll, which has been designed to pick up more pet hair that goes directly into the dust bin, not wrapped around the brush. The swivel steering ensures that this vacuum will snake effortlessly around tight spots and under sofas or chairs.

Its built-in HEPA filter traps dust and allergens inside the vacuum cleaner so allergy sufferers will notice a huge difference in air quality. This Shark vacuum is lightweight and easy to move around the home, and when it comes to stairs, the detachable pod means moving around freely is effortless. It works on all types of floors and includes attachments for furniture and crevices to offer a deep-cleaning solution throughout your home.


  • Excellent price for top performance
  • Swivel steering for easy use
  • HEPA filter
  • Two attachments for upholstery
  • Pet hair features for more efficient cleanup


  • Some reviewers complain the cord is too short

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Best budget Shark vacuum

Shark Rocket ProPlus Stick HV322

If you’re looking for a versatile vacuum but don’t want to spend a lot, the Shark HV322 is an ideal choice. While it isn’t the cheapest Shark vacuum, it’s competitively priced, and considering the features, it’s a smart investment. The HV322 works on all surfaces, so no matter what the flooring is, it’ll offer fantastic results.

It’s corded, so you don’t need worry about charging batteries or losing power halfway through a cleaning session. The ultra-lightweight design makes this vacuum easy to control. LED headlights let you prevent any missed debris for a deeper clean, and the low-profile nozzle gets under furniture and into tight corners. It comes with a pet multitool and pet crevice tool and converts to a handheld vacuum to get into every nook and cranny in the home.


  • Fantastic budget-friendly option
  • Ultra-lightweight
  • Converts to handheld
  • Large dust bin


  • Must be propped against a wall to stand upright

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Best wet/dry Shark vacuum for hard floors

Shark VacMop Pro VM252

The Shark VacMop Pro offers the complete cleaning solution for hard-surface floors in one handy machine. As a capable stick vac, it starts by sucking up dry debris before switching to a spray mop with the press of a trigger to wipe away stains from flooring. It runs using a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, so there are no worries about having to drag wires around.

It’s a straightforward machine to use, with one trigger that operates the suction and another button that spritzes the floor cleaning solution. Everything sucks into a cavity of the disposable head, which has a microfiber fabric to whisk away stains and grime. It’s easy to change the disposable pads, too: Just press a side button and the dirty pad releases into the trash. It’s very lightweight, so it’s one of those machines to grab every day and use. It also has powerful LED headlights to reveal hidden dirt and dust around the home. This vacuum ships with ten pads and 12 ounces of cleaning solution, so it’s ready to go right out of the box.


  • Vacuums and mops hard floors
  • Easy to use
  • Disposable pads for easy cleanup
  • Great for small spaces


  • Short battery life when vacuuming

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Best cordless Shark vacuum

Shark Vertex Cordless Stick IZ483H

Enjoy cord-free cleaning with this Shark Vertex vacuum. This cordless vac made our list of best Shark vacuums because it has an incredible 120-minute run time (with a battery swap halfway through) and an extra-large dust bin, so there’s no stopping and starting when in the cleaning zone. As expected from Shark’s best cordless vacuum, this machine is ultra-lightweight and really easy to move about and handle. Plus, it transforms into a handheld vacuum for above-floor cleaning.

This vacuum also has a HEPA filter and other anti-allergy features, meaning it can collect and trap any dust, dander and allergens to leave the air cleaner. It also shines its bright lights onto the area to ensure you don’t miss a spot. Storing it is super easy, as the hose and handle design allows the entire device to fold in half.


  • No cords to tie you down
  • Extra-large dust cup
  • LED headlights
  • Good choice for allergy sufferers
  • Easy-to-store design


  • The touted 120-minute runtime uses two batteries

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Best handheld Shark vacuum

Shark WandVac WV201

The Shark WandVac is one of the best handheld vacuums in the Shark range. It’s small and compact yet packs powerful performance, thanks to the high-speed, brushless motor. It’s a really nice vacuum to use, with an ergonomic handle and a weight of just 1.4 pounds. It boasts an excellent filtration system to help keep allergies at bay. The one-touch emptying system makes for hygienic cleanup after cleaning up, and the filter is removable to rinse clean with warm water.

With a run time of only 16 minutes, the WandVac works best for smaller jobs such as sucking up spilled cereal or vacuuming the car. A helpful LED indicator displays the charging status and the remaining battery life, and the always-charging design of the sleek charging dock allows for neat storage and quick access. This vacuum comes with a variety of the best Shark accessories, too, such as a multi-surface pet tool and duster crevice tool.


  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • Strong suction and powerful performance
  • One-hand emptying system
  • Washable filter
  • Charging and battery-level indicator light
  • Sleek charging dock


  • Short battery life
  • Small dust bin

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Best Shark vacuum for pets

Shark Rotator with TruePet NV752

As much as we love living with cats and dogs, they tend to leave behind a lot of fur, dander and dirt. Thankfully, we found the best Shark vacuum for pet-owning homes with the Shark Rotator TruePet vacuum. The 2-in-1 design means you can use it as upright vacuum to tackle large floor areas, then detach the nozzle to navigate stairs and in tight areas. It adjusts for multi-surface cleaning from hard floors to carpets and back with the press of a button.

This vac features a HEPA filter to keep allergens contained. It comes with plenty of tools, including a self-cleaning pet power brush that targets pet hair and ground-in dirt from carpeted areas. An upholstery tool cleans up after pampered pets with couch privileges, and the same attachment works on curtains, lampshades, tables and even walls. A crevice tool that will get right into tight corners, along baseboards and for cleaning ceilings. The handy LED headlights shine a light to avoid missed areas, and the swivel steering makes light work of getting around furniture.


  • Plenty of pet-friendly tools
  • Strong suction
  • HEPA filter
  • Large dust bin
  • Multiple modes to clean every surface
  • LED headlights


  • Some reviewers report it’s heavy

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Best Shark robot vacuum

Shark AI Ultra AV2501S

Sit back, relax and let this Shark AV2501S robot vacuum do all the hard work. With powerful suction and a self-cleaning brush roll, it whisks away dust, debris and even pet hair and keeps them out of the air with its HEPA filter. This smart vac can clean for up to two hours on a single charge, then it self-empties into its docking station once the job is complete. If your house is large and it needs more time, the vac will go back to the dock for a battery top-up before picking up where it left off.

Obstacles won’t be in the way because the AI-powered navigation automatically steers the unit around anything in its path, while recording a map of your home for future precision. The vac also offers hands-free controls by allowing the user to set a cleaning schedule via Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. All you have to do is dump the bagless dust bin when it gets full—which could take up to 30 days!


  • Completely automated cleaning
  • Vacuums for up to two hours on a single charge
  • HEPA filter
  • Self-empties into its dock
  • Operates via smart devices
  • Dock bin can hold up to 30 days of debris


  • Priciest of Shark’s robot vacs
  • Not designed for deep cleaning

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What to consider when buying the best Shark vacuum

When it comes to buying a Shark vacuum cleaner, there are a couple of things to consider. Firstly, think about what you plan to vacuum around your home.

Upright vacuums are excellent for deep-cleaning carpets, while stick vacuums are good for quick cleanups and hard floors. Smaller handheld vacuums make quick work of cleaning stairs, furniture and car interiors, while robot vacuums are useful for those who want to automate their cleaning routine.

Another important factor to consider when buying a Shark vacuum is its features and accessories. Is a corded one going to be suitable for your marathon cleaning days, or do you prefer the freedom of a cordless option and don’t mind having to stop to recharge?

In addition, if you have carpeted flooring, you need a vacuum with a powerful motor and good suction. Allergy sufferers should opt for an excellent filtration system that includes HEPA to pick up all the dirt and debris on the floor and keep it out of the air.

Also, consider the attachments that come with the vacuum, such as crevice tools, dusting brushes and pet hair tools, to ensure that it can handle all the cleaning tasks you need it to. Some models include additional helpful features such as LED lights, swivel steering and detachable canisters, making cleaning easier and more efficient.

How we found the best Shark vacuum

As shopping experts, our only job is to help you find a winning product. We start with the research and reporting basics—what products are made of, what they look like and how much they cost—to ensure that we’re only recommending the buys that are worth your time and money. Then we research the features that speak to the product’s quality, taking advice from industry insiders and subject matter experts on what makes a product a smart value (or worthy of a splurge). Finally, we do the work of combing through user reviews to see how real people interact with the product, and if it stands up to the test.


Are Shark vacuums good?

Shark is known for producing powerful and versatile vacuums that can handle a range of floor-cleaning tasks, including deep-cleaning carpets, removing pet hair and “sweeping” hard floors. Shark vacuums also tend to have efficient filtration systems that trap dust and dander, making them a good choice for those with allergies or respiratory issues.

How long does a Shark vacuum last?

How long a Shark vacuum will last depends on how well it’s maintained. Shark offers a five-year limited warranty, so we’d expect it to last at least that amount of time, but if you care for it right, it could last for up to a decade or more.

How to clean a Shark vacuum and filter

Cleaning your Shark vacuum and filters regularly is the best way to keep it performing effectively. To clean a Shark, unplug it or remove the battery and any attachments. Empty the dust cup and wash it with warm, soap water. Make sure it’s thoroughly rinsed and dried before reattaching it to the cleaner. For the exterior of the machine, use a damp cloth to wipe it down.

When it comes to filters, it’s always best to check the individual instructions of the vacuum for information. Most filters can be shaken out then run under water until it runs clear. Allow to air dry before replacing in the machine. It’s best to clean filters around once a month if allergies are a concern.

What is Shark’s return policy?

Shark’s return policy allows customers to return products within 60 days of receipt for a full refund of the purchase price, less shipping and handling and restocking fees, unless otherwise stated. The returned item must be in its original packaging and in new, unused condition, with all original accessories and manuals included. To initiate a return, customers can contact Shark’s customer service.

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Originally Published: June 01, 2023

5 best Shark vacuums—robot, upright, and lightweight vacuums of 2023

Written by Jonathan Chan

Updated May 2, 2023

Shark makes some of the most popular vacuums on the market. We’ve tested dozens of them, including everything from their robot and cordless vacuums to full-sized upright vacuums, so we understand why people like them so much.

No matter which type of vacuum, they all are full of features and cost a little less than their top-tier competition. If you’re tired of constantly wasting money on low-end vacuums that don’t last, you should step it up with Shark vacuum. However, choosing which to buy can be confusing because Shark makes so many different models.

Which Shark Vacuum is Best?

Based on our research and in-house testing, we think the Shark Apex AZ1002
(available at Amazon for $382.68)

is the best Shark vacuum for most people. It offers powerful suction, LED lights so you can see under furniture, and a lift-away feature that converts the Apex into a pseudo-canister that makes vacuuming on the stairs a cinch.

While the Apex, at its core, is a very good vacuum, it might not be what you’re looking for. In that case, we’ve also picked out and tested Shark’s best lightweight, cordless, and robot vacuums.

Editor’s Note:

Some of the recommendations in this guide are based on thorough product and market research by our team of expert product reviewers. The picks are based on examining user reviews, product specifications, and, in some cases, our experience with the specific products named.

Reviewed / Jonathan Chan

We think most people will fall in love with the Shark Apex AZ1002

Best Overall

Shark Apex AZ1002

  • Vacuum Type: Upright
  • Special Features: Crevice tool, upholstery tool, and motorized brush head
  • Flooring Type: Carpet, hardwood, and linoleum
  • Weight: 16 pounds
  • Cord Length: 30 feet

The Shark Apex AZ1002 performed the best during testing—this vacuum picked up large and small piles of debris on all types of floors, including linoleum and carpet, and it’s currently our favorite vacuum for hardwood floors.

The Apex doesn’t come with quite as many attachments as some other Shark vacuums, but we didn’t fault this vacuum too much for its lack of add-ons since the brush head was pretty versatile.

The Apex landed itself as the best Shark vacuum thanks to its carpet cleaning ability. Its self cleaning brush roll prevents hair and debris from getting wrapped around the brush head, and during testing, it picked up more dirt than all of the Shark upright vacuums we tested. We also liked the anti-allergen complete seal on this vacuum, which traps dust and allergens using its HEPA filter.

  • Heavy

  • Noisy

Shark NV352 Navigator Lift-Away

  • Vacuum Type: Upright
  • Special Features: Crevice tool, upholstery tool, and swivel steering
  • Flooring Type: Carpet, hardwood, and upholstery
  • Weight: 13. 9 pounds
  • Cord Length: 25 feet

Shark vacuums often get great reviews online. The Shark NV352 has received some of the highest praise—over 3,400 five-star reviews on Amazon. Tipping the scales at around 13 pounds, the Navigator is 25% lighter than more expensive Shark models, like the Apex. Plus, it’s Lift-Away feature allows the upright to transition into a somewhat of a canister vacuum, making this cleaner ideal for stairways and other hard-to-reach areas.

While the Shark Navigator Lift-Away has plenty of features, it’s suction power isn’t as strong as some other Shark vacuums. You’ll likely have to vacuum an area two or three times before it’s fully clean. But with that being said, the versatility and ease-of-use of this vacuum is hard to beat, especially at its lower price point.

  • Difficult to use

Shark Rocket Complete TruePet DuoClean HV382

  • Vacuum Type: Lightweight stick
  • Flooring: Carpet and bare floors
  • Weight: 9. 9 pounds
  • Cord Length: 30 feet
  • Special Features: LED lights, pet multi tool, converts to handheld vacuum

The Shark Rocket vacuum combines the slenderness of a stick vac and the unlimited runtime of a corded full-size unit.

When you open the box, six cleaning attachments and an accessories bag will greet you. With this many attachments, the Rocket can deal with just about anything. We especially liked the under-appliance wand. If you’re sick of moving your furniture around to vacuum, this wand, with its 90-degree bend, slips right in.

Weighing in at just under 11 pounds, the Rocket is one of the lightest vacuums Shark makes. If you want a unit with a ton of attachments that are easy to lug around, this is the one to get.

  • Weak suction

Shark IQ R101AE

  • Vacuum Type: Robotic
  • Flooring: Hard floor and carpet
  • Weight: 13. 23 Pounds
  • Battery Life: 30 days
  • Special Features: Bagless, self-cleaning, cordless, and voice control

If you want to take a more hands-off approach to vacuuming, we’d suggest getting the Shark IQ R101AE. It has all the latest features you’d want in a robot vacuum. It’s a smart device, meaning it can be activated and tracked via your phone. It can even map your home and be directed to clean certain rooms when the need arises.

As a floor cleaner, the Shark IQ robot vacuum passed our tests with flying colors. On average, it picked up over 10 grams of debris per run. Over the course of a week, that adds up to over 70 grams—about the amount you’d see from a quick cleaning session from a full-sized vacuum.

You can get similar performance from other vacuums, but most of them can’t empty themselves like how the IQ can. Whenever this robot vacuum returns to the dock, a secondary vacuum suctions out everything in the bin and places it inside a bagless holder. The IQ’s dock can hold about 30-days worth of debris. So if you want the floor care at the touch of a button, Shark IQ R101AE fits the ticket.

  • Self-emptying

  • Good debris pickup

Shark NV752 Rotator Powered Lift-Away TruePet

  • Vacuum Type: Upright
  • Flooring: Carpet and hardwood floors
  • Weight: 15.4 pounds
  • Cord Length: 30 feet
  • Special features: Washable filter, bagless

If you have pets at home and need a vacuum that can keep up with all of their shedding, the Shark NV752 TruePet vacuum won’t disappoint. It currently holds the spot as the best vacuum for pet hair since it performed well during our cleaning tests, especially when it came to picking up cat and dog hair.

The vacuum comes with several attachments to clean both floors and furniture, and it’s pretty easy to switch between the different add-ons.

While it’s a little on the heavier side, the NV752 also has the Lift-Away feature, which allows you to separate the main dustbin from the vacuum housing unit for a lighter, more portable vacuum that can clean virtually any area.

  • Picks up 52% of dirt in a single pass

  • Excels at picking up cat and dog hair

  • Makes it easy to clean stairs and under furniture

How to Choose the Best Shark Vacuum for You

Vacuum Type

For starters, you can narrow down your options once you determine which type of vacuum will work best for your cleaning needs. Some people prefer lightweight or cordless stick vacuums while others may be in the market for a robot vacuum to help spot clean their floors.

Floor Type

Most Shark vacuums we’ve reviewed can effectively clean a variety of floors, but some models may work better or worse for certain flooring types.

For instance, if you’re looking for a vacuum that works well on plush carpet, then an upright vacuum like the Shark Apex
(available at Amazon for $382.68)

may be your best bet. Although if you’re looking for something that can easily spot clean hardwood floors, then a cordless stick vacuum may be the better choice.

Special Features

Shark vacuums come equipped with a lot of accessories, like additional brush heads, crevice tools, and HEPA filters, but they also have plenty of additional features that can seem confusing at first. We’ve outlined some of the most important Shark vacuum terms below and what each one means.


The Lift-Away feature is not unique to Shark, but the company does it better than anyone else. You click a button atop the main body and the vacuum transforms from an upright to a canister with no wheels. This form distributes the weight more evenly, allowing you to clean stairs more easily. You can also vacuum cars if you swap the main brush head for a miniature motorized brush.

Reviewed / Jonathan Chan

The lift-away feature transforms a Shark upright into a canister with no wheels.


DuoClean vacuums carry two brushes in the head of the vacuum. The one on the front is made from a soft fleece-like material. Because it’s designed like more of a dusting cloth, the roller can pick up very fine particles or large debris. The front roller kicks up dirt and debris into the maw of the more traditional bristles.

Reviewed / Jonathan Chan

The DuoClean system is made up of two different brush rolls.

Zero M

Zero M is a brush system that self cleans. In theory, Zero M Shark vacuums won’t get hair wrapped around the brush roller. Pet owners get the most utility out of this feature.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Kind of Warranties do Shark Vacuums Have?

Shark vacuums typically either have a five-year or seven-year limited warranty. These warranties are much longer than most of the competition. Most vacuum brands have one-year warranties. It isn’t until you get to the luxury brands like Miele, that you get a seven-year warranty.

What Kind of Filters Do Shark Vacuums Use?

Reviewed / Jonathan Chan

Shark vacuums often come with washable filters.

Most Shark vacuums use HEPA filters. HEPA filter stands for High-efficiency Particulate Air. United States law requires that a HEPA filter be able to remove 99.97% of all particulate matter bigger than 0.3 micrometers. That’s smaller than pollen, dust, and pet dandruff. Remember, boxes that advertise HEPA-like, HEPA-type, or 99% filters are not HEPA.

You should also note that most Shark vacuum filters are washable as well.

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KP top 11 rating

Wet cleaning is good and useful, but it is often not enough. Dust remains on the surfaces, which is dangerous for the respiratory tract. Vacuum cleaners for dry cleaning will help to cope with it.

Dry cleaning is cleaning without the use of water and liquid detergents. Brush off the dust with a brush, vacuum, remove the cobwebs from the corners, sweep – all this is it. It can be both a separate event and preparation for wet cleaning. In any case, it is important to carry out it often and efficiently.

There are three main types of dry vacuum cleaners: corded, cordless (including cordless) and robots. Dust can be collected in a bag, in a container or in an aquafilter – a reservoir in which water traps debris and dust.

Editor’s Choice

Tefal TW3186EA

Tefal TW3186EA. Photo:

A traditional vacuum cleaner with a 4.5-liter bag as a dust collector. It has a self-closing valve that prevents even minimal contact with dust when replacing it. The basic dust container is enough for several cleanings. Noise level 70 dB (comparable to a loud conversation) – yes, not very quiet, but acceptable for a powerful vacuum cleaner.

The suction pipe is telescopic and consists of two components. Suction power – 450 W, this is enough for a good cleaning of the room. The length of the power cord is 8.4 m. Such dimensions are enough to work in large houses. The vacuum cleaner can be stored both vertically and horizontally. The kit comes with several nozzles – half-carpet, for furniture, crevice, flexible crevice.

Key features
Dust bag type bag
Suction power 450 W
Suction tube telescopic
Power supply 90 022

Pros and cons

Ability to store in a horizontal and vertical position. Great suction power. Nozzles for each cover

It is inconvenient to shake the trash out of the bag. Small nozzle with swiveling brush poses a risk of pinching fingers

Top 10 best dry vacuum cleaners in 2023 according to CP


Bosch BGS21WX200

Bosch BGS21WX200. Photo:

Compact container vacuum cleaner with a large container for quick dry cleaning. The manufacturer gives 10 years as an additional commitment to the motor, thus showing that it will last a long time and provide high quality work. The supplier does not indicate suction power, but judging by user reviews, the vacuum cleaner copes with its basic functions and removes dust on any surface. Motor power – 2000 watts.

The PureAir hygiene filter is installed in the vacuum cleaner – it provides cleaner air at the outlet. It can be washed. Also included is Power AirCycle technology: for improved cleaning performance thanks to triple air circulation and a powerful motor. In addition, owners will find a fine filter here. The kit includes nozzles for carpet and floor .

Key Features
Dust Collector Type Container
Suction power n. a. from the mains
Pros and cons

Powerful dust suction thanks to a reliable motor. Simple control on the body. Reliable assembly

The vacuum cleaner pipe does not always cope with such power and is disconnected from the hose

2. Kitfort KT-590

Kitfort KT-590. Photo:

This robot vacuum cleaner will cope not only with dry, but also with wet cleaning. The model is universal. It is convenient to control the device from a smartphone via a Wi-Fi network, which means that you can start cleaning even when you are away from home. You can also set up a cleaning schedule, change the power, view a cleaning map.

A video camera is installed on the body of the vacuum cleaner. Thanks to it, you can check your home situation if you are, for example, on vacation or on a business trip. The vacuum cleaner is equipped with the function of remembering the places where he cleaned. The device draws a map of the premises and displays it in the Smart Life mobile application.

Vacuum cleaner noise level – 55 dB. The suction power is 30W, which is pretty decent for robots. The volume of the dust container is 0.8 l.

Key features

90 020

Dust bag type container
Suction power 30 W
Suction tube solid
Battery powered
Pros and cons

Equipped with a video camera with which you can monitor the home environment. Can draw a cleaning map – this is convenient for making plans for a home clean-up day. Quiet operation

Gets dirty while cleaning. Cannot handle large debris

3. KARCHER T 10/1 Adv

KARCHER T 10/1 Adv. Photo:

Professional vacuum cleaner for dry cleaning. It is equipped with a 10 liter dust bag. Key benefits include a detachable cable for easy replacement, an antistatic hose elbow, and a large and efficient basket filter.

According to the manufacturer, this vacuum cleaner has a high-quality 6-fold filtration guarantees dust retention. As an option, a HEPA filter can be installed, providing 99.997% clean exhaust air. The washable nylon basket filter reliably protects and extends the life of the motor while maintaining high suction power for a long time.

The declared power consumption is 800 W, the manufacturer does not indicate the indicators of suction power. Noise level total 59dB is low for such a powerful model.

Main features

900 20

Dust bag type bag
Suction power not specified
Suction pipe composite
Mains supply
Pros and cons

Suitable for professional cleaning. Effectively removes dust in hard-to-reach places

Heavy, awkward to handle. Plastic nozzles do not hold well



MARTA MT-1378. Photo:

One of the best budget options. Lightweight (less than 2 kg), comfortable and compact vertical model, in which there is nothing superfluous. The claimed suction power of this feature is 180W, which is quite decent for such a small device. Among the pluses is also the ability to easily crawl under the bed and into narrow places.

Dust bin type – 1 liter container with HEPA filter that removes residual dust from the air. Power comes from the mains. The noise level of 65 dB is a good indicator for a vacuum cleaner. Yes, models up to 40 dB are considered quiet, but this is not the most common among vacuum cleaners. Users also highlight the long service life of this dry vacuum cleaner – for some it remains a reliable assistant for several years.

General specifications

90 020

Dust container type container
Suction power 180 W
Suction pipe solid
Mains power
Pros and cons

Comfortable, even in hard-to-reach places. Good suction power. High-quality assembly materials, which allows the vacuum cleaner to last for several years

Relatively short cord – 4 meters. It is only enough for one room

5. Sencor SVC 900

Sencor SVC 900. Photo:

Model designed for dry cleaning. This vacuum cleaner has a universal possibility of placing a dust collector – it can be either a bag or a container. The capacity of the bag is 3 liters, the container is 4.5 liters. It has a filling indicator. Suction power 320 W, power cord length – 5 meters, it can be automatically reeled up.

The suction tube of this dry vacuum cleaner is telescopic. A fine filter is installed on the connector to which it is attached. The filters are easy to clean, which will also appeal to customers. The kit comes with several nozzles – half-carpet, parquet, combined. The body also has a power regulator.

Key features
Dust bag type container/bag
Suction power 320 W
Suction pipe telescopic
Mains supply
Pros and cons

Convenient washable filter. Easy to use, and a long cord allows you to clean a large area

Work with the container is not very high quality – there is not enough tightness around the perimeter of the lid that closes it

6. Roidmi Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

Roidmi Cordless Vacuum Cleaner. Photo:

This is a cordless upright unit with a 435W motor, which is very solid for this type of vacuum cleaner. There is also a filtration of dust and debris, it allows you to filter the air in several stages, prevents the filters from clogging quickly and reducing power. The filtration system is six-level, a HEPA filter and a cut-off plate are added to it.

In addition to dry cleaning, the vacuum cleaner is also suitable for wet cleaning. The dust collector is made in the form of a container, powered by a battery. The maximum running time is 65 minutes. Noise level – 72 dB.

General specifications

90 020

Dust container type container
Suction power 138 W
Suction tube solid
Battery powered
Pros and cons

Handy, easy to grip. High power for cordless vacuum cleaners

Coating gets dirty quickly. Charging only lasts for 9 hours0003

7. PVCR 0833

PVCR 0833. Photo:

Robot vacuum cleaner for dry cleaning. Thanks to Wi-Fi control through the application in the phone, it can be controlled almost anywhere in the world. You can set a cleaning schedule. The operating time before recharging is 150 minutes. There are brushes on the sides for more efficient cleaning.

Vacuum cleaner switch mounted on the body. It provides for automatic return to base. Comes with a turbo brush. The noise level is not the highest for such equipment – 60 dB. The suction power is 25 W, which is considered not such a weak indicator for robots.

Dust container volume 0.5 l. If you are at home, you can control this dry vacuum cleaner using the remote control.

Key features

90 020

Dust bag type container
Suction power 25 W
Suction tube solid
Battery powered
Pros and cons

It is convenient to manage through the application in the phone. When cleaning is completed, it returns to the charger. Calmly passes under the sofa and beds

Moves chaotically around the room. Does not always clean corners well

8. ilife H50

ilife H50. Photo:

Wireless vacuum cleaner for dry cleaning. It is best suited for cleaning furniture or car interiors. The manufacturer comes with two brushes for the main unit. One bristle, designed for hard surfaces, the other nylon – it is better to clean carpets with it. The vacuum cleaner lies well in the hand, it has an ergonomic handle. It also has a battery indicator, which is also convenient.

Dust container type – container. It is easy to clean: just press the button, the bottom cover will open, and all the garbage will fall into the bin. No need to get your hands dirty or empty the container by hand. The volume of the dust collector is 1.2 liters. A good volume for a wireless model, in which the standard volume is 0.5 liters. In addition, it is equipped with a maximum fill mark – when the Max mark is reached, you need to empty the container.

In addition, the H50 main unit is equipped with LED-backlight – this allows you to better see the area to be cleaned in dimly lit places.

Key features

90 020

Dust container type container
Suction power 130 W
Suction tube solid
Battery powered
Pros and cons

Small and handy. Good capacity dust collector for cordless vacuum cleaners. LED light

Cannot pull in large debris. Blows dust when cleaning sofa and shelves

9. BQ VC2208MC

BQ VC2208MC. Photo:

Vacuum cleaner for dry cleaning of the classical type. The dust collector here is in the form of a container with a good capacity – 4 liters. The suction power is very solid – 450 watts. Cord length – 5 meters, it is wound automatically.

The suction pipe of this model is telescopic – it consists of two tubes, external and internal. A fine filter is installed at the air outlet of the vacuum cleaner – a useful thing that allows you to trap the smallest dust particles and microorganisms that can be harmful to allergy sufferers.

Filters can be easily changed – this is also a big plus. We add that this is a very loud model – its noise level is 85 dB.

Key features

9 0020

Dust bag type container
Suction power 450 W
Suction pipe telescopic
Mains power supply
Pros and cons

Powerful dust suction. Large dustbin. Filters can be easily changed

Main nozzle is flimsy and can break if scrubbed too hard

10. LUMME LU-3216

LUMME LU-3216. Photo:

A powerful vacuum cleaner that is perfect for dry cleaning. It is not very heavy – it weighs only 2.20 kg, while good suction power is 400 watts. The dust collector is made without a bag, but in the form of a two-liter container with a cyclone filter. That is, the container is made in the form of a cone; during operation, a vortex air flow is formed inside it – a “cyclone”. Dust flies in and sticks to the filter walls. Most of the contaminants remain inside the container in this way.

Among the features, we also note the cord winder. Its length is three meters – it should be enough to put things in order in the room. There are also special nozzles for cleaning the floor or carpet. A fine filter is also available here.

Key features

9 0020

Dust bag type container
Suction power 400 W
Suction pipe plastic assembly
Mains powered
Pros and cons trash.

Separate nozzles for floor and carpet

Short cord. There is a smell of rubber during operation

How to choose a dry vacuum cleaner

When choosing a dry vacuum cleaner, remember that you will either have to constantly buy consumables (bags) for it, or empty the container regularly. When choosing a vacuum cleaner, you should first evaluate the area of ​​\u200b\u200byour home and the frequency of cleaning that you are going to carry out.

There are three main types of dry vacuum cleaners: corded, cordless (cordless) and robotic. All are perfect for any space. For corded vacuum cleaners, the cord must be at least 3 meters long in order to clean without changing the connection point.

Cordless vacuum cleaners are convenient, but you need to constantly monitor the battery level. An hour of battery life is an excellent indicator for such devices.

The robots can even be controlled from a smartphone, work according to a predetermined pattern and, thanks to their miniature design, can clean under a bed or sofa without even having to move them away. But they tend to be poor at dealing with large debris and are battery dependent.

How to choose a vacuum cleaner for dry cleaning, Komsomolskaya Pravda was told by eufy brand sales manager in Eastern Europe Vladimir Sobolev .

To choose a vacuum cleaner, you should decide whether you are ready to spend money on consumables for it in the future or mess with a complex container cleaning system. It is important to evaluate the area and flooring in the house, and at the same time estimate the frequency of cleaning. Household vacuum cleaners are divided into the so-called classic wired models, vertical cordless and robotic vacuum cleaners.

The key characteristic that speaks about the effectiveness of a vacuum cleaner is suction power (not to be confused with power consumption). The higher it is, the stronger the vacuum cleaner sucks in air. Unfortunately, manufacturers do not always honestly indicate this parameter. For corded vacuum cleaners, the average suction power is 500-600 W, for vertical cordless vacuum cleaners – 80-150 W, and for robots 30-40 W. If the characteristics indicate abnormally high values ​​​​for this type, most likely, the manufacturer is cunning.

Popular Questions and Answers

Vladimir Sobolev answered the most frequently asked questions of KP readers.

What types of vacuum cleaners are used for dry cleaning?

Everything is clear with the classics: these are powerful, roomy, but bulky vacuum cleaners that are not very convenient to carry around the apartment. Vertical accumulators are much easier to operate, cleaning will become more pleasant with them. But on a single battery charge, the device will work for 20-30 minutes, and in turbo mode for 8-10 minutes.

The battery will need to be replaced after 2-3 years. Finally, robotic vacuum cleaners are only suitable for daily cleaning. They are not suitable for serious cleaning and carpet cleaning, and besides, they cannot penetrate into hard-to-reach places.

Which vacuum cleaner filter system is best for dry vacuuming?

Classic vacuum cleaners have three main dust collection methods: bag, container and aquafilter. Vacuum cleaners with a bag are the cheapest, but cleaning the bag is a very dusty business. The problem is solved with disposable bags. Cyclone vacuum cleaners with a container are easy to clean, moreover, the exhaust in such models is usually protected by powerful HEPA filters that remove dust from the air.

Models with an aquafilter will save you from fussing with dust – all dust will settle in water, which can simply be flushed down the toilet. Separator-type aquafilter is more efficient than a hookah filter, therefore such vacuum cleaners are recommended for allergy sufferers and asthmatics.

KP top 12 rating

Vacuum cleaner with dust container is a modern solution. It has a number of advantages compared to models that have a fabric or paper dust collector.

First of all, this is a simple cleaning of the container, you just need to carefully pour all the collected garbage into the trash can. Moreover, there are models of vacuum cleaners that automatically compress the dust into small briquettes. This feature allows you to clean the container less often and the operation itself becomes less dusty and more hygienic.

With a vacuum cleaner with a container, the suction power does not depend on its fullness and is constantly maintained at the desired level. Vacuum cleaners of this type are both wired and cordless. Wired models are good because they can work in high suction power mode for a long time, but their range is limited by the length of the cable and, for example, it will be difficult to clean the car. Whereas the wireless model can easily cope with this task.

Editor’s Choice

Atvel G9

Atvel G9. Photo:

With Atvel G9, the time for cleaning the apartment will be halved. That’s because this model is a smart and versatile gadget for the home, which is suitable for cleaning any area: from floors and carpets to furniture, window sills and ceilings. The vacuum cleaner has four nozzles:

  • motorized nozzle with two brushes at once;
  • crevice tool;
  • universal furniture nozzle;
  • motorized upholstery nozzle.

Patent-pending twin-brush nozzle that effectively picks up any type of debris on all types of surfaces. No need to change the head when moving from laminate to carpet: the universal double brush with roller and bristles is suitable for any surface, whether it is a smooth floor or a high pile.

The 170 W airflow power allows you to pick up even large debris, dust, dirt, remove hair, wool, dust mites from upholstery and pillows. The double brush mechanism is designed in such a way that you can easily pick up dust even along skirting boards and corners by simply turning it sideways.

Adds the convenience of a corrugated hose, which will come in handy especially when cleaning the car. And two docking stations – wall and floor – will allow you to charge and store the vacuum cleaner in any convenient place, as ergonomically as possible.

Editor’s Choice

Atvel G9

Cordless Upright Vacuum Cleaner

The processor selects the optimal power depending on the load and ensures optimal energy consumption

Ask for a priceAll the details

It is important that the Atvel G9equipped with intelligent power control system. The vacuum cleaner’s processor controls and optimizes motor performance, charge consumption, brush speed and more. In ECO mode, the vacuum cleaner can operate continuously for up to 60 minutes. As a rule, this time is enough for two full cleanings.

Atvel G9 is suitable for those who need a versatile helper for complex dry cleaning. If you have a lot of furniture at home, animals live with you, or one of your family members is allergic to dust, this model is simply indispensable.

Main features
9 0021 Power supply

9004 5

Pros and cons

Powerful yet compact, versatile, complete set of nozzles, suitable for both floors and furniture, shelves, window sills, there is a backlight for cleaning in dark places

Non-removable battery, does not last long in maximum power mode

Top 11 best vacuum cleaners with dust containers in 2023 according to KP

Miele SKMR3 Blizzard CX1 Comfort

Miele SKMR3 Blizzard CX1 Comfort. Photo:

A powerful and high-tech vacuum cleaner will help you comfortably clean, save time and enjoy the process. The powerful motor and Vortex technology stand guard over cleanliness and health. During operation of the device, dust is divided into coarse and fine dust, coarse dust settles in a container, and fine dust in a special filter, the degree of contamination of which is controlled by a special sensor.

The same sensor activates the self-cleaning function if necessary. In addition, this assistant is very maneuverable, its rubberized wheels are equipped with shock absorbers and rotate 360°, making it easy to move the vacuum cleaner during cleaning. The ergonomic handle and long tube help reduce stress on the wrist, while the long cord adds to the comfort of use.

Main features
Type wireless
Container volume 0.5 l
from battery
Power consumption 535 W
Fine filter yes
Noise level 77 dB
Weight 1. 63 kg
Type wired
Container volume 2 liters
Mains power
Power consumption 1100 W
Fine filter yes
Noise level 76 dB
Power cord length 6.5 m
Weight 6.5 kg
Pros and cons

9004 8 Robust housing, quiet operation, high suction power, quickly coils the cable, wide brush allows you to clean room faster

Sometimes turns on by itself if turned off with the button on the handle, but do not unplug the power cord from the socket

Dyson V15 Detect Absolute

Dyson V15 Detect Absolute. Photo:

This is a universal cordless vacuum cleaner that will become a faithful assistant in the fight against dirt and dust. It’s powerful, with a 125,000 rpm motor that delivers high suction power, while Root Cyclone technology generates powerful centrifugal forces that remove dirt and dust from the air while maintaining suction power.

In addition, a high-quality HEPA filter captures dust microparticles as small as 0.1 microns. A capacious battery will allow you to use the device for up to 1 hour without loss of power and will allow you to do a thorough cleaning. The vacuum cleaner uses a laser beam to illuminate dust particles invisible to the eye, and a piezoelectric sensor measures their size and adjusts the suction power.

Main features

900 25

Type wireless
Container volume 0.76 liters
Battery power
Power consumption 660 W
Fine filter yes
Noise level 89 dB
Weight 3. 08 kg
Pros and cons 0 minutes depending on mode)

Philips XB9185/09

Philips XB9185/09. Photo:

This vacuum cleaner is equipped with the latest technologies that will simplify and speed up cleaning. It does a good job of cleaning any type of flooring. Powerful motor and PowerCyclone 10 technology provide high suction power and effective air separation from dust and debris. The vacuum cleaner head has been specially designed to pick up coarse and fine dust, and it is also equipped with TriActive Ultra LEDs, which help you see and pick up invisible dust from any floor covering.

Thanks to NanoClean technology, dust settles to the bottom of the container, allowing it to be cleaned gently. The control is located on the ergonomic handle, and allows you to comfortably control the vacuum cleaner during cleaning. In addition, the vacuum cleaner notifies the owner of the need to clean the filter, and the function of automatic shutdown in moments of inactivity will only add convenience.

Main features
9 0021 Fine filter
Type regular
Container capacity 2.2 liters
Mains supply
Power consumption 899 W
Noise level 77 dB
Length power cord 8 meters
Weight 6.3 kg
Pros and cons shutdown

Heavy, wide brush

Polaris PVCS 4000 HandStickPRO

Polaris PVCS 4000 HandStickPRO. Photo:

The cordless vacuum cleaner from Polaris is a powerful mobile alternative to a classic vacuum cleaner, only compact and very convenient. This vacuum cleaner will always have its own place, as it is stored on a wall mount with a holder for attachments. It is easy to use and maintain.

A built-in UV lamp disinfects the surface while cleaning, while the turbo motor provides high suction power. This vacuum cleaner is mobile and, if necessary, without unnecessary discomfort and a bunch of extension cords, you can carry out dry cleaning in the car interior or get to hard-to-reach places.

Main features
9 0021 Power supply
Type wireless
Container volume 0.6 liters
from battery
Power consumption 450 W
Fine filter yes
Noise level 71 dB
Weight 5.5 kg
Pros and cons

Well assembled, maneuverable, good suction power, wireless, quiet

There are no contacts on the wall mount to charge the vacuum cleaner, you need to connect a wire

Thomas DryBox 786553

Thomas DryBox 786553. Photo:

This vacuum cleaner is designed for dry cleaning, it is very easy to use and maintain. It maintains a constant suction power, thus making cleaning easier and faster. This vacuum cleaner uses the DryBox system to collect dust, it separates the dust into large and small. Coarse dust and debris are collected in the central compartment, and fine dust, which is dangerous for human lungs, is collected in isolated side compartments.

When the container is full, coarse dust and debris from the central compartment are carefully thrown into the trash can, and the side compartments, which contain fine dust, are washed under running tap water. In addition, you can wash not only the dust container, but also the foam filters, such care will extend their service life.

Main features

900 21 yes

Type regular
Container volume 2.1 liters
Mains supply
Power input 1700 W
Fine filter
Noise level 68 dB
Power cord length 6 meters
Weight 6. 9 kg
Pros and cons and disadvantages

well assembled and care, good absorption power, vacuuming can be washed under water, 4 power levels

No vertical carrying handle

Tefal Silence Force Cyclonic TW7681

Tefal Silence Force Cyclonic TW7681. Photo:

Tefal Silence Force Cyclonic provides quiet and high-quality cleaning. The modern, low-energy motor runs quietly and generates high suction power. The power consumption of this vacuum cleaner is only 750 watts.

POWER GLIDE nozzle with three positions for high suction power and good cleaning performance on any type of floor.

Advanced cyclonic technology effectively captures up to 99.9% of dust inside the container. In addition, the container of this vacuum cleaner has an impressive volume of 2.5 liters.

Main features
9002 1 Weight
Type regular
Container capacity 2.5 liters
Mains supply
Power consumption 750 W
Fine filter cleaning Yes
Noise level 67 dB
Power cord length 8. 4 meters
9.75 kg
Pros and cons

Quiet operation, cleans well, large dust container

Heavy, no motor power adjustment


LG VK88509HUG. Photo:

This modern and powerful solution for dry cleaning. Its owner will appreciate the Kompressor technology, with which the vacuum cleaner automatically compresses dust and debris into small and easy-to-dispose briquettes.

Cleaning the container is quick and hygienic. In addition, this vacuum cleaner has a well-thought-out Turbocyclone dust filtration system, which maintains high suction power throughout the cleaning.

The vacuum cleaner is controlled by an ergonomic handle, on which the power control module of the vacuum cleaner is located. The universal nozzle will effectively remove dust from any floor covering, whether it is parquet or carpet with a long pile.

Key features

90 021 from mains

900 21 5.7 kg

Type regular
Container volume 4. 8 liters
Power consumption 2000 W
Fine filter yes
Noise level 77 dB
Power cord length 6.3 meters
Pros and cons

Powerful, control on the handle, removes hair well, easy to clean the container, good filtration system

Samsung VCC885Fh4

Samsung VCC885Fh4. Photo:

Due to its suction power, this vacuum cleaner collects the smallest debris and helps in maintaining cleanliness and comfort in the house. During cleaning in the container, dust, wool and other debris roll into a homogeneous mass. Cleaning the container is fast and convenient.

A well-thought-out filtration system maintains a consistently high suction power for a long time, and a soft bumper protects furniture from damage during cleaning.

Main features
90 021 Mains supply

900 25

Type regular
Container capacity 2 liters
Power consumption 2200 W
Fine filter yes
Noise level 80 dB
Power cord length 7 meters
Weight 6 kg
Pros and cons

Nice design , powerful, convenient, capacious container, easy to clean

Impressive dimensions, not smooth power adjustment


REDMOND RV-C335. Photo:

This device will become a faithful household assistant. Thanks to a powerful motor and a well-thought-out 5+1 MULTICYCLONE filtration system, a powerful vortex flow is generated in the vacuum cleaner container during cleaning, with the help of which dust and dirt are separated from clean air and then settled in the container.

In addition, the suction power is stable as the container fills up. To move the vacuum cleaner during cleaning, you do not need to make any effort, due to the large wheels, it moves gently and smoothly.

Main features
900 21 Mains supply
Type regular
Container capacity 3 liters
Power consumption 2200 W
Fine filter Yes
Noise level 77 dB
Power cord length 5 meters
Weight 7.5 kg
Pros and cons

Powerful, roomy container, easy to maintain, convenient interchangeable nozzles

Short cord, overall, the nozzle is not fixed on the tube


ARNICA Tesla . Photo:

This vacuum cleaner model boasts low power consumption, low noise level and high suction power. The Cyclone MAX Technology system filters the air during cleaning. The HEPA 13 filter traps almost all small dust particles. The control of the vacuum cleaner is focused on the ergonomic handle and you can adjust its power without bending down while cleaning.

The vacuum cleaner “monitors” the filling of the container, and if it is necessary to replace the HEPA filter, it will notify its owner. In addition, the vacuum cleaner includes a turbo brush for cleaning carpets, as well as a brush with natural horsehair for gentle cleaning of solid wood floors.

Main features
90 021 Mains power

9002 1 71 dB

Type regular
Container volume 3 liters
Power consumption 750 W
Fine filter yes
Noise level
Power cord length 5 meters
Weight 5 kg
Pros and cons

Quiet operation, high suction power, large container, handle control, energy efficient

Clumsy, short cord, short and wide clamp for the tube with a nozzle, which causes the tube to wobble a little


KARCHER VC 3. Photo:

The KARCHER VC 3 cyclonic vacuum cleaner is distinguished by compact dimensions, light weight and low energy consumption. The transparent plastic container allows you to control its fullness without making additional efforts.

If the container is full, it will not take much time to clean it, the collected rubbish must be carefully thrown into the trash can, if this is not enough and the walls of the container are very dirty, it can be rinsed with water.

Thanks to its compact size and light weight, this vacuum cleaner is easy to use while cleaning. In addition, storage problems will be less.

Main features
Type regular
Container volume 0.9 liters
Mains supply
Power consumption 700 W
Fine filter cleaning Yes
Noise level 76 dB
Power cord length 5 meters
Weight 4. 4 kg
Pros and cons

Compact, quiet, good build quality , low power consumption, easy to clean

No suction power adjustment, low suction power, weak small container volume

How to choose a vacuum cleaner with a dust container

When choosing a vacuum cleaner with a dust container, pay attention to the following specifications:

  • Suction power. There is an assumption that the suction power depends on the power consumption of the vacuum cleaner. It is incorrect. Suction power is affected not only by engine power, but also by the design of the vacuum cleaner itself, pipes and nozzles, as well as the amount of litter in the container and the degree of contamination of the filter elements.
  • Filtration system. In many modern vacuum cleaners, fine filters are installed by default, they protect our lungs from dust microparticles. The presence of fine filtration is also important for allergy sufferers and young children.
  • Handling. A well-designed vacuum cleaner with an ergonomic handle that is comfortable to use. This will allow you to perform routine duties with great comfort.

Sergey Savin, general director of the cleaning company “Leader” adds that you also need to pay attention to the noise level, the volume of the container and the way it is removed from the vacuum cleaner.

Popular Questions and Answers

The editors of Komsomolskaya Pravda asked Sergey Savin, General Director of the cleaning company Leader, to answer popular answers from users.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of a container over bags?

Before buying a vacuum cleaner, the question always arises, which model is better to buy: with a dust bag or with a container. Let’s look at the pros and cons of vacuum cleaners with a dust container.

This vacuum cleaner is very convenient to use, all dust and dirt are collected in a special container, some manufacturers equip their vacuum cleaners with a dust pressing mechanism, which is very convenient. In such vacuum cleaners, cleaning the container is required much less frequently.

The container vacuum cleaner has several advantages over the bag model.

First , no need to buy bags.

Secondly , the bag may break and then dust will enter the vacuum cleaner turbine, after which cleaning or repair will be required.

Third , easy maintenance. The disadvantage of a vacuum cleaner with a container is one, if the container fails, it will be difficult to find a replacement, noted Sergey Savin .

How to get rid of bad smells from a container vacuum cleaner?

In order to avoid unpleasant odors from the dust container, it must be cleaned and washed in time. After washing and cleaning, the filters and container must be dried properly. The unpleasant smell from the vacuum cleaner appears precisely due to the fact that poorly dried filters or a dust collection container are placed in it, the expert specified.