Best printer with ink tank: Best Ink Tank Printers Of 2023

Best Ink Tank Printers Of 2023

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Ink tank printers, also known as “supertank” printers, have become popular for consumers due to their low cost and high ink capacity. These printers use refillable ink reservoirs filled with bottled ink rather than disposable cartridges. This saves money on consumables and reduces printer downtime as more ink is available. Canon, Epson, and HP offer their versions of ink tank printers, MegaTank, EcoTank, and Smart Tank, respectively. These systems are easy to refill, provide similar cost savings, and reduce plastic waste. Our list includes a range of color and monochrome ink tank printers in various sizes and price ranges, suitable for home and business use.

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Best ink tank printers of 2023 in full:

Canon MAXIFY GX6020 (Image credit: Canon)


Canon MAXIFY GX6020 (GX6050 in the UK)

Best alternative to laser printing


Category: Color AOI inkjet printer

Print speed: 24ppm (mono)

Paper capacity: 250 + 100

Paper size: up to A4

Weight: 25.6lb / 11.6kg

Today’s Best Deals

Reasons to buy


Touchscreen controls


Low running cost

Reasons to avoid

High purchase price

No fax or NFC

The Canon MAXIFY GX6020 (known in the UK as the GX6050) is a premium 3-in-1 device, and it comes with all the features you could need in a small business printer. It’s also one of Canon’s MegaTank models with large refillable ink reservoirs onboard and plenty of bottled ink in the box – enough for 6,000 monochromes and 14,000 color pages. 

There’s ample room for paper in the front and rear paper trays to meet high print demands in a busy office. Duplex printing, duplex scanning, Wi-Fi with Wi-Fi Direct, and a rapid print rate make this well-built inkjet an attractive alternative to laser printing. It’s not quite as fast as your average laser, but the print quality is generally higher, and the consumables cost is lower.

Read the full Canon MAXIFY GX6050 review

Epson EcoTank ET-5850 (Image credit: Epson)

2. Epson EcoTank ET-8500

One of the easiest, high quality printers


Category: Color AOI inkjet printer

Print speed: 16ppm (mono)

Paper capacity: 100 + 20 sheets

Paper size: 4×6, 5×7, A4, A6, Legal, Letter

Weight: 18.5lb

Today’s Best Deals

Reasons to buy


Photo print quality


Cheap to print

Reasons to avoid

No automatic document feeder

Small output tray

Epson’s EcoTank Photo ET-8500 is a phenomenal photo super tank printer. It has a small footprint and is capable of printing images for pennies per page. While this might not be the best choice for a large office due to the lack of an automatic document feeder, it is still a great choice for smaller operations.

The print quality on this printer is incredible, though the small output tray and smaller paper trays show that this may not be the right printer for you if you need to print a lot through it.

HP Smart Tank 7301 (Image credit: HP)

3. HP Smart Tank 7301 (7305 in the UK)

Ideal for big savings in the long term


Category: Color AOI inkjet printer

Print speed: 15ppm (mono)

Paper capacity: 250 sheets

Paper size: up to A4

Weight: 14lb / 6.4kg

Today’s Best Deals

Reasons to buy


Low running cost   


Strong wireless connectivity       

Reasons to avoid

High purchase price

Slow to print

This refillable inkjet printer may cost several times more than HP’s cartridge-based inkjet models, but with bottled ink being so much cheaper, there’s no question that you will soon be making back your money. 

It also comes with five bottles of ink in the box, so you will already have enough in the tank for thousands of printed pages before buying more. In other respects, it’s a typically well-specified all-in-one HP printer with auto duplex printing, auto duplex scanning, and excellent wireless connectivity. 

It’s not flawless by any means – there’s no touchscreen, and it is somewhat slow at printing – but there is a 35-sheet ADF and room for a decent amount of paper in the main input tray. The print resolution is high enough for photo printing, making it a great choice for the home office.  

Canon PIXMA GM4020 (Image credit: Canon)

4. Canon PIXMA GM4020 (GM4050 in the UK)

Best choice for those needing only black and white printing


Category: All-in-one mono inkjet printer

Print speed: 13ppm

Paper capacity: 250 + 100 sheets

Paper size: A4

Weight: 20.3lb / 9.2kg

Today’s Best Deals

Reasons to buy


Lots of ink in box


35-sheet ADF

Reasons to avoid

Not for photo paper

Not Mac compatible

The Canon PIXMA GM4020 is a fully featured black and white all-in-one aimed at the small office. Where a monochrome cartridge printer would not make economic sense, a MegaTank printer does because the running costs are so low, and the purchase price is also made more competitive by streaming the design. 

Like life, not everything needs to be black and white, and if color is a concern, then the Canon PIXMA GM4020 is upgradeable. Add a tricolor cartridge, and you’ll see the results instantly. 

However, if you can get away with printing only in mono, then that’s what you’ll need to generate the remarkable page yield that is the headline act of this printer. Although word of warning, Mac users will wish to look elsewhere, it’s not Apple-friendly. Instead, check out these best printers for Macs.

Read the full Canon PIXMA GM4020 review

Canon PIXMA G6050 (Image credit: Canon)

5. Canon PIXMA G6050

Best compact printer


Category: 3-in-1 color inkjet printer

Print speed: 13ppm (mono)

Paper capacity: 250 sheets

Paper size: A4

Weight: 17. 9lb / 8.1kg

Today’s Best Deals

Reasons to buy


Cheap to run


Neat ink tank system

Reasons to avoid

Small display

No front USB

Canon’s cartridge-free printers are particularly easy to top up whenever you see the ink in the window getting low. Its four ink reservoirs (in a surprisingly compact three-in-one device) come with six generous ink bottles in the box. 

That’s enough to print 18,000 black and white pages and 7,700 in color. The Canon PIXMA G6050 is small enough to sit on a desk without taking over and big enough to hold 250 sheets of paper. 

Wi-Fi is built in, and the printer has an intuitive smartphone app for cloud printing and scanning. Auto duplex printing is covered, and the print and scan resolutions are good and high. It prints a beautifully bold photo and crisp text that won’t run, thanks to a pigment of black ink.

Read the full Canon PIXMA G6050 review

Frequently Asked Questions

How to choose the best ink tank printers for you

Given you’re already interested in finding out about the best ink tank printers, there’s a good chance you already know of the significant economic (and environmental) benefits of owning an ink tank printer over the traditional cartridge models.

So the first, and most important, thing to consider is your likely usage. If you’re on the lookout for a light, compact yet dependable printer that will sit in your home office for only a single user, your requirements will be drastically different to those needing a large and robust printer that will meet the needs of a team of ten in a small business.

So get a rough idea as to how many pages you’ll be printing per month, then factor in whether you’ll be happy with black and white prints, or whether you’ll also need color. Both factors will play a big part in the overall cost of your printer.

You’ll also want to consider how important print speed is to you – not all of these printers are the quickest to turn out a fresh page. Another consideration should be whether you need to print only A4, or will you be requiring A3 or even a variety of sizes? Lastly, consider how you’d like to connect to your printer from your device. If you’re keen to avoid wires, prioritise those printers that offer cloud or Wi-Fi options.

What are ink tank printers and how do they work?

Ink tank printers are a type of printer that utilizes a large ink reservoir or “ink tank” rather than traditional cartridges. These tanks are refilled with ink, allowing for a larger volume of ink to be used before needing to be replaced. Ink tank printers are known for their high print volume and low cost per page, making them a popular choice for businesses and individuals with high print needs.

How long do the ink tanks last in an ink tank printer?

The lifespan of an ink tank depends on the specific printer model and the volume of printing being done. On average, an ink tank can last anywhere from a few months to over a year before needing to be replaced. It’s important to refer to the manufacturer’s recommendations for ink tank lifespan and to monitor ink levels to ensure that the tanks are being replaced when necessary.

Are ink tank printers more cost-effective than traditional cartridge printers?

In general, ink tank printers are more cost-effective than traditional cartridge printers due to their lower cost per page. Because the ink tanks can be refilled and have a larger volume than cartridges, users can save money on ink over time. It’s important to consider the upfront cost of the printer, as well as the cost of ink and maintenance, to determine the overall cost-effectiveness of an ink tank printer

What are some things to consider when choosing an ink tank printer?

When choosing an ink tank printer, there are a few key factors to consider:

  • Printing volume: Consider the volume of printing that you will be doing with the printer. Ink tank printers are ideal for high-volume printing, so a traditional cartridge printer may be a more cost-effective option if you have moderate or low print needs.
  • Ink cost: Compare the cost of ink for different printer models to determine which one will be the most cost-effective in the long run.
  • Connectivity: Consider the connectivity options important to you, such as WiFi, Bluetooth, or NFC.
  • Additional features: Think about any additional features you may want in a printer, such as automatic duplexing (double-sided printing), scanning and copying capabilities, or the ability to print from a mobile device.

The best ink tank printers: How we test

In running the rule over the best ink tank printers, we’ve whittled our choice down to the ten printers we feel excel in critical areas.

Although ink tank printers are typically more expensive than cartridge-based printers, the long-term savings can be vast. So we’ve listed where printers come included with starter ink quantities and calculated which provides the best protection. Some, for example, provide enough ink to last up to two years before they need to be replaced.

Next up, we’ve looked at the design of each printer, noting size, weight, and any notable bulky features that need to be considered about where the printer will sit. We’ve tested printing speeds and whether color printing is included.

Lastly, we’ve listed where printers offer other features that might prove especially useful in a home office or business environment, including scanning, photocopying, and even faxing.

Round up of today’s best deals

Canon MAXIFY GX6020

$799. 99



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Epson Ecotank ET-8500




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Recommended Retail…

HP Smart Tank 7301 (7305 in the UK)



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Best Tank Printer Of 2023

Due to its inexpensive price and large ink capacity,

ink tank printers, sometimes known as “supertank”

printers, have gained popularity among consumers.


Instead of disposable cartridges, these printers utilize

refillable ink reservoirs supplied with bottled ink. 

This decreases printer downtime and saves money

on consumables because there is more ink



MegaTank, EcoTank, and Smart Tank are the ink tank printers

offered by HP, Canon, and Epson respectively. 

These refillable solutions are convenient, offer comparable

cost reductions, and eliminate plastic waste.


Our collection covers a variety of monochrome and color ink tank printers

for personal and business use, available in a range of sizes and prices.


Check out our list of best ink tank printers for 2023


1. Canon Maxify GX6050

Image credit:


The Canon MAXIFY GX6020 (also called the GX6050 in the United Kingdom)

is a quality 3-in-1 device with all the capabilities a small business printer

could need.


It is also one of Canon’s MegaTank models with big refillable ink tanks onboard

and an abundance of bottled ink – sufficient for 6,000 black

and 14,000 color pages.


There is sufficient paper capacity in the front and rear paper trays

to accommodate large print volumes in a busy office.


This inkjet printer’s duplex printing, duplex scanning,

Wi-Fi with Wi-Fi Direct, and quick print speed

make it an intriguing option to laser printing.


It’s not nearly as fast as a typical laser printer,

but the print quality is generally superior

and consumables are less expensive.



2. Epson Eco Tankk ET-8500

Image credit:


The EcoTank Photo ET-8500 from Epson is an exceptional

photo supertank printer.


It has a modest footprint and can print photos for a few cents

per page.


Due to the lack of an automatic document feeder,

this may not be the ideal option for a large company,

but it is still an excellent alternative

for smaller enterprises.


This printer has amazing print quality, but the small output tray

and smaller paper trays indicate that it may not be the best choice

if you need to print frequently.



3. HP Smart Tank 7301

Image credit:


This refillable inkjet printer may be several times more expensive

than HP’s cartridge-based inkjet machines, but because bottled ink

is so much less expensive, there is no doubt that you will quickly

recoup your investment.


It also includes five bottles of ink, so you will have enough in the tank

to print hundreds of pages before purchasing more.


Aside from that, it is a standard HP all-in-one printer with auto duplex

printing, auto duplex scanning, and good wireless networking.


It’s not perfect by any means – there’s no touchscreen and printing

is relatively slow – but it has a 35-sheet automatic document feeder (ADF)

and a sufficient amount of paper in the main input tray.

The print resolution is sufficient for photo printing,

making it an excellent option

for a home office.

10 Best Inkjet Printers – 2023 Ranking

The most popular types of printers are inkjet and laser. The first option is more affordable, easier to operate. But the main advantage of such models is the CISS function, that is, a continuous ink supply system, stable performance. To simplify the search for the buyer among the variety of manufacturers and devices, the VyborExpert team has compiled a fresh top rating. These are the best inkjet printers of 2023.


Rating of inkjet printers

When compiling the top rating, we consulted with photo salons, printing houses, and large offices. Their experience helped to identify the main criteria by which reliable devices can be selected. The level of demand showed which brands and models were bought more often than others.

On the basis of this data, we narrowed the search circle, compared applicants for parameters:

  • Printing technologies;
  • Supported paper size;
  • Speed;
  • Image resolution;
  • Number of cartridges;
  • Their resource;
  • Availability of wired/wireless interfaces;
  • Scope of use;
  • Dimensions, weight;
  • Price, manufacturer’s reliability.

The comparative analysis resulted in a top list of 10 positions. For convenience, we have divided it into 4 categories. These are color inkjet models for home and office, MFPs, CISS devices, as well as black and white devices. Customer reviews identified the strengths and weaknesses of each nominee.

Best color inkjet printers for home and office

The first category presents 4 win-win ideas on which good color inkjet printer to choose. These are nominees from Expert’s Choice, highly acclaimed by customers for performance, fast and quiet operation, energy and ink savings.

Canon Pixma pTS704

Budget compact model with two-way mode, high speed and good performance. This is a great option for both home and office use. The manufacturer is the Japanese brand Canon.

Inside the structure, 5 separate type ink tanks are “ChromaLife100” cartridges. Their total capacity is up to 350 A4 sheets. Print speed black and white 15 ipm, color 10 ipm, one sheet in 8-10 seconds. In addition to paper, you can use CD / DVD discs, labels, envelopes. Noise level 50.5 dB.

Wireless Bluetooth and Wi-Fi can be used for convenient control. Synchronization with mobile gadgets is possible through AirPrint technology. The LCD display that displays the current level allows you to fix the ink level.

The device guarantees high-quality, color-saturated photos. There are 2 paper sources here – a universal tray, an additional cassette for office paper. Interfaces – USB 2.0, Ethernet. Dimensions: 5.4 kg, 372×158×365 mm.


  • Duplex function;
  • Good color reproduction;
  • Two paper sources;
  • Separate cartridges;
  • Work with smartphone, PC and other media;
  • Inexpensive.


  • Ink consumption;
  • Non-motorized output tray.

The device is easy to use due to the presence of the display. Comfort is provided by the features of refilling. Despite the possibility of “printing by air”, this bonus eliminates the non-motorized output tray. For the money, this is a good deal.

Canon Pixma iX6840

A compact, ergonomic yet large-format model capable of handling the workload of a small to medium office. Reliability and stability, good color reproduction, wireless connection are not all the advantages of the nominee.

Fine technology print head inside, 5 separate type ink tanks. Volume of pages – 12000/month. Black and white print speed 14.5 ipm, color 10.4 ipm. In addition to paper, you can use envelopes, stickers. The noise level is reduced to 44 dB.

The machine supports Wi-Fi wireless communication. Synchronization with a smartphone is possible using Apple AirPrint, Google Cloud Print. You can also connect digital cameras directly here.

Manual control. The print head is characterized by increased accuracy with a minimum dose of a single drop of 1 pl. Interfaces – high-speed USB, Ethernet. Dimensions: 584×31×159 mm with a weight of 8.1 kg.


  • Large format;
  • Intelligent connectivity;
  • Improved head accuracy;
  • Separate cartridges;
  • Ability to download business templates;
  • Inexpensive.


  • Head life;
  • The nuances of selecting photo paper.

The nominee has a stylish, strict design, reasonable cost, low noise level. It is in demand in offices where printing of large-format documents and files is required. Using the software, you can connect to different devices.

Epson Expression Photo HD XP-15000

Stylish A3 inkjet printer, one of the most compact in its class. The manufacturer has used an innovative 6-color printing system “Claria Photo HD Ink”. Epson is a Japanese company.

The design is equipped with new format cartridges with additional water-soluble red, gray ink. This expands the color gamut, improves the quality of black and white prints. The volume of a drop is 1.5 pl. Print speed ISO 9.2 ipm, draft 29 ipm Noise level 49 dB.

Wireless communication is possible thanks to the Wi-Fi interface. If the necessary programs are available, the nominee connects to a smartphone or PC. The presence of a 2.4-inch LCD screen simplifies management, allows you to control ink consumption.

Single drop head – 1 square, it guarantees high accuracy. Interfaces – USB 2.0, Ethernet. With dimensions of 479×159×37 mm, the device weighs 8.5 kg. In addition to paper, stickers, cards, film, labels, CD / DVD, envelopes are appropriate.


  • 2 print speeds – ISO, Draft;
  • 6 individual cartridges;
  • Water soluble ink;
  • Convenient screen;
  • Head precision;
  • Automatic duplex function.


  • Ink consumption;
  • Expensive repair.

This nominee also has a duplex unit. Compatibility with different types of files expands the scope of its application. Remote control is possible here, 3 ways to connect.

HP DesignJet T630 (24-inch)

Popular wide profile inkjet printer offering mobile printing functionality. It is compatible with original HP chip cartridges. Production – America.

Design equipped with 4 ink tanks. The maximum format is A1 with a print speed of 30 sec / page. Modern, reliable thermal printing technology is used. If we talk about ink consumption, then this is an average of 20 ml per 101 A1 pages. Paper feeding methods – roll, sheet. Noise is minimized to 42 dB.

Among the wireless interfaces, the Wi-Fi module is involved here, wired – USB, Ethernet. If drivers are available, you can connect to a smartphone, PC, control the device remotely.

Single head drop – 5.5 square meters, it improves line accuracy by 31%. With dimensions of 1013×932×605 mm, the device weighs 28.9 kg. The media can be different types of papers of any coating, density.


  • Stylish wide format plotter;
  • High speed;
  • Integrated paper cutter;
  • Wi-Fi operation;
  • Remote control;
  • Quiet operation.


  • Demanding choice of cartridges;
  • Dimensions.

This is a stylish plotter that prints twice as fast as the competition. If the media is a roll, its width should be 24 inches, if the sheets are A1, A3, A4. Supplied with a wheeled stand.

Best MFP inkjet printers

The second category of the top is multifunctional devices that not only print, but also offer a number of other useful functions (copying, scanning). They differ in the method of supplying ink, performance, prices. According to, 3 nominees became the best.

Canon Pixma MG2540S

Multifunctional inkjet printer, which is worth choosing because of the good combination of price, performance, speed. This is also scanning, copying files.

Inside the construction there are 2 ink tanks – black and white, color. Thermal black and white speed 8 ipm, color 4 ipm, both duplex. Resource – 180-300 pages per month. In addition to paper, you can use envelopes, glossy paper. Noise level 50.5 dB.

Copy quality – 1200×600 dpi at 1.6 ipm. The scanner has a resolution of 1200×600 dpi, 4 ipm. A USB B interface is provided for connecting to third-party devices.

The housing is supplemented with LED indication for process control. Control method – manual. Overall dimensions 426×306×145 mm with a weight of 3.5 kg. The model is compatible with operating systems “Mac OS”, “Windows”.


  • 3 functions in one device;
  • Compact;
  • Refillable cartridges;
  • Performance;
  • Compact;
  • Inexpensive.


  • PC connection cable missing;
  • Expensive consumables.

This nominee takes pride of place among low-cost inkjet printers. It is suitable for regular use, since if the cartridges fail due to inactivity, replacing them will hit the wallet.

HP DeskJet Ink Advantage 5075 M2U86C

Multifunction device that supports dynamic security and requires the use of branded cartridges. It scans, copies, prints files. Unlike the previous nominee, it has more useful options.

Nominee is equipped with double-sided thermal printing technology. Speed ​​black and white 20 ipm, color 17 ipm. The number of offered colors is 4. The resource of ink tanks is 1250 pages of A4 format per month. The maximum resolution is 4800×1200 dpi. In addition to paper, you can use cards, films, labels, envelopes.

Copy quality 600×300 dpi, flatbed scanner 1200×1200 dpi at 3 to 7 pages per minute depending on ink color. For connection to a PC or smartphone interfaces and modules Wi-Fi, USB, Bluetooth.

The case is supplemented with a 2.2-inch monochrome LCD display for easy operation. The overall dimensions are 445×128×367 mm and the weight is 5.41 kg. The print head is built into the cartridge, which means that it does not have to be changed separately.


  • Modern wireless technology;
  • Convenient paper tray;
  • Compatible with third party devices;
  • Print head inside ink tank;
  • Design, dimensions;
  • Price.


  • Branded cartridges only;
  • No USB cable included.

According to reviews, this is an adequate ratio of cost and functionality. Quality, speed of a decent level. The device quickly connects to third-party devices and is easy to configure.

Canon Maxify MB2140

A multifunctional color device that outperforms the previously presented nominees in speed. This is a high-quality display + scan, complemented by the option to support cloud services.

A paper cassette with a capacity of 250 sheets ensures high productivity. There is an option for automatic feeding of 50 pieces. Inside there are 2 cartridges – black and white, its resource is 1200 pages, color 900 pages. Declared print speed A4: b/w 19ipm, color 13 ipm

Copy quality 1200×600 dpi, flatbed scanner 1200×1200 dpi. There is a Wi-Fi interface for direct filing of files from mobile devices. A distinctive feature of the model is the saving of energy consumption.

The body is equipped with a 2.36″ LCD color display for easy operation. Overall dimensions 463×260×459 mm with a weight of 10.6 kg. An additional option is support for Compact Flash memory cards. Noise level 56 dB.


  • Speed;
  • Automatic multi-page copying;
  • Functionality;
  • Energy Saving;
  • Convenient control panel;
  • Support for memory cards, cloud services.


  • Not duplex copying;
  • Overall.

It is worth noting the presence of a fax as an additional option. This is a useful feature when it comes to office use. Another reason for inclusion in the top is customization of settings.

Best inkjet printers with CISS

The third category of the top represents inkjet color printers with CISS – a continuous ink supply system. Thanks to this option, everything happens automatically and does not require user intervention. Such devices are most in demand in printing houses, photo salons. Expert’s Choice offers 2 models in this category.

Epson L805

A device based on 6-color piezoelectric printing technology at home or in a small office. The built-in system of continuous work is not just a convenient option, but also the ability to save ink consumption.

The design is equipped with 6 separate type ink tanks. The tray holds 120 sheets of paper. Print resolution 5760×1440 dpi, speed 37-38 ipm. There are several formats to choose from – A4, cards, CD / DVD, envelopes, photos 10 × 15. The quality of water-soluble prints meets international standards.

Line thickness of the piezoelectric head 1.5 square meters. The manufacturer includes disks with drivers in Russian. The ink supply system works stably, without failures.

Method of control – mechanical using buttons, as well as remotely via a computer or smartphone. The device supports USB and Wi-Fi communication interfaces. Dimensions: 547×289×187 mm, 6 kg.


  • Fast color printing;
  • Mobility;
  • Frameless image;
  • 6 vibrant colors;
  • Quick start;
  • High resolution.


  • No display panel;
  • One-sided printout.

The model is designed more for home use. In terms of the speed of color ink, this is practically the leader. High resolution guarantees not only rich tones, but also clear midtones.

Brother DCP-T510W InkBenefit Plus

Ergonomic multifunction device with one line display performs 3 functions – scan, copy, print. It is equipped with a simple ink supply system, a large paper tray, and looks strictly utilitarian.

Inside 4 separate ink tanks with a yield of 5000-6500 pages. The tray holds 150 A4 sheets with output up to 50 pieces. 1200×600 dpi resolution, regardless of color. Speed ​​- 12 images / min. The flatbed scanner works at a resolution of 1200×2400 dpi, copying files – 1200×600 dpi.

Sources can also be cards, labels, films. Used interfaces for communication with a computer or mobile gadgets – Wi-Fi, USB. The LCD panel allows you to control the process of work. The maximum noise level is 50 dB.

Case dimensions 453×159×380 mm, weight 7.5 kg. Drop size 1.5 pl. The device is capable of delivering up to 6500 pages continuously, which saves consumption. The indication indicates that it is time to refill the cartridges.


  • 3 in 1 device;
  • Easy to refill;
  • Display + indication;
  • Consumption savings;
  • Compact;
  • Self-cleaning option.


  • Periodically, the distribution of the Internet by the router disappears;
  • No USB cable.

The nominee looks solid, emits a minimum of noise, and cleans itself daily. With 3 features, wireless connectivity is the best value in its segment. The quality of the issued text documents, the photo is good.

Best Black & White Inkjet Printer

The very first models assumed the presence of only a black and white cartridge. And this format is still relevant, since many users only need monochrome for text format documents. The main advantage is the price. According to, 1 nominee became the leader of the current year.

Epson M1140

A cheap black and white inkjet printer from a previously introduced brand for working with text, printing documents. It has everything for comfortable use – continuous operation, high resource, duplex function, etc.

The construction is characterized by a laconic design. It offers two-sided automatic impression at a speed of 20-39 ipm. The format used is A4. The initial set of pigment ink is characterized by a high resource and economy of consumption – 11,000 prints, 20,000 sheets per month.

Image quality 1200×2400 dpi. One tray contains 250 sheets. The source can also be labels, cards, envelopes, glossy / matte sheets. Interface for connecting to a PC, smartphone – USB.

Minimum drop volume 2.8 pl. The noise level is within the normal range, 56 dB. With dimensions of 375 × 151 × 347 mm, the weight is 4.3 kg. The device works on the technology of piezoelectric printout.


  • High resource;
  • Ink economy;
  • Good resolution;
  • Double-sided prints;
  • Easy refill;
  • Design.


  • Not for photography;
  • The settings take some getting used to.

This is a real “workhorse” for the office, production. Economical, productive, does not overheat even under heavy load, practically does not make noise. And most importantly, it does not require wires to connect.

How to choose an inkjet printer

There are several defining criteria by which you can choose which inkjet printers are best for the home, which for the office. Our team identified 5 points – the maximum format, speed, resolution, interfaces, cartridge life. Let’s take a closer look at each.

Maximum format

Most models work with A4 format (210×297 mm). This is a standard option for domestic, office use. Slightly less popular size A3 (297 × 420), this is closer to workflows. A4 – these are leaflets, posters.

Print speed

The best premium quality models, even at high resolution, produce no more than 35-40 images per minute. Such productivity is justified in the office, printing house, where the process takes place constantly.

The average speed varies within 5-10 pages for color printing, if it is text, then up to 20 sheets. This will be quite enough for domestic use, and for servicing a small office.

Print Resolution

Print resolution is indicated by an instruction in the unit dpi, that is, the number of dots per inch. Premium devices demonstrate 5760×1440, 4800×1200 dpi.
This setting affects the quality, whether the image will show graininess. If these are professional terms of use, 600×600 dpi is enough. At home, you can use models with a resolution below.


There are several ways to connect the device to a PC:

  • IP port – here you can connect several computers at once, which is important for offices;
  • USB port – it is important here that the device is located near the computer, as a cable will be used.

New models have a wireless module for communication – Wi-Fi, Bluetooth. Thanks to these features, the user will be able to work with smartphones and tablets directly without wires.

Cartridge yield

Cartridge resource is an indicator that determines how many pages one refill can produce. For a device that is designed to work with 300 sheets, the resource will vary from 100 to 110 black and white dye, 40-60 color.

What is the best inkjet printer

It is impossible to single out the best product unambiguously. Everything is individual, taking into account the goals, opportunities, personal requirements. offers 10 win-win ideas on which device to buy, as well as evaluation criteria to narrow your search. The following nominations stand out in particular:

  • Canon Pixma pTS704 – dual paper source model, duplex printing, wireless communication modules;
  • Epson Expression Photo HD XP-15000 – best head accuracy, 2 speed settings, 6 separate water-soluble ink cartridges;
  • Canon Maxify MB2140 – the fastest MFP nominee with automatic sheet feeding, energy saving, cloud services support;
  • Brother DCP-T510W InkBenefit Plus – MFP + CISS, easy-to-read display, daily self-cleaning;
  • Epson M1140 – monochrome format, CISS on both sides of the sheet, increased resource, a decent indicator of image resolution.

Inkjet printers work best with color images. At the same time, they are affordable, except that cartridges can become an expensive purchase. But in terms of speed, economy of consumption, resource capacity, this is the best solution for both domestic and professional use.

How to choose a printer and not be disappointed

Perhaps the question is: “Which printer to choose?” is the most asked not only directly in the store, but also on thematic forums, on websites and in social networks. A huge number of inkjet and laser printers on the market with the most diverse functionality additional to printing and, accordingly, the price sometimes confuses an inexperienced buyer. If you are new to this business, then this article is for you.

Where to start

Naturally, you need to start choosing a printer by defining your tasks and requirements. Answer the question for yourself: “Why do I need a printer?”.

If you are going to print only from time to time and in small volumes, then you should pay attention to models of the middle or lower price range – up to 800 UAH. If you have to print more than a dozen pages a day, then it is better to choose a more expensive inkjet device, since budget printers have a small resource, and they may not withstand the increased load and fail before the end of their service life. This should be remembered in order not to subsequently make unfounded claims to the manufacturer of consumables.

To print only monochrome documents , there is no point in buying a color printer. On an inkjet color printer, even if color documents are not printed, the cartridges are still consumed, for example, for testing the operation of the print head, cleaning the nozzles, and you still have to change color cartridges that are not used in work for new ones, otherwise the printer will not print without them.

Epson M100

Monochrome inkjet printers are currently limited to the Epson M100, M105 and Epson M200 MFPs with built-in CISS, making this printer an ideal choice for the home or small office. The price of the device is within 2000-3000 UAH. There are no other brands of monochrome inkjet printers. A laser device for the same purposes may turn out to be cheaper, for example, HP LaserJet P1102 – about 1500 UAH or Canon i-SENSYS MF4410 MFP – about 1900 UAH, however. .. do not rush to make a final decision without reading the article to the end or at least the next section.

HP LaserJet P1102

In today’s world of color, it’s unlikely you’ll be printing exclusively in black and white at home. Even to print a report, abstract or term paper, you will need an application in the form of a color chart or other illustrations. Therefore, you should still look more closely towards color inkjet devices, which are an ideal choice for the home user.

The ‘s four color inkjet units are versatile in their applications and are best suited for the home user who prints a little bit of everything, including documents, graphics and even photos. The most popular brands on the market are Canon, Epson and Hewlett-Packard (HP). Each of these brands is represented by a wide range of printers and (mostly) MFPs. The price is very attractive and starts even from 350 UAH.

Canon PIXMA iP2700

Only an inkjet photo printer can accurately reproduce shades and print a realistic photo. Laser printers are not capable today to give at least close quality of photos. When choosing devices, you should decide on your requirements for photo printing.

Canon PIXMA iP7240

Your priority might be:

  1. flawless photos on expensive photo paper for framed exposure;
  2. amateur photos for family and friends on inexpensive glossy photo paper for album storage.

Photo professionals will prefer printers with 7-12 cartridges, enlarged to A3 or A3+ format, etc. (for example, Epson Stylus Photo R2880, R3000, R2000 or Canon PIXMA Pro 9500 Mark II), and photo printing enthusiasts may well be satisfied with printers or MFPs with 5 (Canon) or 6 (Epson) cartridges.

Epson Stylus Photo P50


When choosing a printer for your home, the main thing is not its appearance or even its purchase price, the main thing is the availability, quality and price of consumables. Sometimes it happens that cartridges for a particular printer are difficult to find on sale. For example, excellent office inkjet devices were sold with the ability to print photos even on plain paper Canon PIXMA MX7600, iX7000, but cartridges for them remained exotic on sale.

It would seem that when printing in small volumes, i. from time to time a few sheets, even on the cheapest printer it is better to use original cartridges and not look for an alternative. However, even with such print volumes, it can be expensive if:

  • the printer you have chosen uses integrated cartridges (together with the print head),
  • The capacity of the original cartridge is too low.

For clarity and better understanding, here is a plate:

Printer Black pigment ink cartridge Cartridge type Cartridge capacity ml Cartridge yield, page A4 (5% coverage)* Cartridge price, UAH** Price in terms of 1 ml of ink, UAH
Canon PIXMA MP250 PG-510Bk integrated 9 220 131. 62 14.6
Canon PIXMA IP4600 PGI-520BK ink bottle 19 350 121.82 6.4
Canon PIXMA iP1900 PG-40Bk integrated 16 329 174.55 10.90
HP Officejet 6000 HP #920 ink bottle 10 420 138.16 13.81
HP Deskjet 2050 HP #122 integrated 4 120 82.25 20.6
Epson Expression Home XP-303 Epson #17 ink bottle 4.7 130 92.70 19.7
* according to the manufacturer
**prices in shop. as of July 26, 2013

Of the list of cartridges shown in the table, only one has a relatively high capacity 19ml and, accordingly, the lowest cost of ink – 6.4 UAH / ml. It is not worth focusing on manufacturers’ data on the resource of cartridges, since each manufacturer has its own calculation method, and it may not coincide with the method of another manufacturer. As a result, the resource in “virtual” 5% pages turns out to be completely incomprehensible (for example, 420 pages for HP 920 with 10 ml of ink and 329 pages for PG-40 with 16 ml of ink) and not related to what you are on actually going to print.

If you are going to save money and not spend it on expensive original cartridges, then you should look at the market for compatible products even before buying a printer – are there any offers for consumables for your future printer and how much they cost. By using compatible supplies, you can save up to 50 times the cost of printing, depending on the printer model.

As an alternative to buying new ink cartridges, you can use:

  • compatible cartridges of other brands,
  • refilling original cartridges with compatible inks.

For inkjet printing, there are even more profitable options – this is the use of sets of refillable cartridges (RPC) and continuous ink supply systems (CISS):

device to work and print a small number of pages. This makes it possible to reduce the retail price of the printer, show the quality and “tempt” the user to buy only cartridges of the same quality. That’s when the insight of an inexperienced user comes – it turns out that one set of original cartridges can cost half the cost of a new printer. Therefore, the use of compatible products becomes a much more attractive option.

Cost of ownership

When choosing a printer, just like when buying a car, fuel consumption is of particular importance. ink. The manufacturer produces original cartridges as disposable products, assuming that, at best, you will hand over the plastic case for recycling, taking care of the environment, and at worst, throw it away. Indeed, today Epson inkjet cartridges can be considered disposable, since they cannot be refilled with high quality, and even if this can be done, the chip will block the operation of the refilled cartridge. For HP or Canon inkjet cartridges, successful refilling is quite possible (see diagram above).

In all cases of long-term printer ownership, the cost of consumables will be more than the initial cost of the printer, and often the cheapest model in the store is the most expensive purchase. Therefore, when buying a printer, it is important to calculate its TCO (Total Cost of Ownership), or the cost of replacement cartridges and other consumables over the lifetime of the printer. You can use a “virtual” cartridge yield of 5% pages in your calculations to calculate the average cost per page, but you might be surprised how different the result will be for different printers. Printer manufacturers have been known to give favorable numbers, so always check them to see what the true yield of your printer cartridges will be on actual printed pages of actual documents.

Let’s consider a practical example of RWS calculation. Suppose a user – the owner of a home office, to make a decision to purchase a printer, considers several inkjet MFPs suitable for his purposes and approximately equivalent in functionality (see table below). The calculation is carried out for 10,000 printed pages of A4 color images on plain office paper using original cartridges. The prices of the online store as of July 26, 2013 are indicated in the calculations.

MFP Price, UAH
Black C M Y CMY TOTAL PURCHASED 10,000 pages A4 requires cartridge sets TOTAL SPENT, UAH (printer + cartridges for 10,000 pages)
Resource page
Ink volume ml
Price, UAH
Canon PIXMA MP230 523. 36 PG-510Bk CL-511 Color printer + standard volume cartridges = 18 ml 43.4 14167.45
220 244
9 9
131.60 182.78
Canon PIXMA MG4240 938.28 PG-440Bk XL CL-441 Color XL printer + high volume cartridges = 36 ml 20 8693.08
600 400
21 15
199.66 188.08
HP DJ Ink Advantage 5525 1225.90 HP No.655Bk HP No.655C HP No. 655M HP No.655Y printer + standard size ink tanks* 25 9632.90
550 360 360 360
n.d.* n.d.* n.d.* n.d.*
84.07 84.07 84.07 84.07
HP DJ Ink Advantage 2515 649.44 HP No.650 Black HP No.650 Color printer + standard size cartridges* 35.7 7488.48
360 200
n.d.* n.d.*
96.80 94.77
Epson Expression Home XP-303 1053. 86 Epson 17XL Cartridge Set (multipack) printer + high volume cartridge set = 31.3 ml 22.2 7221.46
470 450 450 450
11.5 6.6 6.6 6.6
MFP A4 Epson K201 825.12 Epson K101/ K201/ K301 Black Cartridge (double pack) printer + high volume cartridge set = 50.8 ml 5.0 2104.57
offers on
purchase result on July 26, 2013
* – no cartridge capacity data available for convenience and simplification of calculations, the presence of starter cartridges is not taken into account, simultaneous uniform consumption of ink of each color during printing is allowed

The table shows that without making such a calculation before deciding to buy a printer, the user can spend 2-3 times more than he could by choosing a more economical option.

Reliable service for long printer life

So, it all comes down to the fact that it will be much more profitable to refuse to use original cartridges. But then the following questions arise, in particular, which is better: refill the cartridge yourself or give it to a gas station? When working with ink, it is very easy to get dirty, but these are trifles. Refilling modern inkjet cartridges is not as easy as it might seem at first glance.

Practical instructions for the correct refilling of inkjet cartridges can be found on our website in the section Support – Instructions.

For additional recommendations for refilling integrated cartridges, see the dedicated Inkjet Cartridge Refilling Guide booklet and some articles such as “The Tough Question: Using Refilled HP Ink Tanks with Mylar Pouch Inside”.

However, with no experience, it is easy to do something wrong when refilling yourself, and the refilled cartridge will not print.