Best headphones of jbl: JBL Live 660NC Wireless Review

Best JBL headphones in 2023

JBL is the life of the party and has been since the days of Woodstock. It’s one of the most popular consumer audio companies, with products ranging from speakers to earbuds, and its success is well earned with decades of work to show for it. Those looking for an affordable upgrade to their headphones will be happy with any of the best JBL headphones currently available.

Editor’s note: this list of the best JBL headphones was updated on May 29, 2023 to include the JBL Endurance Peak 3 in the top picks.

Why is the JBL Tour ONE the best JBL headphones?

Those looking to nab the best JBL headphones ought to try the JBL Tour ONE. At $225 USD it’s certainly one of the pricier sets by JBL, but also one of the most kitted out. With a subdued metal and plush build, you get tactile buttons and a touchpad for basically every function. It also ships with an always handy headphone jack in addition to Bluetooth 5.0 using AAC and SBC codecs with multipoint.



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The JBL Tour ONE uses active noise canceling (ANC), and it comes with two modes: normal and adaptive sound ANC (to adjust with your environment) so you can filter out the world. It also has ambient sound presets to let some sound  in. The noise canceling won’t best say the Bose QuietComfort 45 or Sony WH-1000XM4, but it’ll certainly help. With ANC activated the Tour ONE supplies 25 hours of battery, or 50 hours with it off, which is an excellent lifespan. It charges via USB-C and 10 minutes tops you up another 120 minutes. JBL gave the headset a four-mic array for all your Zoom call needs too.

JBL has really worked on its app support and the Tour ONE is a good example of that. Like most JBL products it tends to favor a consumer friendly boosted bass and treble response, however, with the equalizer (EQ) in the JBL Headphones app you can really adjust the sound to your liking any which way.

JBL Tour One

JBL Tour One

Adaptive ANC • Comfortable design • Custom EQ

Adaptive ANC over-ear headphones in a stylish and comfortable design

The JBL Tour One are over-ear headphones with ANC, a quad-mic array, and more high-end features. A custom EQ app is just icing on the cake, especially at this price point.

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Break a sweat in the Under Armour Project Rock Over-Ear Training Headphones by JBL

This product of the JBL and Under Armour collaboration does pretty much everything you need. While this headset made with the approval of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is geared towards gym goers, it works well for commuters too with its folding design, ANC mode, and long battery life of around 41 hours. It even comes with a headphone jack.

Under Armour Project Rock Over-Ear Training Headphones by JBL


Under Armour Project Rock Over-Ear Training Headphones by JBL

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The over-ear design helps ensure a good seal. While the washable mesh ear cups keep things comfortable, though sometimes warm. An IPX4 sweatproof rating rounds out a worry-free gym experience, and big buttons help you make adjustments on the fly. Meanwhile, TalkThru, as well as, transparency modes help you converse with your workout buddy.

Newer updates like USB-C charging, Bluetooth 5.0, and dedicated My JBL Headphones app with EQ keep this headset with the times. The default frequency response is quite bass forward. You can, however, just use that in-app EQ if you want something more accurate. What’s nice about Project Rock is that you can really use it for more than just the gym, easily justifying the hefty price tag.

Under Armour Project Rock by JBL

Under Armour Project Rock by JBL

IPX4 rating • My JBL Headphones app EQ features • Optional headphone jack

The Rock and JBL created an all-around hit at a premium price. Is it more than a workout companion?

While geared towards workouts, Project Rock is pretty competent as an all around set of headphones for commutes and the gym. With custom EQ in the app and an optional headphone jack, you can do most activities with it. Those with small noggins may want to skip over this beefy headset in favor of the company’s older model or something like the Bose Noise Canceling Headphones 700.

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The JBL 650BTNC is great for daily use

The JBL LIVE 650BTNC is a great noise canceling headset for much less than competing ANC headphones. Cheaper materials keep costs down and maintain a lightweight body. Don’t be fooled by the predominantly plastic construction: a metal-reinforced headband ensures durability for general use.



The headset does a pretty good job of filtering out low-frequency sounds like air conditioners, subway rumbles, etc. Such sounds are rendered about half as loud as they’d sound without ANC. Sure, it can’t outperform the Apple AirPods Max or Sony WH-1000XM4, but it’s among the best you can get for around $150.

Microphone quality rates as fine. When taking a call, it’s obvious to the listener that you’re speaking from a headset microphone because it reduces the loudness of low frequencies, where much of the fundamental notes of human voices fall. As a result, your voice can sound “muffled” or “distant. ” The mic’s inability to filter out background noise and focus on the speaker’s voice won’t help either.

JBL Live 650BTNC

JBL Live 650BTNC

Great noise canceling • Light ear pads • Voice assistance

Smart noise canceling headphones that bring an engaging bass-centric sound to your ears.

The JBL Live 650BTNC headphones offer great noise canceling at an affordable price. They integrate Google Assistant and Alexa, and the light ear pads are pivotable.

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That depends on what you want out of a headset. The LIVE 660NC has a USB-C charging input rather than the outdated microUSB input on the 650NC. JBL also improved the battery life on the 660NC which lasts up to 50 hours, whereas the 650NC lasts just 20 hours according to JBL. Like the older model, you still have a headphone jack for wired playback. Both models have active noise canceling, though it should be improved with the newer model. We haven’t been able to test it yet but will update this section once we do.

Forget about wires with the JBL Endurance Peak 3

JBL’s headset lineup has quite a few wireless options and among our favorites is the JBL Endurance Peak 3, a set of IP68 earbuds with an ear hook design that keeps the earbuds in place during all kinds of movement. JBL angled the nozzles so they bend with the natural contour of the human ear canal, making the earbuds comfortable to wear for hours at a time.

JBL Endurance Peak 3


Battery life is above average, and the earbuds last for 8 hours, 47 minutes before requiring a charge in the USB-C case, which supports fast charging (10 minutes in the case will get you an hour of playback time). As we’ve seen with other workout earbuds, JBL supplies listeners with an array of wing and ear tips for a secure, comfortable fit. This is incredibly important with true wireless workout earbuds because they’re harder to find when they fall out due to a poor fit.

Onboard controls are easy to operate when working out because there’s plenty of space for your fingers to tap the touch-capacitive panels. The earbuds support AAC and SBC streaming and either earbud can be used in full mono mode. Listening in mono mode limits the onboard control functionality, however.

JBL Endurance Peak 3

JBL Endurance Peak 3

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Save money with the JBL Tune 510BT

Listeners who don’t want to push beyond $50USD should get the JBL Tune 510BT. Its Spartan design keeps costs low without sacrificing usability, and it still has four colorway options to suit your style. This pair of on-ear headphones has a substantial battery life of 40 hours, 43 minutes, with five minutes of charging via USB-C yielding another 120 minutes of listening time. The Tune 510BT also supports multipoint connectivity, something usually relegated to more premium headsets.

JBL Tune 510BT


Each ear cup houses a 32mm dynamic driver that, in typical JBL style, favors low-end emphasis over accurate audio reproduction. Again, this isn’t inherently bad as most consumers prefer this kind of sound. The inherent downsides of an on-ear design consist of poor isolation and a less predictable fit compared to over-ear headphones. On the other hand, these JBL headphones are very portable and can rotate flat or collapse inward.

The TUNE 510BT affords access to Google Assistant and Siri too. Again, there’s not too much special about the JBL TUNE 510BT except that it just works.

JBL Tune 510BT Wireless Headphones

JBL Tune 510BT Wireless Headphones

Affordable and compact • Clear microphone • 40-hour battery life

A portable bass-heavy sound headset with good microphone

The JBL Tune 510BT is a great no-frills headset for listeners who want a reliable pair of headphones for daily use. The microphone is clear, and it supports Bluetooth multipoint.

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Get true wireless ANC with the JBL Club Pro Plus

The earbuds only come in black.

Folks looking to get a good set of true wireless earbuds with noise canceling should consider the JBL Club Pro Plus. Compared to some of the other TWS offerings such as the Reflect Flow Pro, the Club Pro Plus ANC tramples most of the lineup. Also, you can nab it for under $80 USD renewed.

It’s not perfect and sometimes the buds don’t sit perfectly in the case to charge. With ANC activated the buds last 5 hours, 23 minutes according to our testing. Add bonus points for wireless charging compatibility. Out of the box, the Club Pro Plus sounds good as well, with some under-emphasis in the mids, but you can EQ that in the dedicated app.

JBL Club Pro Plus

JBL Club Pro Plus

Sound • Noise canceling • Good app

These are earbuds with some aggravating issues, it’s hard to argue with sound and noise canceling.

The JBL Club Pro Plus is an impressive device marred by small grievances that add up to an occasionally aggravating experience. If you don’t mind occasionally running around with one dead earbud, there’s a lot to like about this one.

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The best JBL headphones: Notable mentions

The FLASH X offers incremental improvements over the original JBL UA FLASH.

  • JBL CLUB 950NC: This premium noise canceling headset features adaptive ANC that automatically adjusts to your environment. It has a huge 2,000mAh battery and a dedicated Google Assistant button.
  • JBL LIVE 300 TWS: These true wireless earbuds are IPX5, support fast charging, allow stereo audio during calls, and offer Ambient Aware and TalkThru modes.
  • JBL LIVE 400BT: If you want cheap Bluetooth headphones, the JBL Live 400BT is a good choice. For their price, they sound pretty good and their sound can be EQ’d via their companion app. Though their isolation is not great, this is typical for on-ear headphones.
  • JBL Reflect Flow Pro: The Reflect Flow Pro has a pleasing, albeit bass-heavy sound to it and an IP68 rating. If you need noise canceling earbuds full of software features, this is a great option and a worthy adversary to the Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro.
  • JBL TUNE 230NC: This is a decent set of noise canceling true wireless earbuds suitable for fans of bass-forward buds that still sound good. ANC ranks as okay, but not amazing.
  • Under Armour Train Sport Wireless On-Ear Bluetooth Gym Headphones by JBL: The precursor to the Project Rock Over-Ear Training Headphones, this headset runs cheaper on some older tech, with a shorter battery life, though it’s smaller because it fits on-ears instead.
  • Under Armour True Wireless FLASH X by JBL: This set of IPX7-rated earbuds can withstand complete submersion for up to 30 minutes. It also includes a 12-month premium membership to MapMyRun.

Hold up! Something’s different:

Some of our picks’ frequency response and isolation charts were measured with our old testing system. We have since purchased a Bruel & Kjaer 5128 test fixture (and the appropriate support equipment) to update our testing and data collection. We also have new standardized microphone demos, but it will take a while to update our backlog of old test results. We will update this list (and many others!) once we’re able with improved sound quality measurements and isolation performance plots. These will be made obvious with our new chart aesthetic (black background instead of white). Each new mic sample begins with the phrase, “This is a SoundGuys standardized microphone demonstration …”

Thank you for bearing with us, and we hope to see you again once we’ve sorted everything out.

Check out these JBL gaming headsets

The JBL Quantum 600 is fairly unremarkable for the price.

  • JBL Quantum 50: Mobile gamers will get plenty of use out of these gaming in-ears that cost just $29 USD. You don’t get anything fancy but it’s compatible with all 3.5mm devices and has an inline remote and mic.
  • JBL Quantum 350: This is a solid gaming headset if your budget ends at $100 USD. You get good sound quality, a comfortable fit, and software that works on Mac and PC.
  • JBL Quantum 400: Pick up this gaming headset for its comfortable fit, even for folks with glasses, and surround sound software.

What you should know about JBL headphones

Do JBL headphones sound better than other brands?

JBL’s headsets may or may not sound better than other brands’ headsets depending on your own preferences. There is, however, a “JBL signature sound” that amplifies bass and treble notes to make them louder than mids. Largely speaking, a lot of headsets sound similar to this, but JBL often makes a point on its marketing to let you know that its headsets really amplify bass with phrases like, “From rich, punchy bass to thrilling top notes …”

As you can see in the gallery of frequency response charts above, JBL doesn’t just blindly give each headset an identical frequency response. Instead, the various product frequency responses (cyan) generally follow the rule that bass and treble notes sound louder than mids. This is similar to, but different from, our house consumer curve (pink). JBL still tailors its products’ frequency responses for their intended use cases (i. e., gaming headsets have an even more pronounced bass response than general consumer headphones).

Do JBL headphones block out noise well, and does JBL have good noise canceling?

The JBL Reflect Flow Pro earbuds have little wings that secure them in place.

JBL headphones have pretty normal isolation performance across the board with average to very good active noise cancellation depending on what product you’re looking at. First, let’s break down isolation: this is how well a headset can block out noise by creating a barrier between your ear canals and the environment. None of the JBL headphones and earbuds listed here feature an open-type fit, so each headset will block out some noise.

In order to get good isolation with headphones, you need to make sure the ear pads completely encompass your ears (over-ear headsets) and don’t form gaps between the pads and your skull. If you’re using earbuds, a good fit requires you to test all of the included ear tips. The one that fits best will create a seal to the entrance of your ear canal and will stay in place if you shake your head a bit.

Active noise canceling is a bit more of an active process that requires battery power to work. In order to get the best ANC performance, you need a good fit, so start there. Only then will you enjoy the full effect of a product’s ANC. JBL doesn’t have bad ANC, but it isn’t known as the go-to brand for noise cancellinlg headphones. As you can see in the charts above, one of JBL’s most expensive headsets (released in 2021) still can’t outperform the Bose QuietComfort 35 II, which was released in 2017. Interestingly, the Bose QC 35 II can almost always be found for quite a bit less than the Project Rock Over-Ear Training Headphones.

Do JBL headphones support high-quality Bluetooth codecs?

Represented is the max transfer rate (kbps) of each respective Bluetooth codec (greater is better). Each waveform depicts a transfer rate of 100kbps.

Despite nearly all of the best JBL headphones supporting the Advanced Audio Distribution Profile (A2DP), nearly all of its devices lack AAC support, and none of them include LDAC or aptX (save for the discontinued Synchros S400BT). This means those who want high-quality wireless audio should look at other brands like Sennheiser, Audio-Technica, Sony, or even Bose. However, listeners may still benefit from high-resolution (lossless) playback from any of the on- or over-ear headphones, because each retains the headphone jack.

There are benefits to JBL brand authority

As with any powerhouse brand, there are perks to buying into the JBL family, which happens to be a Samsung subsidiary. For one, companies with plenty of capital can afford to improve their products through software updates to further extend the product’s lifecycle. We’ve seen JBL do this by adding virtual assistant access to nearly all of its wireless headsets and other large companies like Sony that provide the same service.

JBL is known for its portable speakers but its headphones are extremely popular with consumers, too.

What’s more, you benefit from responsive customer service and a reliable warranty—in JBL’s case, a one-year warranty covers defects in manufacturing, workmanship, and materials. It isn’t quite as enticing as V-MODA’s Immortal Life Program, but it’s something and the company can certainly afford to replace or repair a product when requested.

JBL often cuts the prices of its headphones and speakers around the holidays and big shopping days depending on the region. This is something that smaller brands are less likely to do because they have smaller profit margins to begin with. Sometimes holiday promotions only affect older product lines, so make sure you’re purchasing the right product from your designated vendor.

Are there downsides to JBL headphones?

While JBL makes tough products, like the Clip 4, issues and defects can arise.

Then there’s the other side to the coin: JBL’s pervasive presence means that there are plenty of online complaints citing various issues. Although these complaints are valid, they’re likely to arise with any manufacturer given a great enough volume. Ultimately, we encourage you to research as much as possible before investing in a pair of headphones.

Editor’s note: Sara tested a JBL Flip 4 IPX7 rating by submerging it in a pool for about 10 seconds, and it came out broken. The speaker still produced sound, but the sound was shrouded by a loud crackling. JBL customer support stated that the one-year warranty had passed, and defective products out of warranty could not be replaced for free. Considering JBL is a company whose big selling point is their waterproofing, this was disappointing.

How we choose the best JBL headphones

As long as this headset doesn’t slip off your head, you might really enjoy these.

We have an entire lab dedicated to collecting objective data from headsets, microphones, and speakers, and we subject JBL products to the same rigors as anything else that comes our way. In order to do so, we have a Bruel & Kjaer 5128 head and torso simulator (HATS) with an anatomically realistic ear canal that yields results that closely resemble what most listeners will hear under ideal conditions.

See also: How we test

After we collect all of this data, create charts, and score each product, we go onto the review process. Once we have enough reviews and hands-on experience with a certain category, our team discusses with one another and votes on the best products, in this case, the best JBL headphones. Once we cast our votes, we keep our ears open to new and worthy products that get released. That way, we can update this list at a moment’s notice so you always have the most up-to-date data to inform your purchasing decision.

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We test as many products as we can in and out of the labs.

Each writer has years of experience reporting on the consumer audio market, and SoundGuys adheres to a strict ethics policy. We don’t use sponsored content on the website at a time when doing so is the norm. Our survival as a publication depends solely on readers being happy with their purchases, and we pride ourselves on offering objective facts combined with subjective experience to contextualize an audio product’s performance. When we do make a mistake, we correct and own up to it.

Frequently asked questions about JBL headphones

If you download the JBL Portable app, you can check to see if your JBL headphones have the latest firmware installed. If they do not, the app will allow you to download the update for your headphones.

You don’t. JBL is just another brand in a sea of brands, but their headphones are fairly affordable, have a consumer-friendly sound, a 1 year warranty, and smart assistant access, so they’re certainly a brand to consider.

It depends on the metric you are measuring them with. Both the Beats Studio 3 and JBL Live 650 prioritize a strong bass sound, which can mask and reduce the quality of the vocals and other sounds in the mid and high frequency ranges. In general, though, JBL has similar quality to Beats with a more forgiving price point. If you want the convenience of Beats’ compatibility with Apple devices, Beats may be the way to go.

The 10 Best JBL Headphones in 2023



In this review we feature the best JBL headphones that provide crystal clear sound performance and comfortable design with wireless Bluetooth streaming. These headphones are developed to produce JBL signature sound with Pure Bass performance with an emphasis on the lower frequency range. They come with neodymium drivers that deliver full spectrum sound performance with clarity and good bass. We also liked the fact that some of these Bluetooth headphones have built-in noise cancellation technology which helps to block outside background noises. They come with long battery life which delivers between 12 to 20 hours of continuous music playtime on a single charge depending on the headphone model. Furthermore, these JBL headphones have an ergonomic headband design with ear-cushions which provide for a comfortable fit and better noise isolation. If you are looking for some of the best JBL headphones that can deliver quality sound performance, be sure to check out our top picks below!

#1 Best Overall: JBL E55BT Wireless Headphones

The Pros

  • Excellent full-range sound quality
  • 20 hours of battery life, sleek design

The Cons

  • Headphones can feel rather sturdy
  • No active noise cancellation

The JBL E55BT Quincy Edition wireless headphones is one of the best JBL headphones you can find that provides quality sound performance with a luxurious exterior. These headphones feature JBL signature sound and are designed with carefully selected materials for extra comfort. The headphone comes with a soft leather headband and form fitting ear cushions for a comfortable and enjoyable listening experience. The JBL E55BT headphones also feature 20 hours of battery life and can be completely recharged in under two hours. The E55BT headphones allow you to seamlessly swich between two devices to take calls or watch movies. Furthermore, they also come with a detachable, tangle free fabric cord and a durable soft carrying pouch. We also liked the fact that these JBL headphones feature Quincy voice prompts to guide the listener through various headphone functions, which is a pretty nice added touch.

The sound quality of the JBL E55BT is really good, with an over ear design that goes comfortably over the head. You can hear the crisp highs, detailed midranges and punchy bass on these headphones, and they add plenty of depth to music performances and soundtracks. The one-button remote and microphone allows you to take hands free calls on the go. The headphones are wireless and you can stream music directly from your smartphone to the JBL E55BT. Overall, these are some of the best JBL headphones we have tested in terms of sound quality and definitely recommend them to audio enthusiasts.

#2 Best On-Ear: JBL E40BT Bluetooth Headphones

The Pros

  • JBL Signature sound with Pure Bass performance
  • Ear-cup based microphone with echo-cancellation

The Cons

  • Headphones can feel a little “plastic”
  • On-ear design may cause some discomfort

The JBL E40BT are on-ear headphones that deliver JBL signature sound with Pure Bass performance and 40mm drivers that provide full spectrum sound performance. The E40BT headphones provide great clarity and powerful bass performance; they are also Bluetooth enabled for you to stream music wirelessly from your smartphone or to take hands free calls. It also comes with built-in Share Me technology which allows you to share your content with another set of JBL headphones simultaneously.

The JBL E40BT features a ear-cup based microphone with echo cancellation technology which allows for hands free calls with a connection to your wireless device for hands free calls. The headphone comes with a built-in USB rechargeable battery which provides 16 hours of uninterrupted listening; the included auxiliary cable also allows for passive listening without Bluetooth connectivity. The entire headphone is relatively comfortable to wear and comes with an ergonomic headband and protein leather ear-cushions which provide a comfortable fit with effective noise isolation.

The JBL E40BT headphones deliver high-performance stereo sound which sounds crystal clear and vibrant with layers of details. The stereo separation in the JBL headphones is pretty good, and you can hear a clear distinction between the left and right channels. Furthermore, the Pure Bass technology on this headphone helps to boost up the bass performance, adding a layer of kick for pop and rock music genres. These headphones really shine when playing classical and vocal music performances as you can hear virtually all the details in the music clearly.

#3 Best Lightweight: JBL E45BT On-Ear Bluetooth Headphones

The Pros

  • Crystal clear sound, good bass performance
  • 16 hours of continuous battery life

The Cons

  • On-ear design can cause some discomfort
  • Headphones feel slightly flimsy

The JBL E45BT are some of the best JBL headphones with an on-ear design that provides JBL signature sound to your ears. The E45BTs are designed to be comfortable and lightweight; it comes with an innovative stylish fabric headband and ergonomic on-ear design that feels comfortable to wear. Furthermore, these headphones feature up to 16 hours of battery life which provides continuous music playtime for a long period of time. Due to the lightweight design of these headphones, you can use these headphones for working, commuting or for jogging. You can also switch from your music on your smartphone to taking hands free calls at a touch of a button. The E45BT headphones comes with a sleek appearance and the convenience of a detachable cable which makes it easy to carry around.

The sound quality of the JBL E45BT headphones is really crisp and clear. It has a dynamic frequency response range of 20 Hz to 20 kHz, and you can hear details in the music clearly with good accuracy. It comes with a 40mm driver with a 1kHz/1mW 96dB sensitivity and impedance of 32 ohms, which provides good volume without any distortion. We particularly liked the swivel headphones as they can help you achieve a better fit compared to other headphones. Finally, the JBL E45BT headphones are noise cancelling which allows you to block out external unwanted noises from reaching your ear. The wireless connectivity on the JBL E45BT works like a charm and we could stream music from our smartphones to the headphones without any lag or issues.

#4 Best Battery Life: JBL E55BT Bluetooth Headphones

The Pros

  • Ergonomic around-ear design
  • 20 hours of continuous battery life

The Cons

  • Slightly flimsy build quality
  • Bluetooth disconnecting issues

The JBL E55BT are wireless over-ear headphones that provide crystal clear JBL sound performance. These headphones come with an extended battery life that provides up to 20 hours of continuous music playtime and an innovative, stylish fabric headband which looks sleek and modern. We liked the ergonomic around-ear design which provides a comfortable fit around your ears, and is ideal for wearing while walking or working in the office. The JBL E55BT headphones allows for multi-device connectivity and allows you to switch between two devices for you to take hands free calls on the go. The audio cable on this headphone is also detachable which makes these headphones easy to carry around.

The JBL E55BT headphones are extremely comfortable to wear and you can practically listen to these headphones for hours on end without feeling fatigued. The JBL headphones have a dynamic frequency range of 20 Hz to 20 kHz and come with a battery lithium-ion polymer that provides up to 20 hours of continuous music playtime. The headphone also features active noise cancellation which blocks out external noises. It comes with a 50mm driver which delivers dynamic sound performance; you can hear the crisp highs, detailed midranges and decent bass output from these headphones. We particularly liked the fact the volume control on the headphones is independent from your mobile device, so you can adjust the volume without affecting your devices. On the whole, the JBL E55BT are some of the best JBL headphones you can find with great battery life and sound performance.

#5 Best Sound Quality: JBL TUNE500BT Bluetooth Headphones

The Pros

  • Features JBL signature sound with Pure Bass
  • Fast recharging time, foldable design

The Cons

  • Ear padding may feel hot after prolonged use

The JBL TUNE500BT is one of the best JBL headphones in terms of sound quality and performance. You can wirelessly stream high-quality sound from your smartphone to the JBL TUNE500BT headphones and they deliver really good quality sound. These headphones feature JBL Pure Bass sound which adds a layer of depth and punchy to bass-heavy music genres. The headphones are fitted with high capacity batteries that provide up to 16 hours of continuous music playtime on a single charge for listening pleasure. The JBL 500BTs are equipped with 32mm JBL drivers which provide crystal clear highs, detailed midranges and clean vocal performances. These headphones also allow you to connect to Siri or Google Now without using your mobile device.

We liked the fact that you can easily control your sound and manage calls from the headphones with the convenient 1-button remote with microphone. Furthermore, these headphones are foldable which makes them easy to carry around. The headphones have a total of 2 hours of rechargeable time and can provide 1 hour of playtime for 5 mins of charge. It also supports multi-point connections which allow you to switch between one Bluetooth device to another easily. The level of stereo depth that you get with these headphones is superb; listening to these headphones feels as though you are listening to a pair of high-end headphones with crystal clear details and vibrant sound.

#6 Best Active Noise Cancellation: JBL E65BTNC Headphones

The Pros

  • Great sound quality, good bass response
  • Onboard microphone with wireless Bluetooth

The Cons

  • Active noise cancellation works fairly well
  • Some distortion at high volume levels

The JBL E65BTs are very good noise cancelling headphones in the JBL line of headphones. These are essentially active noise cancelling wireless headphones with 20 Hz to 20kHz frequency range and wireless Bluetooth connectivity. In addition, the headphone comes with an on-board microphone which allows you to take hands free calls on the go. The sound quality on the JBL E65BTs is excellent; you can get crystal clear highs, detailed midranges and stunning bass output which provides a superb listening experience. The volume levels on the E65BTs are very good, and you can literally crank up the volume on these headphones without hearing any distortion. The noise cancellation feature on the E65BTs works like a charm, and can cancel outside background noises without any white hissing noises. The headphones themselves are very comfortable to wear, and they come with an over-ear design that fits comfortably on the head without causing fatigue.

The E65BTs provides really good active noise cancellation; they can effectively block out ambient background noises and airplane engine rumbles for a quiet listening experience. Furthermore, these headphones are very well-made and soft to wear over the ears. They are relatively light and the padding is soft and comfy. The headphones have a wide frequency range and allow you to listen to a variety of music genres without any issues including jazz, rock, pop and vocal performances. Overall, these are some of the best JBL headphones in terms of noise cancellation and balanced sound output and we definitely recommend them.

#7 Best Bass: JBL T450BT Wireless Headphone

The Pros

  • Deep bass output, wider soundstage performance
  • Compact and lightweight design

The Cons

  • Headphones can feel slightly flimsy
  • Buttons on ear cup slightly hard to press

The JBL T450BT are some of the best JBL headphones that deliver deep bass performance and wide soundstage. These headphones are flat-folding, lightweight and compact to carry around. The headphones comes with 32mm drivers which deliver deep bass performance and powerful JBL Pure Bass sound performance. Music performances sounded crisp and clear with a deeper emphasis on the lower frequency ranges, making the bass output stand out. Bass-heavy music genres such as rock, pop and EDM sound exceptionally fun to listen to on the T450BT headphones. We liked the fact that the headphone provides up to 11 hours of audio playback on a single charge and takes only a couple of hours to reach a full charge. You can also control music playback and answer calls on the fly with buttons and microphone placed conveniently on the ear-cups. The headphones have a frequency range of 20 Hz to 20 kHz.

The JBL T450BT comes with call and music controls on the ear-cup for easy controls. The wireless Bluetooth connectivity on the JBL T450BTs works like a charm and we did not experience any lags or dips in sound performance while streaming music from our smartphone device. We found that the T450BT headphones are comfortable to wear, although the ear padding may cause your ears to sweat at little after prolonged wearing. Apart from this, these headphones deliver strong bass performance with a lower-midrange frequency signature, and we highly recommend them for bass lovers. Do note that these headphones are on-ear, which provides a better seal around the ears for comfort and sound control.

#8 Best for DJs: JBL Live 650BTNC Bluetooth Headphones

The Pros

  • Good sound performance, supports Google Assistant
  • Exceptional build quality, hands free call functions

The Cons

  • Setup procedures not straightforward
  • Headphones can cause ear fatigue after long hours

The JBL Live 650BTNC are some of the best JBL headphones designed to produce JBL signature sound with a tonne of useful features. The JBL 650BT headphones are compatible with voice assistance from Google Assistant and Alexa, and come with active noise cancellation to block unwanted background noises. The JBL 650BTNC features a lightweight and comfortable design which allows you to enjoy up to 30 hours of music streaming (20 hours Bluetooth with active noise cancellation enabled) with 2 hours of recharging time. We also liked the fact that this headphone comes with multi-point connection capabilities, so that you can connect and switch between multiple devices at the same time.

The JBL Live 650BTs come with 40mm drivers that deliver JBL signature sound; you get deep bass and crystal clear vocal reproduction with these headphones. Music performances sound crisp and crystal clear with very little distortion at maximum volume levels. The highs and midranges are crisp and well-defined, and we did not hear any harshness at high volume levels. The bass on these headphones hits hard and feels thorough with plenty of depth; the bass does not muddy into the midrange frequencies. These headphones are also relatively comfortable to wear and come with soft ear padding to reduce ear fatigue after prolonged hours of listening to music. We also liked the fact that you can customize the sound performance of these headphones with the separate JBL app. If you are looking for one of the best JBL headphones that has a sleek and modern design with really crisp sound quality, the JBL Live 650BTNC headphones are a great choice.

#9 Best Design: JBL Duet Bluetooth Headphones

The Pros

  • Versatile sound signature, compact design
  • 16 hours of battery life, multi-point connection

The Cons

  • Headphones do not have good grip on the head
  • Minor static noise in wired mode

The JBL Duet are on-ear Bluetooth headphones that comes in a sleek and modern design. The JBL Duet BT headphones provide signature JBL sound and feature up to 16 hours of battery life. The headphones provide mutli-point connectivity with the ability to swtich between devices and take hands free calls on the go. We liked the design of the JBL Duet headphones with its aluminium finish and leather ear pads which feels comfortable to wear. You can also control the sound from the ear cups or through the 1-button universal remote with microphone when in wired mode.

Where the JBL Duet shines is in the JBL signature sound that it delivers – the headphones are powered by 40mm drivers and come in a sleek and stylish design. The frequency response on these headphones is wide and it can handle a wide variety of music genres with crisp highs and good bass performance. We also liked the fact that the headphones can recharge with a rapid two-hour charging that gets you up to 16 hours of audio playback.

We liked the sound quality of the JBL duet headphones – the sound is consistent, crisp and clear with various music genres. The headphones are also very comfortable to wear and easy on the ears; the leather padding fits snugly on the ear and provides a great listening experience. The headphones have a durable build quality and are not flimsy – it also folds up into a small package and adjusts easily. This makes carrying the headphones around very easy. The JBL Duet also supports wired connectivity if you do not wish to use the Bluetooth connection.

#10 Most Compact: JBL Tune 600 Bluetooth Headphones

The Pros

  • Decent active noise cancelling, good sound quality
  • Lightweight, compact and foldable headphones

The Cons

  • Active noise cancellation has some noise when turned on
  • Only12 hours of battery life with ANC

The JBL Tune 600 are some of the best JBL headphones that come with active noise cancellation and wireless Bluetooth streaming for high-quality sound. These headphones feature 32mm JBL drivers that help to deliver JBL Pure Bass sound – it comes with an impressive battery life of 12 hours and takes only 2 hours to reach a full charge. The Tune 600 headphones also come with an additional detachable cable which allows you enjoy music in wired mode with or without active noise cancellation. The JBL Tune 600 allows you to easily control your sound and manage your calls from your headphone with the convenient three button remote with microphone. Furthermore, these headphones are lightweight, compact, foldable and collapsible, which makes them very easy to carry around and portable.

The sound quality on the JBL Tune 600 is crisp and crystal clear, with good attention to detail. The active noise cancellation works reasonably well to cancel outside background noises, although do note that some noise may leak through during this process. The volume output on the Tune 600 headphones is generally good, although they may be some distortion at higher volume levels. The highs and midranges are crisp and vocal reproduction is clean and clear. We liked the fact that these headphones are comfortable and relatively lightweight on the ears; you can wear these headphones for hours on end without feeling fatigued. They are easy on the ears and pump out good volume levels. The JBL Tune 600 are durably constructed and are foldable, which makes them portable and easy to carry around.



TOP-12 The best JBL headphones of 2023

JBL headphones, which ones are better to buy is a fair question if you pay attention to this brand. JBL is perhaps best known for its practical and affordable Bluetooth speakers, but the American brand also makes excellent headphones.

As a rule, they are characterized by a lively, interesting sound with a lot of bass and a striking design. We have selected the best models below.

Haven’t heard of JBL? The firm is part of Harman, which is owned by Samsung and whose other audio brands include AKG, Harman Kardon and Mark Levinson. Harman is responsible for the production of audio products for consumers, companies and vehicles around the world. Therefore, we can say that these guys know something about high-quality sound.

We’ve rounded up the very best JBL headphones on the market, from their five-star true wireless and sports headphones, to full-size pairs of DJ-inspired bass-driven headphones.


JBL Live 660NC

JBL’s Best Wireless Noise Canceling Over-Ear Headphones

Design: Full Size (Closed)
Connectivity: Bluetooth 5.0 9 0019 Charging type: USB Type-C
Emitter type: dynamic
Run time off: ANC 50 h
Run time on: ANC 40 h
Impedance: 32 ohm
Frequency response: 16 -20000Hz
Sensitivity: 97dB/ mW
Connector: mini jack 3.5 mm
Weight: 265 g


  • Long battery life
  • Quite comfortable
  • Good performance ANC
  • USB-C and fast charging


  • Small upgrade from 650
  • Bulky
  • 900 54 Ear pads may become warm after prolonged use

The JBL Live 660NC is a slight upgrade from its 650 predecessors , so it will be easy to find much of what has already been here. One of the biggest draws was battery life, and that remains with the 660NC, pushing it up to 40 hours of playback on a single charge with ANC.

Not only that, but in an effort to appeal to a wider range of users, JBL changed the default sound signature to sound more neutral, so a heavier bass presence is what you’ll need to add via the JBL My Headphones app. The result is improved sound quality, and it’s also nice to see slightly improved Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) performance.

While comfortable to wear, they can be bulky due to their size. Larger cups do excellent passive insulation, but can get hot after extended wear, so more frequent breaks between use will be needed. However, this is a subjective opinion, so you may find them quite comfortable.

JBL has also upgraded the charging port to USB-C, so you don’t have to worry about using a Micro-USB cable to charge them. The use of higher bandwidth supports fast charging, which should provide up to four hours of playback in just 10 minutes of charging.


JBL Tune 220 TWS

Best JBL true wireless headphones available

Construction: in-ear
Connectivity: Bluetooth 5.0
Case charging type: micro USB
Driver type: dynamic
Number of drivers: 1 h
Battery life in case: 19 h
Impedance: 32 ohm
Frequency response: 20-20000 Hz
Sensitivity: 105 dB/mW
Weight: 56 g 900 03


  • Fully wireless with Bluetooth 5.0
  • Affordable price
  • Stylish design


  • No Speed ​​Charge option
  • No water/dust protection

Tune 220TWS are true wireless headphones. Internal 22 mAh batteries provide three hours of operation. When not in use, they are stored in the charging case, which also doubles as an additional power source, providing 16 additional hours of use. Weighing just 56g, they are available in black, blue, green, grey, pink and white.

12.5mm drivers deliver JBL Pure Bass sound and provide a full frequency response from 20Hz to 20kHz. With an impedance of just 32 ohms, they are capable of great volume.

220TWS come with Bluetooth 5.0 so they connect to your mobile device faster. Hands-free stereo phone calls are easy to make thanks to the built-in controls on the headphones. Google Assistant is also supported.


JBL Tune 500BT

Best JBL full-size wireless headphones available

Design: on-ear (closed)
Connectivity: Bluetooth 4.1
Driver type: dynamic
Number of drivers: 1
Operating time: 16h
Impedance 32 ohm
Frequency response: 20-20000Hz
Weight: 155g


  • Decent sound
  • Foldable design
  • Affordable price


  • Can put pressure on the ears

JBL Tune 500BT — in the top three of our rankings. It is strange that these full-size on-ear headphones can be bought at such a low price. They feature powerful, detailed sound, stable connections, and a convenient foldable design.

The earphones are light weight and equipped with a 300 mAh battery, which allows you to enjoy music for 16 hours. Full charge time is 2 hours, however, if you are in a hurry, in 5 minutes they can be charged for 1 hour of work.

The only other thing to note is that the headphones can put pressure on your ears if you have a large head. Otherwise, these are excellent headphones at an excellent price. JBL Reflect Mini 2 2 BT Type of radiators: dynamic
Operating time: 10 h
Impedance: 14 ohm
Frequency response: 10-22000Hz
Weight: 15g


  • Very light
  • Extended frequency response
  • Reflective cable


  • Possible slow pairing with some Android and Windows 10 devices

For listening to music while exercising, the JBL Reflect Mini headphones are a great choice. They are very light at just 15g and are IPX5 rated and are considered sweat-proof. Three sizes of included earbuds ensure you get the perfect fit. You can purchase them in black, blue, green, gray or white.

Speakers are small, only 5.8 mm. However, they have a dynamic frequency response of 10Hz-22kHz. And with a relatively low impedance of 14 ohms, they provide plenty of volume.

A 3-button remote control mounted on the cable that connects the headphones makes it easy to control music and phone calls or access the Google Assistant. This cable is reflective, making you more visible at night. Includes micro USB charging cable and molded carrying case.

Reflect Mini, equipped with Bluetooth 4.2, can work up to 10 hours without recharging. And a quick 15-minute recharge will give you another hour of playback. Some users have reported pairing issues with Windows 10 PCs and some Android models, although there are no issues with Apple devices.


JBL Live 500BT

The best JBL wireless headphones price / quality

0019 Connection: Bluetooth 4. 2
Speaker type: dynamic
Number of drivers: 1
Runtime: 30 h
Impedance: 32 Ohm
Frequency response: 18-20000 Hz
Sensitivity 108 dB
Connector: mini jack 3.5 mm
Cable length: 1.33 m
Weight: 231.6 g


900 52

  • Large drivers provide full-range sound with strong bass
  • Multi-point connection
  • Cons

    • No quick charge

    BL with enhanced deep bass and frequency response from 18 Hz to 20 kHz . And with the My JBL Headphones app, you can personalize your listening environment to your liking.

    Available in black, blue, green, red and white, they weigh 232g and are quite comfortable thanks to the soft ear pads and headband. With Ambient Aware and TalkThru available at the touch of your headphones, you can easily hold a conversation or access Google Assistant without removing your headphones.

    In Bluetooth mode (version 4.2), you can enjoy 30 hours of battery life. The Speed ​​Charge feature is not available for this model. With the multipoint connection function, you can easily switch from one Bluetooth device to another.

    Detachable cable includes microphone and remote control for using LIVE 500 BT in wired mode. The package also includes a USB charging cable.


    JBL Under Armor True Wireless Flash

    JBL Best True Wireless Running Headphones

    Design: in-ear
    Connectivity: Bluetooth 4.2
    Rating: IPX7
    Speaker type: 9001 8 dynamic
    Operating time: 5 h
    Operating time from battery in case: 25 h
    Impedance: 14 ohm
    Frequency response: 20-22000 Hz
    Sensitivity: 95 dB


    • Close fit
    • Battery life
    • Bionic hearing


      9 0053 Can be uncomfortable when worn for a long time
    • No volume control

    These in-ear headphones were developed jointly by JBL and Under Armor, a well-known designer of sportswear and footwear for men, women and children. They are built specifically for runners and designed to stay in place during vigorous workouts. And they’re “stormproof” – sweat-proof and waterproof, rated IPX7.

    These are true wireless headphones without connecting cables. The kit includes three sizes of eartips and ear fins for a snug fit, a sleek aluminum charging case with Micro USB port, and a charging cable. Owners also receive a 12-month MAPMYRUN membership.

    Flash includes what Under Armours calls “bionic hearing”. This applies to the JBL TalkThru and Ambient Aware features. Both options are selected by pressing the headphones.

    Internal batteries provide up to five hours of operation and the case can provide an additional 20 hours. Unlike many headphone models, Flash does not have a built-in volume control.


    JBL Tune 750BTNC

    Budget headphones with many features

    Design: full size
    Connectivity: Bluetooth 4.2
    9001 7 Driver type:
    Operating time with ANC off: 22 h
    Run time with ANC on: 15 h
    Impedance: 32 ohms
    Frequency response: 20-20000 Hz
    Sensitivity: 95 dB/mW
    Connector: mini jack 3. 5 mm
    Weight: 220g


    • Deep bass
    • Open, clear sound
    • Stylish design

    900 02 Cons

    • The balance is shifted towards the bass

    These wireless noise canceling on-ear headphones are compact and can be folded to fit in a jacket or bag pocket.

    Battery life is impressive: 15 hours with Bluetooth enabled and noise canceling enabled, 22 hours with Bluetooth only, or 30 hours wired with noise canceling enabled. They charge in just two hours.

    If you’re looking to save battery life by turning noise canceling off, you’ll be pleased to know that on-ear headphones block out a lot of noise on their own.

    The sound is closer to low frequencies, sacrificing some tonal balance across the entire frequency range. But for the price, it’s a compromise that many will be happy to make.

    Bass gives tracks a lot of energy, making listening easy. It doesn’t work for all genres of music, but if you’re into dance, hip hop, or rock, it certainly makes for a fun listening experience.


    JBL Under Armor Sport Wireless Train

    Best JBL Wireless for the Gym

    Design: surface-mounted (closed)
    Connectivity: Bluetooth 4.1
    Driver type: dynamic
    Operating time: 16 h
    Impedance : 32 ohm
    Frequency response: 16-20000 Hz
    Connector: mini jack 3.5 mm
    Cable length: 1.2 m
    Weight: 240 g


    • Extended bass response
    • TalkThru technology with noise canceling microphones
    • Wired or wireless
    • Sweatproof


    • Old Bluetooth
    • 90 053 A bit pricey

    Another collaboration between Under Armor and JBL is UA Sport Wireless Train. They come in black, with the UA logo on each earpiece.

    Gym-friendly, the outer ear pads and inner headband are made from breathable, quick-drying fabric that can be removed and washed by hand. Light enough for a 240g over-ear headphone, it’s also sweatproof and IPX4 rated.

    40mm drivers reproduce full-range sound with bass down to 16Hz. Large on-ear controls, noise-canceling microphones and TalkThru technology let you take phone calls without removing your headphones.

    The total wireless battery life is 16 hours, and the quick charge function can give you an hour of use on a 5-minute charge. Bluetooth is version 4.1 which is almost identical to the later version 4.2. They can also be used in wired mode with the supplied detachable cable.


    JBL Tune 120 TWS

    Great sound at a great price

    Design: in-ear
    Base: micro USB
    Driver type: dynamic
    Number of drivers : 1
    Operating time: 4 h
    Battery life in case: 12 h
    Impedance: 14 ohm
    Frequency response: 20-20000Hz
    Sensitivity: 96dB/mW
    Weight: 73g


    • Long battery life (earphones + case)
    • Excellent, bass-rich sound
    • Superior comfort
    • Fast charging case


    • Micro-USB for charging
    • Might not be suitable for those who don’t like bass

    If you’re looking for the best value for money and want to stick with JBL, the Tune T120TWS True Wireless is your best bet. As for the sound quality, they are a bit bass boosted. In addition, the mids and highs are balanced, giving them an overall warmer and richer bass sound.

    In terms of comfort, the Tune T120TWS True Wireless are excellent. The earbuds are very small and the ear cups don’t get stuck in the ear canal. As a result, you won’t feel uncomfortable or tired from them, unless you’re a big bass fan, which can be a problem.

    In terms of battery life, you’ll get four hours of audio playback on the earbuds themselves and another 12 hours with the charging case, for a total of 16 hours of battery life, which is by no means not bad. You can also use fast charging: a 15-minute charge adds an extra hour of charging time to the case. Unfortunately, they have a micro-USB connector for charging the included case.


    JBL Tune 660NC

    Over-ear headphones with good price and features

    Design: surface-mounted (closed)
    Connection: Bluetooth 5. 0
    Driver type: dynamic
    ANC off time: 55 h
    900 17 Operating time with ANC on:
    44 h
    Impedance: 32 ohm
    Frequency response: 20-20000 Hz
    Sensitivity: 100 dB/mW
    Connector: mini jack 3.5 mm
    Weight: 166 g


    • Battery life
    • Active noise cancellation
    • Good sound


    • 900 54 Not the best microphone

    These on-ear headphones feature active noise cancellation, record-breaking battery life and good sound.

    JBL Tune 660NC have functionality and sound quality far above their cost. Active noise canceling makes them suitable for any environment. A battery life of up to 55 hours will be appreciated by travel enthusiasts. The weight of the headphones is 166 g, which is not much for full-size models. The head and neck will not get tired. However, it is worth noting that for people with a large head, they may be small.

    Playback controls, USB-C port, and audio jack are located on the left ear cup. The earphones have a foldable design, which makes them easy to carry and store in your bag.

    The ability to connect to two audio sources at the same time adds flexibility and comfort. You can choose from 4 color options: blue, black, pink and white.


    JBL Wave 100TWS

    Great value true wireless headphones

    Construction: in-ear (closed)
    Connection: Bluetooth 5.0
    Driver type: dynamic
    Operating time: 5 h
    Battery life in case: 15 h 9001 9 Impedance: 16 ohm
    frequencies: 20-20000 Hz
    Sensitivity: 100.5 dB
    Weight: 46.3 g


    • Reliable magnetic fastening in the key ce
    • Good sound
    • Easy to use


    • Case has no lid low price. As you would expect from JBL, these headphones have decent sound quality, a comfortable fit, and a solid build. There are four colors to choose from: blue, grey, purple and black.

      The headphones support pairing with two devices at the same time, and Bluetooth 5.0 ensures a stable connection. Listen to music, talk on the phone, give commands to the voice assistant and all this completely wirelessly, and at an affordable price.


      JBL Tune 510BT

      Quick Charge Headphones

      Design: On-ear (Closed)
      Connectivity: Bluetooth 5.0
      90 017 Driver type: dynamic
      Operating time with ANC off: 55 h
      Run time with ANC on: 44 h
      Impedance: 32 ohms
      Frequency response: 20-20000 Hz
      Sensitivity: 100 dB/mW 9Good sound

    • Total battery life


    • May push on the ears of large-headed people

    40mm drivers deliver signature JBL sound that can be heard in live performances and recording studios around the world. Battery life up to 24 hours on a single charge. You can forget about charging for a whole week with normal use. 5 minutes of charging allows you to listen to music for 2 hours.

    Simple and clear button control or voice assistant, built-in microphone add convenience in everyday use.

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    Top 10. Rating of JBL Bluetooth headphones 2023

    Top 10 JBL Bluetooth Headphones Ranking 2023

    Below is a ranking of the best JBL wireless Bluetooth headphones in 2023 (descriptions, benefits, where to buy).
    Scroll below to see all versions: in-ears, vacuum, full-size, etc.


    JBL Wave 100TWS Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

    JBL Wave 100TWS Wireless Headphones Features

    ✓ Three sizes of earbuds isolate external noise for enhanced audio clarity
    ✓ Dual Connect – JBL Wave 100TWS instantly connects to
    ✓ JBL Deep Bass Sound Technology – Deep bass made possible by 8 mm speakers.
    ✓ 20 hours total playback time
    ✓ Smart design – JBL Wave 100TWS earbuds are ergonomically shaped to fit comfortably in your ears even after hours of use
    ✓ Hands-free calls – Calls and sound are easy to manage with headphones and voice assistant
    ✓ Compact and lightweight
    ✓ Great sound


    JBL Tune Wireless Bluetooth Headphones 760NC

    Specifications JBL Tune 760NC Wireless Headphones

    Active Noise Canceling Yes
    Frequency range 20-20000 Hz
    Microphone Yes
    Driver diameter 40 mm
    Playback time without recharging up to 50 hours
    Performance Full size
    Design Standard

    Specifications may vary.
    Check with sellers on marketplaces.

    JBL Tune 760NC Wireless Headphones Highlights

    ✓ JBL Tune 760NC Wireless Headphones connect instantly to your Android device with one touch
    ✓ Hands-free call and voice assistant control on your device
    ✓ Tune 760NC Wireless Headphones can be connected to two Bluetooth devices
    ✓ The possibility of choosing a stylish color
    ✓ Fast charging – 2 hours of sound in just 5 minutes of charging
    ✓ high -quality sound with the function of active noise reduction of

    Bluetooth headphones JBL Tune 760NC

    + School decrease due Provides good sound
    + Built-in microphone
    + Deeper sound
    + Long playback without additional charge
    + The ears of


    TWS JBL Tune 230nc

    Distinctive features of the JBL Tune 230823

    ✓ Convenient calls in stereo.
    ✓ Coolly designed 6.0mm drivers deliver JBL deep bass so you can feel every beat.
    ✓ With VoiceAware, you can choose how much you hear your own voice.
    ✓ The Tune 230NC TWS earphones are equipped with 4 microphones, so you are guaranteed perfect sound clarity.


    JBL Tune 510BT Wireless Headphones

    Features JBL Tune 510BT Wireless Headphones

    Active Noise Cancellation No
    Frequency Range 20-20000 Hz
    Microphone Yes
    Driver diameter 32 mm
    Bluetooth 5.0
    Playback without recharging up to 40 hours
    Performance Full size
    Design Standard

    Specifications may vary.
    Check with sellers on marketplaces.

    Highlights of JBL Tune 510BT Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

    ✓ Equipped with Bluetooth 5.0 and allows you to connect to Siri or Google without using a mobile device.
    ✓ The JBL Tune 510BT headphones let you enjoy powerful bass with JBL Pure Bass technology wirelessly.
    ✓ The JBL Tune 510BT headphones are available in multiple vibrant colors and fold easily for easy portability.
    ✓ These headphones last up to 40 hours on a single battery charge.

    Pros of JBL Tune 510BT Wireless Headphones

    + High-quality sound with a wide frequency range
    + Built-in microphone
    + Long range, minimal sound delay
    + Long use without additional charging
    + Ears do not rub

    Cons of JBL Tune Bluetooth headphones 510BT

    – No ANC
    – No Bluetooth interference minimization and no instant connection (as in Bluetooth 5.1).


    JBL Tune 225 TWS Bluetooth headphones

    Advantages of JBL Tune 225 TWS earbuds

    ✓ ✓ Bluetooth 5.0 version provides high speed transmission
    ✓ ✓ 25 hours of listening man. Battery capacity 410 mAh
    ✓ ✓ Quality sound. Pure Bass Technologies
    ✓ ✓ High level of comfort. Soft memory foam ear pads

    Price 2 400.00 R (check on the seller’s website)

    0019 ▶ Instructions for using the JBL Tune 225 TWS bluetooth headphones. On, off…


    JBL Live 500BT Full Size Wireless Headphones

    Features of JBL Live 500B bluetooth headphones

    ✓ ✓ The Ambient Aware function allows you to turn on the ambient hearing mode.
    ✓ ✓ Good bass, high quality sound.
    ✓ ✓ 30 hours battery life.
    ✓ ✓ TalkThru mode lowers the music volume, allowing you to talk to someone without removing your headphones.
    ✓ ✓ Charging time 2 hours.
    ✓ ✓ Call the voice assistant with one touch.


    JBL Tune 710BT Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

    JBL Tune 710BT Bluetooth Headphones Specifications

    Microphone Yes
    Driver diameter 40 mm
    Bluetooth 5.0
    Playback without recharging up to 50 hours
    Design Oversized
    Design Standard

    Characteristics may be inaccurate.
    Check with sellers on marketplaces.

    Features of JBL Tune 710BT Bluetooth Headphones

    ✓ Lightweight design for maximum comfort.
    ✓ They feature high performance in a compact size suitable for any adventure.
    ✓ The Tune 710BT Bluetooth headphones let you enjoy pure JBL Pure Bass sound.
    ✓ Conveniently receive calls and control the headphones, using a special button that also activates voice assistants.

    Pros of wireless headphones JBL Tune 710BT

    + good sound with a wide sound range
    + there is a microphone
    + depth of sound due to a larger membrane
    + minimum delay, large radius of action
    + long use without recharge
    + minimum exposure to the coal tanks

    Cons of JBL Tune 710BT Wireless Headphones

    – No Active Noise Cancellation
    – No Instant Pairing (which is in Bluetooth 5.1).


    JBL Tune 220 TWS wireless headphones

    JBL Tune 220 TWS headphones features

    sa – up to 16 hours.
    ✓ ✓ JBL Pure Bass provides quality sound with good bass.
    ✓ ✓ JBL Tune 220 earbuds last 3 hours on a single charge.
    ✓ ✓ Sleek design. Convenient to use. Easy call of the voice assistant.


    Vacuum Bluetooth headphones JBL T110BT with cable

    Advantages of JBL T110BT headphones

    ✓ ✓ Microphone and three buttons on the remote control.
    ✓ ✓ Charged in 2 hours.
    ✓ ✓ Cable with magnets. When not in use, the earphones can be clipped around the neck.
    ✓ ✓ Deep bass, great sound with JBL Pure Bass technology.
    ✓ ✓ 6 hours battery life.


    JBL Tune 120 TWS In-Ear Wireless Earbuds

    Benefits of JBL Tune 120 TWS headphones

    ✓ ✓ Up to 4 hours of JBL Tune 120 TWS headphones on a single charge.
    ✓ ✓ Ability to use a voice assistant.
    ✓ ✓ JBL Tune 120 has a battery life of approximately 16 hours.
    ✓ ✓ Charging JBL Tune 120 TWS earbuds 15 minutes – about 1 hour playback.
    ✓ ✓ Quality sound. Good sound. Rich bass. JBL Pure Bass.

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