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10 Best Washing Machines of 2023, Tested & Reviewed by Experts

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Best Overall Front-Loading Washing Machine

GE Appliances UltraFresh Front Load Washer with OdorBlock


Best Overall Front-Loading Washing Machine

GE Appliances UltraFresh Front Load Washer with OdorBlock

Now 26% Off

$900 at Best Buy

Credit: GE

  • Option to dry machine and door to prevent musty smell
  • Automatically adds the correct amount of detergent
  • Can wash and dry a small load
  • Door gasket, drawer, hose and other parts are treated to prevent germ growth
  • Some reviewers say the washer is loud

The musty smell of a front-loading washer is a thing of the past with this GE washing machine. It prevents water from puddling inside, which causes that musty smell, with a venting option that automatically dries the inside of the machine and the door seal when your laundry is done.

The machine pulls in outside air to dry the interior while the drum spins intermittently. And the door gasket, dispenser drawer and other internal components are treated with Microban, an additive to help keep mold at bay. Our experts were impressed that the drum and door seal were bone dry after a full vent cycle. The full cycle does take eight hours, though, so it’s best to run it after your last load of the day or overnight.

This washer is packed with features, including SmartDispense bulk detergent dispensing. All you do is select the cycle and the washer automatically adds the correct amount of detergent. In addition, it has steam cycles, WiFi connectivity, and a one-step wash and dry option that washes and air dries a small load overnight. In our tests we found the wash cycles speedy and very effective, cleaning our cotton and polyester stain swatches in both warm and cold water. Even the quick wash removed a set-in stain in just 20 minutes. One thing to note, some reviewers say this washer is louder than they would like.

We found liquid detergent is a cinch to fill without spilling and up to 50 ounces of liquid can go in at a time.

    Model # GFW850SPNRS
    Capacity 5 cubic feet
    Dimensions 28 x 39.75 x 34 inches
    Warranty One year


    Best Overall Top-Loading Washing Machine

    Maytag Top Load 5.2 cu. ft. Capacity Agitator Washer


    Best Overall Top-Loading Washing Machine

    Maytag Top Load 5.2 cu. ft. Capacity Agitator Washer

    $1,249 at Lowe’s$848 at Home Depot

    Credit: Maytag

    • Energy-saving
    • PowerWash cycle to clean extra dirty loads
    • Some reviewers say they have a hard time reaching the bottom

    Even though this top-loading washing machine has a center agitator, you’ll never notice a compromise in capacity. We liked the clear control panel making it easy to decipher and found it was extremely responsive to the touch. While it’s energy-saving and efficient, you can add more water if you’d like to with the deep fill option.

    For extra dirty loads, there’s a PowerWash cycle and if you need a quick wash the RapidWash trims wash time to under 30 minutes for items you need in a hurry. While we did not test this particular washer, we did test a similar model in our Lab and can recommend this top-loader.


    Best Value Washing Machine

    GE APPLIANCES Top Load Washing Machine


    Best Value Washing Machine

    GE APPLIANCES Top Load Washing Machine

    $750 at Amazon

    Credit: GE

    • Sanitize cycle
    • Option to add more water for loads that need a deeper cleaning
    • Dedicated section for detergent packs
    • No steam cycle

    In our GH Cleaning Lab Tests, GE washers are always solid performers and this machine has luxury features at a great price.

    It has a sanitize cycle, which kills bacteria, and an oxi additive can help boost your detergent’s cleaning power. It also has all the key cycles including ones for washing workout wear and bulky items like comforters, down coats and sleeping bags. Unfortunately, there’s no steam cycle, but that’s expected at this price point.

    We love that the dispenser has a dedicated section for detergent packs to help them dissolve better and the handy stain guide option adjusts the cycle’s time and water temperature to better remove stains like tomato, wine, blood, grass and dirt. With the deep fill and deep rinse settings, you can add more water to loads that need them for more thorough washing and rinsing.

    Model # GTW720BSNWS
    Capcity 4.8 cubic feet
    Dimensions 27 x 46 x 27 inches
    Warranty One Year; 10-year limited on motor

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    Best Innovative Washing Machine

    Whirlpool Top Load Washer with 2-in-1 Removable Agitator


    Best Innovative Washing Machine

    Whirlpool Top Load Washer with 2-in-1 Removable Agitator

    Now 21% Off

    $1,000 at Best Buy$998 at Home Depot

    Credit: Whirpool

    • Removable agitator
    • Stain-treating station
    • Allows you to add detergent for up to 20 loads
    • Some reviewers say it’s louder than expected

    If you can’t decide whether to purchase a washing machine with or without an agitator, this unique Whirlpool top load washer gives you the best of both worlds allowing you to keep the agitator in for regular loads or remove it for bulky loads like washing a comforter.

    Our experts were impressed with the stain-treating station and Load and Go dispenser which allows you to add detergent once without needing to refill for up to 20 loads. We also found the app useful and easy to use. Unlike some other washing machines we’ve tested, this Whirlpool impressed us enough to be named a winner in a previous year’s Good Housekeeping Best Cleaning Products Awards. Take note, it may not be the quietest machine as some reviewers say it’s louder than they anticipated.

    Model # WTW8127LC
    Capacity 5.2 cubic feet with agitator, 5.3 cubic feet without agitator
    Dimensions 27.25 x 42.5 x 27.88 inches
    Warranty One year; two to five years limited on parts and labor


    Best Washing Machine with Longest Warranty

    Speed Queen Top Load TR7 Washing Machine


    Best Washing Machine with Longest Warranty

    Speed Queen Top Load TR7 Washing Machine

    Now 10% Off

    $1,429 at appliancesconnection. com

    Credit: Speed Queen

    • Compact profile
    • Comes with a seven year warranty
    • Easily handles large loads
    • Smaller capacity than some others at 3.2 cu. ft

    This pick has a compact profile so this top-loader can easily slide into a smaller space. We found it easy to program with your choice of temperature, soil level and load size selections, or choose from eight special cycles. You can customize your own pre-set favorites that you can repeat with just the press of one button. At 3.2 cu. ft. it has a smaller capacity than some other washers, so it won’t handle extra-large loads but in our tests, it was able to wash a bulky queen-sized comforter. The comforter came out clean and well-rinsed without the center agitator interfering. This machine is super-quiet, and the delay start setting lets you wash when it suits you — even overnight. We found this was a solid pick, and the seven-year warranty reinforces that.

    Model # TR7003WN
    Capacity 3.2 cubic feet
    Dimensions 25.63 x 42.75 x 28 inches
    Warranty Seven years


    Best Voice-Enabled Washer

    GE Profile Washer with Smarter Wash Technology


    Best Voice-Enabled Washer

    GE Profile Washer with Smarter Wash Technology

    Now 27% Off

    $850 at Best Buy

    Credit: GE

    • Alexa built-in
    • Voice commands will adjust wash settings for you
    • Tangle prevention technology
    • Does not have a self-cleaning setting

    This top-loading washer from GE has made doing laundry a breeze with Alexa built-in that will recognize thousands of voice commands. If you’ve ever wondered what wash settings you need to wash cashmere or how to get a specific stain out, simply give Alexa a voice command and it will adjust the machine settings for you. In addition, the built-in Alexa functions like any other Alexa speaker and can play music, tell you the weather and more.

    In our Lab tests, we found this washer easy to use and appreciated the large 5.4 cubic foot capacity, though it was a bit loud during certain parts of the cycle. We were also impressed with the technology to help prevent tangles, which means no more knotted sheets or twisted clothing. We were so impressed with this washer we even gave it a spot in our 2022 Good Housekeeping Best Cleaning & Organizing Awards.

    Model # PTW900BPTDG
    Capacity 5.4 cubic feet
    Dimensions 27.9 x 43.9 x 28 inches
    Warranty One year; 10-year limited on motor

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    Best Front-Loading Washing Machine for Large Families

    LG 5.8 cu.ft. Mega Capacity Washer


    Best Front-Loading Washing Machine for Large Families

    LG 5.

    8 cu.ft. Mega Capacity Washer

    $1,999 at

    Credit: LG

    • Extra large capacity with pedestal washer
    • 14 wash programs
    • Have to buy pedestal separately
    • Expensive

    While we have not tested this particular LG washer in our Labs, we have tested enough similar models to confidently recommend this front loader. And combined with LG’s 1 cu. ft. top load pedestal washer — which we have tested in our Labs — totals a jumbo 6.8 cu. ft of washing capacity.

    The Mega Capacity Washer has 14 wash programs including normal, perm, press, delicates, speed wash, heavy duty, towels and more. It also has 13 additional features including child lock, remote start and Wi-Fi connect, plus four spin speeds ranging from no spin to extra high, as well as five soil levels. According to the manufacturer, the machine has sensors that detect the size and weight of your load to adjust the wash time and water level for optimal results. Although purchasing both the washer and pedestal amounts to a rather steep price tag, the additional space makes it worth the splurge for a large family.


    Best Smart Washing Machine

    Samsung Smart Dial Front Load Washer with Opti-Wash


    Best Smart Washing Machine

    Samsung Smart Dial Front Load Washer with Opti-Wash

    $1,549 at Lowe’s$1,438 at Home Depot$1,440 at Wayfair

    Credit: Samsung

    • Automatically detects soil level and adjusts the wash
    • Easy to use app
    • Quiet
    • Can control the dryer from the washer when stacked
    • Only comes in brushed black color

    This Samsung washer makes doing laundry easier with loads of smart features. For instance, the Opti-Wash feature automatically detects the soil levels and adjusts to add more time or detergent if needed so your laundry always comes out clean. It can also be paired with an app that we found easy to use and convenient with features like remotely starting and stopping the wash, scheduling wash cycles, receiving alerts when the cycle is done and more. In our tests, we were impressed that after using the washer a few times, it learned our favorite wash cycle settings.

    Not only did this washing machine do a great job cleaning but it was quiet as well. The drum is treated with an antimicrobial to help keep the washing machine smelling fresher longer and the Self Clean+ feature will alert you when it’s time for a cleaning. The matching dryer can be installed stacked or side by side. If you do stack them, you can set the dryer right from the washer’s control panel.

    Model # WE50A8800AV
    Capacity 5.0 cubic feet
    Dimensions 27 x 38.75 x 33.2 inches
    Warranty One year


    Best Stackable Washer and Dryer

    LG WashTower Laundry Center


    Best Stackable Washer and Dryer

    LG WashTower Laundry Center

    $2,699 at Home Depot$1,735 at Walmart$2,554 at Wayfair

    Credit: LG

    • Controls for both washer and dryer are in center for easy access
    • Built-in sensors can customize cycle
    • Can control laundry remotely with app
    • Speedy yet gentle cycles
    • Pricey
    • Can’t replace them independently, if needed

    While all front-load washers and dryers can be stacked, the LG WashTower makes the controls easy to reach by placing them in the middle for both appliances, so short folks no longer have to stretch to see and set the dryer cycles.

    And they didn’t stop with the innovation there, built-in sensors use AI technology to detect fabric texture and load size to customize the washing and drying cycles for better fabric care. When using the LG ThinQ app, you can set and monitor the washer and dryer and even alert the dryer to the load type coming its way. This particular pick comes with an electric dryer, but the unit is also available with a gas dryer for $100 more. But unlike two separately stacked appliances, the WashTower is one unit, so if either the washer or dryer needs replacing, the whole thing has to go.

    In our GH Cleaning Lab tests, we found this unit incredibly easy to use and load and unload, especially for our five-feet and under testers! We liked the speedy, yet gentle and effective cycles, and nice extras, like steam, allowed us to freshen gently worn items for another wear. The machines learn your most frequently used cycles and automatically choose the correct options when you turn them on. Convenient!

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      Best Compact Front-Loading Washing Machine

      Miele TwinDos Washing Machine


      Best Compact Front-Loading Washing Machine

      Miele TwinDos Washing Machine

      $1,999 at

      Credit: Miele

      • Saves space
      • Carries the Good Housekeeping Seal
      • Automatically dispenses the correct amount of detergent
      • Cannot handle overly large loads

      This Good Housekeeping Seal holder measures 23.5 x 33.5 x 23.375 inches making it one of the most compact washing machines. The 2.26 cu. ft. capacity makes it a great choice for small homes, and apartments or as a second washing machine installed in a closet or bathroom. While it’s small, the drum is roomy enough to handle large, but not jumbo loads.

      Our experts love the unique TwinDos system that automatically dispenses the correct amount of detergent. There are a wide array of cycles to choose from, including silks, handwash, express and more. In our tests, the QuickIntenseWash cycle whitened cotton test swatches and we were impressed that it removed tough stains in under one hour. It’s also WiFi-enabled so you can monitor and control your wash cycles via your smartphone.

      RELATED: GH Seal Spotlight: Miele TwinDos Washer

      Model # WWH860WCS
      Capacity 2.26 cubic feet
      Dimensions 23.5 x 33.5 x 25.38 inches
      Warranty Two years

      How we test washing machines

      The Good Housekeeping Institute has been testing washing machines for 116 years (since the first model was commercially sold in 1907). We base our tests on the industry standards developed by the Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers (AHAM).

      To evaluate the cleaning performance of each load — whether regular, heavy-duty or delicate — we include carefully-placed pre-stained strips of fabric with six stains on each. At the end of the cycle, once the strips have air dried, we take measurements on each stain (for a total of 288 measurements per load) to calculate a total stain removal index for the cycle.

      For just three cycles on each machine, that’s over 860 measurements. We also test any specialty cycles, such as bulky bedding or speed wash, to see if they perform up to our expectations, and confirm any sanitizing cycle can reach a high enough temperature for the required amount of time to adequately kill germs on fabrics.

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      Gentleness is tested by washing cotton swatches with five pre-cut holes. When they come out of the machine, the holes are frayed: The more fraying, the more damaging the cycle. For our last test of 12 washers, we counted over 1,000 frayed threads.

      We also check the water and energy usage of each machine and score how easy the washing machine is to use, including if the control panel is responsive and intuitive to use, ease of loading with a set amount of laundry and how easy it is to open and close the door. And on top of performance testing, we evaluate the owner’s manual for how thorough, clear and complete it is.

      What type of washing machine is better: Top-loading or front-loading?

      The first decision you’ll have to make is whether you want a front- or top-loading machine. In Good Housekeeping Institute tests, both types clean so well you likely will not notice a difference in your clothing, though our tests show front loaders do perform a bit better. Which you choose is really a matter of personal preference.

      ✔️ A front-loading washing machine is the most energy-efficient option. It uses the least amount of water in each load. Clothes get cleaned when they tumble in a small pool of water that’s added by the machine once it senses the weight and type of load. Front-loaders can easily handle big, bulky items, like comforters and sleeping bags, but do require bending to load and unload the tub. Most manufacturers sell pedestal drawers to raise the appliances up off the floor and save some strain on your back.

      If space is tight, a front load washer can be stacked with its matching dryer and placed in a closet, bathroom or any narrow area where water, electrical connections and venting are available. (Non-venting dryers are becoming more widely available for installation in spaces where outside venting is not an option and our tests show their performance rivals that of vented models too.) Keep in mind that water often puddles in the door gasket, dispensers and even the drum itself at the end of the cycle and can lead to mold growth and odors. If you choose a front loader, you’ll need to be diligent about cleaning the gasket and dispenser and leaving the door ajar or drying the machine down so the drum dries out and odors don’t develop.

      ✔️ A top-loading washing machine is a good choice if you like a more traditional configuration. Because the water in top-loaders drains down and out, they are less likely to develop mold and odors than front-loaders, and that’s the reason many consumers prefer them. However, it’s a good idea to clean the tub and dispensers of all washing machines about once per month. Newer, high-efficiency top-loading models provide excellent cleaning and are still energy efficient even though they use more water than front loaders.

      Top loaders may or may not have a center agitator. Those without agitators have huge tubs for extra-large loads and gently bounce clothing under a shower of water. Some are so deep that reaching into the bottom to grab the last sock can be challenging for short consumers. And new models offer the option of adding water for deep washes and rinses, if desired, for more thorough cleaning. Agitator models may be less expensive but may be a little less gentle on fabrics, though they too, are getting better. They get clothes clean by moving them through a pool of water so fabrics are well rinsed. Detergents, especially single-dose packs, are more likely to dissolve completely in them. Top loaders with agitators may have smaller tubs and generally use the most water of any style washer.

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      What to look for when shopping for a washing machine

      Beyond deciding whether a front-loading or top-loading washing machine is best for your needs, here are a few other aspects you may want to consider:

      ✔️ Capacity: If you find yourself washing bulkier items often or especially large loads, you’ll want to opt for a large capacity washer, usually without a center agitator. However, if you tend to wash smaller loads, a standard capacity washing machine should be just fine. Make sure you try reaching inside the drum of whatever machine you are considering to ensure it’s easily accessible to you.

      ✔️ Smart features: More appliances, including washing machines, are starting to come with smart features. These features make doing laundry easier by allowing you to schedule a load of laundry from your phone, send notifications when the cycle is finished, order detergent and more. And more machines use Artificial Intelligence to anticipate your cycle selections and care for fabrics for a better, more convenient laundry experience. Just keep in mind these extra features can be more costly.

      ✔️ Detergent dispensing: Rather than pouring detergent directly into the washing tub or into the dispenser every wash, some washers come with bulk dispensers that you fill once for multiple loads. These machines will automatically dispense the correct amount of detergent into each load according to the cycle and options you’ve selected and the size of the load the machine senses. Another thing to keep in mind when it comes to detergent: If you use detergent packs, some washing machines have special single-dose dispensers that ensure the pack is fully dissolved and released at the correct time in the cycle.

      ✔️ Cycles: Look for the cycles that you use most frequently or washing machines that are programmable if you like to customize your cycle. Other types of cycles that are useful are sanitizing options to kill germs and help with allergies, steam for better stain removal and quick wash for lightly soiled items that don’t need a full cycle to get clean or for items you need in a hurry. If you like having lots of control over how you do your loads, look out for machines that don’t allow you to override the preset temperature and spin options on some cycles. You may find using these machines frustrating.

      Why trust Good Housekeeping?

      Carolyn Forté has been testing washers, dryers and other laundry room essentials, like laundry detergents and stain removers, for more than 40 years in the Good Housekeeping Institute’s Home Care and Cleaning Products Lab. She often consults with the appliance industry, especially washing machine manufacturers, about appliance testing protocols and consumer laundry habits, researches and writes our laundry how-tos and personally tests or oversees all of the testing done for all of the Cleaning Lab’s product guides.

      Carolyn Forté

      Home Care & Cleaning Lab Executive Director

      Carolyn Forté brings more than 40 years of experience as a consumer products expert to her role as executive director of the Good Housekeeping Institute’s Home Care and Cleaning Lab. Using deep analytical testing and writing expertise in appliances, cleaning, textiles and organizational products, she produces cleaning and home care advice for GH, has authored numerous books and bookazines for the brand and partners with the American Cleaning Institute to co-produce the Discover Cleaning Summits. She holds a bachelor’s degree in family and consumer sciences from Queens College, City University of New York.

      7 Best Top-Load Washers (2023 Guide)

      The first commercially available washing machines were top-load washers. Now, the home appliance market is brimming with various styles, but the trusty top-loader remains popular. While front-loading washing machines are more efficient, top-loading washers are less prone to mildew and rust than front-loading designs.  

      In this guide, our team will take you through the best top-load washers for a range of budgets, laundry rooms, and individual preferences. Here are our top picks.



      Top 7 Top-Load Washers

      • Best Overall: GE Profile Top-Load Washer with Smarter Wash
      • Most Efficient: LG High-Efficiency TurboWash4D Top-Load Washer
      • Best Agitator Design: Samsung Top-Load Washer with ActiveWave Agitator
      • Best Impeller Design: Samsung HE Super Speed Top-Load Washer 
      • Best Budget Washer: Insignia High Efficiency Top-Load Washer
      • Best Compact Washer: Whirlpool High Efficiency Top Load Washer
      • Best Washer for Pet Owners: Maytag High Efficiency Top Load Washer with Pet Pro System


      Best Top-Load Washer Overall

      Fast Facts

      • Capacity: 5.4 cubic feet
      • Mechanism: Impeller plate
      • ENERGY STAR-certified: Yes

      What we like: 

      This impeller-style top-load washer from GE’s Profile collection stood out during our research thanks to its host of functions, including Alexa voice assist and Wi-Fi connectivity. Its smart-sensing technology precisely adjusts output from the detergent and softener dispensers according to the specifications of each load. Its direct drive motor and balancing technology provide a significantly quieter operation.

      The GE Profile Top-Load Washer is also ENERGY STAR-certified and comes with a comprehensive 10-year warranty. 

      What customers are saying:

      Our research showed that buyers favor the GE Profile washer’s smart notifications, remote-handling capabilities, and precision cleaning. However, we also noticed a few reviews that are critical of the machine’s balance sensor, which occasionally requires users to manually redistribute wash loads.

      “Very pleased with both the washer and dryer. … The app is useful and speeds up the wash turnaround time by keeping us informed when the load is complete. The Alexa feature is nice although we don’t use all its features.” —H. via Best Buy

      “My husband and I love our new washer and dryer! Not only is it an upgrade from our old set, but it’s also super convenient and much easier to use with all the fancy functions. I’m able to clean my laundry in the designated modes depending on type, material, and amount. The app is an added bonus notifying us when laundry is nearly complete, giving us the ability to stay up on our chores no matter where we are.” —Mia W. via Best Buy

      “The issue we’ve experienced with not having a traditional agitator is the load can become off balanced and needs manual intervention to adjust the load to complete rinse and spin cycles. We never had to deal with that with previous front load washer.” —O. via Best Buy


      Most Efficient Top-Load Washer

      Fast Facts

      • Capacity: 5.5 cubic feet
      • Mechanism: Impeller plate
      • ENERGY STAR-certified: Yes

      What we like: The LG TurboWash4D top-load washer’s numerous water-conserving features set it apart from other oversized washers. Of particular note is its ColdWash direct drive motor and Water Plus cycle setting, which precisely tailors the water amount to each load. We like that the washer’s Wi-Fi-enabled LG ThinkQ technology allows users to remotely control, monitor, and troubleshoot their machine.

      What customers are saying:

      When examining reviews for this washer, we noticed that customers are especially pleased with the LG washer’s near-silent operation and substantial capacity. However, our team also found that some customers have experienced issues with the tub’s depth, which can make retrieving items at the bottom of the machine difficult.

      “Very quiet machine, cleans my clothes perfectly, it’s not too deep but has amazing capacity, and the sanitization feature is very convenient as well. The app features are also very helpful in keeping up with machine cleaning and maintenance.” —Kylee P. via Best Buy

      “I had the [older] version of this washer. I loved it so much I stuck with the newer one, and I still love it. It’s quiet and large capacity. Would recommend.” —Bobby via Best Buy

      “This washer is so deep that I cannot reach all the items in the bottom without using a grabber tool. … Also, the written instructions leave a lot to be desired. There are several preset programs you can choose, but there is absolutely zero explanation of these in the owner’s manual.” —BB via Best Buy


      Best Top-Load Washer with Agitator

      Fast Facts

      • Capacity: 4.9 cubic feet
      • Mechanism: Agitator
      • ENERGY STAR-certified: Yes

      What we like: This model stood out to us from other agitator washers for several reasons: Its streamlined mechanism and tub, convenient WaterJet water faucet, a litany of wash settings, high load capacity, low price point, and 20-year motor warranty. We determined that this model would be an excellent choice for households who frequently wash large loads and want a variety of wash cycles. 

      According to Samsung, the agitator is designed to deliver exceptionally deep cleaning while keeping vibration, noise level, and tangling to a minimum.

      What customers are saying:

      According to our research, numerous verified buyers are impressed with the Samsung agitator washer’s sizable capacity and exceedingly quiet operation. By looking through critical buyer reviews, we learned that some owners have experienced issues with the washer’s balance sensor, which may require calibration or repair after a year or so of use. 

      “Love my new Samsung Top Load Washer. … Its controllers are very intuitive and easy to use. I love the see-through lid because I can look inside anytime I need to check on what’s going on there. Its capacity is great! It perfectly fits a king size comforter or huge dog bed without being too tight. … The program presets are very convenient and cover all my washing needs.” —Margaret via Samsung

      “The first thing I noticed about this washer was how quiet it is and how large as well. This turned out to be a great unit for an affordable price. —Jcan214 via Samsung

      “I purchased the washer and dryer set; exactly one year and 3 days later the dryer quit, and now the washer is constantly stopping and alerting that it is off balance. I tried everything from removing all items but one and checking to make sure the washer was level, but after days of babysitting it, I still have not completed the load.” —Green via Samsung


      Best Impeller Washer

      Fast Facts

      • Capacity: 5 cubic feet
      • Mechanism: Impeller plate
      • ENERGY STAR-certified: Yes

      What we like: In addition to its short wash time, our research showed the Samsung HE Super Speed washer stands out for its heavy-duty controls (12 wash cycles, eight cycle settings, and five temperature levels), auto-regulated detergent dispenser, built-in faucet, soft-close lid, and vibration reduction architecture. 

      What customers are saying:

      We saw that happy customers are especially pleased with the Samsung Super Speed washer’s self-regulating dispenser system, high-volume capacity, and precise presetting. However, we also learned that some customers feel the impeller tub’s spin action is sluggish in comparison to agitator models.   

      “This washer capacity is huge! I was able to wash a 3-foot-by-5-foot rug in it last night with no problem. … If I overfill the fabric softener, the washer dumps the excess into the wash with detergent so that I always have just the right amount of softener. This is by far the best washer I’ve ever had!” —Shellot via Samsung

      “I’ve had this washer [for] a little over three months, and I love it! It’s large enough to fit my king size comforter, and I love all the settings it has—especially the quick wash, which takes only 30 minutes.” —Cindy S. via Samsung

      “This is the first time I’ve used a washing machine without an agitator, and I find that the drum turns/works slowly … I cannot adjust the cycle time unless I use a manual selection, which defeats the purpose…” —Morena via Samsung


      Best Budget Top-Load Washer

      Fast Facts

      • Capacity: 4. 1 cubic feet
      • Mechanism: Agitator
      • ENERGY STAR-certified: No

      What we like: We found that this top-load washer is highly functional for its price point. Its wash cycle options include (but are not limited to): activewear, bulky, delicates, drain and spin, hand wash, and quick wash. Temperature settings range from tap cold to hot and include an energy-conserving “eco warm” mode. Users can also dictate the cycle intensity by adjusting the soil level settings, which is ideal for customers who need to get rid of tough stains. 

      What customers are saying:

      In the course of our buyer-based research, we found that customers are impressed with the Insignia washer’s comprehensive controls and highly effective spin cycle. However, some of the reviews we looked at indicate that the machine is relatively noisy during operation, and at least one buyer experienced a malfunction with the softener dispenser. 

      “It has proven to be a superior appliance. It is a large-capacity machine that handles washing blankets, several coats, towels, and bulky items extremely well. The spin cycle spins clothing almost dry! I love all the options, and that I can choose more water, extra spin, whatever the load requires. It’s a bit noisy when it levels the load and agitates, but I don’t care at all due to the fact that my clothing is clean!” —E. via Best Buy

      “The features are amazing, the value is amazing, and the size of the drum is huge! There is a button for delayed start time as well as everything from light to heavy loads. You can change your water temperature, add more water with a click of a button, or use the hand wash cycle. It washes really well.” —Moma Lina via Best Buy

      “I’d like to write a more positive review, but the fabric softener bin is not draining. Basically, I load the fabric softener and push the fabric softener button, but the bin does not drain and the fabric softener does not go into the load. … I called Geek Squad, but since the purchase is still within the 1 year warranty I have to call Insignia. Very frustrating!” —Shelby R. via Best Buy


      Best Compact Top-Load Washer

      Fast Facts

      • Capacity: 3.8 cubic feet
      • Mechanism: Agitator
      • ENERGY STAR-certified: No

      What we like: We think this top-load washer is great for customers with a small space and those who don’t need to wash clothes from multiple people at once. It includes a two-way wash action agitator with a fabric softener dispenser and has an auto-sensing feature that adjusts to the amount of water needed according to the size of the load.

      What customers are saying:

      Our team found that the majority of verified buyers who left reviews favor this washer for its auto-sensing feature, quiet operation, and variety of wash cycles. However, we saw a couple of critical reviewers dislike that the machine does not give users the option to adjust water intake levels.

      Takes the guess work out of water levels with the auto sensing feature.   Very quiet and efficient.   11 different wash cycles and a “clean washer” cycle as well.  Never had a Whirlpool before so I can’t speak on the longevity or quality.  Seems to be fairly well made.” —Iwillnot via Best Buy

      “Many more fabric settings than my previous washer. It runs more quietly. The 360-degree agitator cleans better. I am highly pleased with this washer” —Mick via Best Buy

      “I like all of the features on my new washer except for the fact that I don’t have any control on the amount of water that is dispensed into  the washer.  I am used to the old washers where you could choose the water level. I don’t think that enough water is going into my washer to adequately cover the clothes. There have been times where I have opened the lid and the clothes are not wet. I think that some improvement needs to be done on this feature.” —JoAnnF via Best Buy


      Best Top-Load Washer for Pet Owners

      Fast Facts

      • Capacity: 4. 7 cubic feet
      • Mechanism: Agitator
      • ENERGY STAR-certified: No

      What we like: We would particularly recommend this washer for pet owners that need to remove hair and pet stains from clothing and bedding. In addition to its Pet Pro filter, this washer includes nearly five total cubic feet of capacity and a deep fill option that allows you to add more water to your load to fight off difficult stains. It also includes a quick wash cycle and advanced vibration control that redistributes unbalanced loads.

      What customers are saying:

      We found that customers like this washer’s stylish design, quick-washing ability and ease of use. However, our review of several dozen customer comments revealed that some buyers feel the machine’s operating volume is intrusive.

      “It is easy to use and cleans the clothes well. It also fits well in my laundry closet.”  —GreatDell via Best Buy

      “From the sweet look and texture of the washer and the functionality and ease of use I am very happy with my purchase. I went ahead with the Dryer as well to match and that works well. I don’t usually run a ton of laundry all the time but this set suits me very well.” —DanRichard05 via Maytag

      “Have had it for a few weeks. It is extremely loud and takes long to wash. It doesn’t have a time countdown on it either. It does seem to clean clothes well though.” —Critt111 via Maytag 


      What to Look for in a Top-Load Washer

      When researching the best top-load washers on the market, our team noted that these were the most important factors to consider when making a purchase.

      Agitator vs. Impeller Mechanism

      One important detail we noted while researching the best top-load washers is the difference between agitator or impeller plate washing mechanisms. The column-like agitator sits in the drum’s middle and cleans garments by creating a twisting motion. Conversely, impeller-style washing machines have low-profile impeller plates mounted to, or as part of, the drum’s interior surface.  

      Agitators have been around longer than impeller plates. Since impeller mechanisms are more gentle on fabrics than turnstile agitators, they’ve become increasingly popular among consumers and brands in recent years. 


      Most top-load washers have a drum capacity between 3.5 cubic feet and 5.4 cubic feet. A capacity of 4.5 cubic feet or more is considered large, and a capacity in excess of 5.5 cubic feet is considered extra-large. Compact washer-dryers and portable washing machines typically have a capacity of 3.4 cubic feet or less. For the most part, machines with smaller capacities will use less water per load.

      Wash Cycles

      Basic top-load models typically include the standard wash cycles such as colors, whites, normal, delicate, and heavy. More advanced models often include additional cycles to accommodate athletic wear, hand-wash items, and bedding. Some high-end top-load washers even offer allergen reduction settings and Microban technology.


      In addition, to wash cycles, other standout features to look out for in top-load washers include smart features that let you control the washer remotely, built-in faucets that more efficiently clean clothes, quick-wash features that allow you to speed wash when you’re in a rush, and bulk dispensers that can hold detergent for multiple loads.

      ENERGY STAR Certification

      Top-load washers that are ENERGY STAR certified use less water and are more energy-efficient than other models, which will help you reduce your energy bill and is better for the environment.


      Tips for How To Best Use a Top-load Washer

      Top-load washers are efficient devices that allow you to wash large loads of clothes at a time. However, there are some important things to keep in mind to ensure you’re getting the most out of your product. Here are some tips for how to properly use a top-load washer.

      Don’t overload it

      When loading your top-load washer, avoid tightly packing the wash drum to ensure that your garments can move freely during the cycle for proper cleaning. Overloading the machine can cause your clothes not to get fully washed or the machine to get off balance.

      Be aware of the agitator

      If you are using a top-load washer with an agitator, be careful not to wrap long items tightly around the agitator, as this could lead to your clothes getting tangled.

      Check pockets

      Check the pockets of all clothing before loading the machine, especially those in children’s garments. Inspecting pockets before loading laundry can help prevent damage to the items and your washer.

      Don’t forget to clean it

      Cleaning your washer may not be something you think about, but doing so on occasion can help preserve the machine’s shelf life and ensure it is operating at its highest efficiency. Check the FAQ section below for step-by-step tips on how to clean your washer.


      Our pick for the best washing machine is the GE Profile Top-Load Washer with Smarter Wash Technology. Its high energy efficiency, suite of smart features, numerous wash options, and sizable stainless steel drum make it a solid, best-in-class choice for homeowners.


      Top-Load Washer FAQ

      How We Chose the Best Top-Load Washer

      Over the years, our team has vetted thousands of products to help you select the best major appliances for your home. We update our data points and review content regularly to account for shifts in customer consensus, product availability, new releases, and overall quality.

      To steer the product selection process, our reviewers conduct detailed research that focuses on several key factors:

      • Brand research: We cast a wide net by first looking at the latest, most reputable models available through trusted retailers. 
      • Ratings: We then scope our list down to products with a high number of verified-buyer reviews and average customer rating between four and five stars. 
      • Expert and consumer insights: Next, we look at what independent product testers, subject matter experts, and other publications have to say about each model we review.
      • User needs: Finally, we compare each item’s features, specs, and warranty information to find a best-in-class option for every type of consumer and price point.

      Rating of top-loading washing machines: top 5 for a small bathroom

      You can visually distinguish a top-loading washing machine from a regular one by the glass hatch, or rather, its absence. It will not work to watch the rotation of the laundry in the drum during washing, but such a piece of household appliances can be entered into the interior and the equipment will not give out its purpose.

      On the other hand, the advantages of this type of washing machine include ease of loading. The lid is located on top – you do not have to bend over to load and unload laundry. The back will thank you, but the owner of front-loading washing machines will have to constantly bow to the drum.

      To choose a narrow washing machine, you first need to decide where you will install it. It must be understood that the dimensions of an average washing machine of this type are 40 cm wide, 85-90 cm high and 60 cm deep. In addition, such a washing machine saves space in front of it, since it opens up, but you still need to make sure that household appliances fit in the space allotted to it.

      From a technical point of view, washing machines are also different. For top-loading washing machines, the drum is attached to two shafts, while for front-loading appliances, it has only one. This has led to the myth that top loaders are more reliable and durable. But this is nothing more than a delusion, since the life of a washing machine (and any other equipment) depends only on the quality of spare parts and assembly. Both types of construction have been tested by time and many millions of users.

      Other nuances include cost. Typically, vertical washing machines are a little more expensive than front-facing ones, but the difference is small and, in principle, this factor can be completely neglected when choosing, since there are various options for the price. The difference in cost is partly created artificially, since there are fewer such models than traditional frontal ones, and on the other hand, it is objectively due to the peculiarities of production.

      The rest of the selection criteria is not too different from those that we used to rank the best narrow front-end machines. Among the factors to consider, keep in mind:

      • energy efficiency,
      • spin class,
      • water consumption per wash cycle,
      • availability of specific washing programs.

      So, for example, an athlete should pay attention to whether the car has a “sportswear” program, and a young mother should pay attention to the boil program. Another parameter to take into account is how much water the washing machine consumes per wash cycle. You can read more about how to choose a top-loading washing machine in our articles on this topic.

      Electrolux PerfectCare 700 EW7T3R272


      • Maximum load: 7 kg
      • Width/depth/height: 40x60x89 cm
      • Spin speed: 1100-1200 rpm
      • Energy class: A+++
      • Wash/spin noise: 56/77 dB

      This is a device with classic dimensions 40x60x89see how all top-loading washing machines are not designed to be built in, but you can load laundry into it (which is also a common place for washing machines of this type). In addition, it has leakage protection. The volume of the drum is 7 kg, which is quite enough for a family of 3-4 people.

      The cost of this Electrolux model after the rise in price is simply cosmic. But a well-known brand and various washing programs (washing outerwear, washing jeans, washing downy clothes, washing sportswear, washing silk, washing wool, quick washing). There is also a steam function.

      Maunfeld MFWM128WH


      • Maximum load: 7.5 kg
      • Width/Depth/Height: 40x61x87.5 cm
      • Spin speed: 1100-1200 rpm
      • Energy class: A+++
      • Noise during washing/spinning: 64/80 dB

      The modern model has dimensions that are not quite canonical for top-loading washing machines, which, however, do not differ too much from the usual ones and will not become a problem in everyday life. As for the rest of the characteristics, in general, this is the most versatile piece of household appliances.

      Can load up to 8 kg of laundry, many washing programs (delicates, baby clothes, jeans, mixed fabrics, sportswear, wool, economy program, prewash, quick wash, extra rinse) with delay function start, select the spin speed and select the washing temperature will allow you to cope with any wash.

      Indesit BTW D61253


      • Maximum load: 6 kg
      • Width/Depth/Height: 40x60x90 cm
      • Spin speed: 1200 rpm
      • Energy class: A+++
      • Noise during washing/spinning: 59/76 dB

      This standard size washing machine can load 6 kg of laundry at a time. From the point of view of the main features, the model represents the optimal combination of characteristics for an average family. There is a wash for delicate fabrics, a wash for wool, a stain remover, an economy program, a prewash, a quick wash and an extra rinse option.

      Delayed start, suds level control, spin speed selection, wash temperature selection and intelligent wash control are available. The design advantages of a particular washing machine include the possibility of reloading linen through a hatch that opens 180 degrees. And the presence of wheels will make it easy to move household appliances, if the need arises.

      Renova WS-70PET


      • Maximum load: 5.5 kg
      • Width/Depth/Height: 74.5 x 43.5 x 83 cm
      • Spin speed: 1350 rpm
      • Noise during washing/spinning: 59/76 dB

      A budget version of a top-loading washing machine, which is cheaper than competitors due to its semi-automatic design – washing and spinning take place in different tanks, so washing cannot be done without the direct participation of a person. Laundry is washed due to the rotation of the activator, which sets in motion the entire contents of the tank, facilitating the deep penetration of water and powder components into the fibers of fabrics and washing out contaminants from them.

      If necessary, you can add laundry during washing, and a lint and fluff filter will protect household appliances from damage during operation. The ability to connect to hot water is declared, which, combined with an affordable price, makes the model a good choice for those who primarily need washing, rather than numerous options.

      Aresa WM-145

      • Maximum load: 4.5 kg
      • Width/Depth/Height: 46x40x71 cm
      • Spin speed: 700 rpm

      The most budget option of all that are presented in this collection. The simplest top-loading washing machine allows you to load laundry during operation. None of the other possibilities. A compact and inexpensive household appliance that works only for its intended purpose. If you don’t need anything other than washing clothes, then this is the perfect purchase. At a very affordable price compared to other washing machines.

      See also:

      • 7 useful washing machine options worth paying for
      • Washer-dryers: top 5 models



      washing machines

      no. A top-loading device is much more compact, so owners of small apartments buy it. However, many users subsequently become so accustomed to these convenient washing machines that even with the improvement of their living conditions, they prefer this particular type of equipment.

      Criteria for choosing a vertical washer

      Experts agree that high temperatures are practically useless when washing. Most powders and liquids are based on enzymes that effectively remove dirt in the temperature range up to 60°C. Users also note that they practically do not use high-temperature modes for reasons of respect for things and due to high power consumption.

      It also makes no sense to choose an upright washing machine with a very high spin speed. The optimal indicator is 1200 rpm. Exceeding this value practically does not affect the quality of the spin, but the cost of such a unit will be much higher. And this is not surprising, because to ensure high speeds, more advanced components, a more powerful engine, more reliable fastenings and better balancing are required.

      In addition to the fact that a top-loading washing machine with a high spin speed and temperature conditions costs an order of magnitude more expensive, when washing in such conditions, things wear out much faster. Otherwise, the choice of equipment depends on the overall dimensions, capacity, price, brand and the availability of all the necessary programs and functions.

      How are the top loading models?

      The device of vertical units differs from the front ones primarily in the fastening of the drum. It is mounted on two bearings located on the sides, while in washers with a door, the bearings are located at the back.

      Top loading equipment does not have a window through which you can watch the washing process. To load the laundry, the side of the drum is equipped with flaps that are locked with a mechanical lock. They open easily with the push of a button.

      Some “advanced” washing machines are designed in such a way that after the end of the wash, the drum stops with the flaps up. These so-called parking systems make life very easy for the user, as there is no need to rotate the drum every time.

      The loader is made of high quality stainless steel, the tank can be made of composite materials, special plastic or the same stainless steel. The latter is used only in premium models, which are not cheap.

      The top-loading washer is easier to load because you don’t have to bend over. This is a significant plus, especially for older people. Otherwise, the “vertical” has a similar design with a front-type apparatus, the differences are only in the location of the drum, controls, and the absence of a door. The last argument often becomes decisive in favor of a vertical washing machine when choosing a unit for a small room. There is no need to provide a reserve of space for opening the door.

      The dimensions of the “vertical”

      The dimensions of the top-loading washing machines are different from the front-loading appliances. The width of the units is 40-45 cm, so they are called narrow washing machines. The depth, as a rule, is 60 cm. On the one hand, it may seem that this is a rather large size, but it should be borne in mind that space is not required to open the door.

      The height of the units is 85 cm. The advantage of this machine is that it can be installed in the tightest corner of the room and furniture can be placed close to it. The disadvantage is the inability to build appliances under the kitchen worktop or in the bathroom under the sink, since there must be free access to the top cover.

      Capacity of vertical models

      When choosing a washing machine, any user must pay attention to the volume of the drum. Optimal for domestic needs is considered to be equipment that can accommodate 5-7 kg of laundry, however, there are units with a load of 3-4 kg and more than 7 kg.

      The amount of laundry to be loaded is very important, but it should be borne in mind that it is desirable to avoid loading too much or too little. Not all manufacturers indicate the minimum weight, emphasizing that when washing in small volumes, the user wastes energy.

      However, there is another side of the coin here – the safety of technology. The fact is that when spinning at high speeds, it is very important that the laundry is evenly distributed over the drum. Otherwise, an unbalanced loader will vibrate with more force, which over time can lead to the formation of microcracks and failure of the bearings. That is why there is an unspoken limit of 1 kg – this is the minimum allowable weight. If the load is too large, the laundry is not washed well enough, so you should not tamp the drum either.

      Spin and energy saving class

      The higher these values, the better the machine spins the laundry and consumes less electricity. The spin and energy saving classes are indicated by the letters: A, B, C, D, E, F, G. All modern units have a class of at least A. The most advanced models are A +, A ++ and A +++ (in this case, speech is about power consumption).

      Noise level

      This indicator is also important, especially if the device is in the kitchen, where the hood, refrigerator and other household appliances can work. Such an “ensemble” will create uncomfortable conditions in the room. Therefore, when choosing equipment, you should always pay attention to the noise level and purchase the quietest washing machine that your budget can afford.

      Noise during operation depends on the materials of the unit and the build quality. The noise level during washing should not exceed 55 dB, while spinning – 70 dB. In order to navigate the numbers, let’s give an example: 40 dB is the average volume of human speech, 50 dB is the sound background of an office space, 80 dB is the noise of heavy traffic.

      Models with built-in dryer

      The main difference between a washing machine with a drying function and a conventional unit is the presence of an additional heating element. The main heating element is usually located at the bottom of the washer between the drum and the tank and serves to heat the water. The second is necessary in order to heat the air, which is injected through a special air duct into the tank of the machine.

      The principle of drying is extremely simple. Hot air passes through damp laundry and absorbs moisture. At the same time, the drum alternately rotates in different directions at a low speed, due to which drying is carried out more evenly. After that, the moisture condenses in a special reservoir.

      Most models dry by timer. The time is set by the user himself, based on personal experience. After working for the set time, the washing machine turns off. However, today there are already on sale “advanced” machines for washing clothes, which provide automatic drying to a certain residual moisture content. With the help of a special system that measures the temperature and humidity of the air, the degree of humidity of the things themselves is determined. As soon as its value matches the set value, drying stops.

      When using combined washer-dryers, one feature should be taken into account – they are able to dry no more than half of the laundry from the maximum allowable for washing. If the unit is able to wash up to seven kilograms in one cycle, then it can dry no more than three and a half (of course, we are talking about dry weight). It turns out that even if the technique can accommodate all things, dry it qualitatively – no. This should be taken into account when planning your wash.

      Features and benefits of Electrolux 9 washing machines0183

      Vertical units of this manufacturer from Sweden today occupy a leading position in the market of household appliances. Millions of users around the world have been using such equipment for many years and speak only positively about it.

      The main feature of Electrolux vertical washing machines is the build quality. All devices undergo a series of stringent tests for each of the parameters. This allows the manufacturer to evaluate the characteristics of each model and its performance before the equipment reaches the end user.

      Among other advantages of Electrolux automatic washing machines, their high technology should be noted. Thanks to the presence of sensors and electronic systems that control each washing mode, as well as the introduction of modern technologies, the quality of washing has improved significantly.

      The presence of additional programs and design features that are not available in appliances from other manufacturers is the main advantage of Electrolux top-loading washing machines. Let us consider in more detail the main modes and functions of the brand equipment.

      Eco-Valve technology

      The function provides more efficient washing and rinsing. At the same time, water and powder are significantly saved, mixing of clean liquid in the tank with dirty water of the drain system is not allowed.

      Eco-Valve Electrolux technology is based on the operation of a special valve that tightly closes the drain opening of the loading tank during washing and rinsing. The valve is a ball and is located in the float chamber at the junction of the tank and the drain pipe. When pouring water, the ball floats up, covering the drain hole during rinsing or washing, and when the drain pump is turned on, it opens it.

      As a result, the washing powder in the hose does not settle and is used to the maximum. Thanks to Eco-Valve technology, every rinse process is carried out with 100% pure water.

      Night wash

      With this program you can wash your laundry while having a good night’s sleep. The night wash mode allows you to start washing bypassing all stages of the spin cycle. The operation of the unit is carried out as quietly as possible, so it can be turned on even late at night, when everyone is sleeping. The night wash program automatically excludes any spinning stages, even the intermediate ones that are usually carried out between rinses. However, in order to remove all the powder after washing, the number of rinses is eventually increased. At the very end of the night wash, the washing machine will leave water from the last rinse in the tub so that the laundry does not wrinkle. When the user wakes up, all he needs to do is turn on the spin program.

      Easy ironing function

      Electrolux machines with this function do not subject clothes to strong creasing during the spinning process, which ensures easy subsequent ironing. At the same time, the folds are not strong, they can be eliminated with an iron without steaming. This is a very useful option that makes life easier for housewives, because:

      1. Items washed using the easy ironing function are ironed much easier, especially for denim.
      2. Linen is less wrinkled and kinked and has a longer service life.
      3. The easy iron function saves energy by reducing the use of the iron and steamer.

      Fuzzy Control Technology

      The latest Electrolux units are equipped with a smart mode. Its essence lies in the fact that the central processor collects information about the current state of the sensors that control: the amount of water, its temperature, the weight of the laundry, the washing steps, the type of fabric, the processes inside the loading drum. Based on these data, the optimal decision on the choice of the program is made. The user does not need to delve into the essence of the process, Fuzzy Control technology will do everything on its own.

      One of the modes of this technology is foam control. If the user has poured too much powder into the container or used a product that is not intended for automatic washing machines, an excessive amount of foam will form in the device, which will tend to flow over the edge. The washing machine with foam control will automatically drain the foamy water and collect clean water.

      Unbalance control is also part of the Fuzzy Control technology. The machine evenly distributes the laundry throughout the drum with the help of reverse movements. This feature improves the quality of washing and increases the operating period of the unit.

      In addition, the Fuzzy Logic system is able to determine the level of contamination of things by the degree of saturation of water with dirty particles. After that, the information enters the central processor of the washing machine, and the time for washing is calculated. The stronger and greasy the contamination, the longer the process will take.

      Advanced Rinse Total Exchange

      This state-of-the-art system makes every rinsing process as efficient as possible. The Total Exchange rinse mode provides uniform pressures of clean water, which allows even a fully loaded tank to be thoroughly rinsed with liquid. Thus, things will be rinsed under ideal conditions with each cycle.

      Direct Spray washing technology

      This feature, developed by Electrolux engineers, is qualitatively different from other machine washing methods. During the operation of the unit, things are not just in the water, but are constantly saturated with a washing solution, which is sprayed under pressure, so that the fibers of the fabrics are not damaged. The most efficient operation and gentle care of the laundry is ensured by microprocessor control of the amount of water, which allows to achieve optimal friction between the fibers.

      Water cooling after washing

      All Electrolux washing machines are equipped with this function. The water is cooled before being discharged into the sewer, which avoids the “temperature shock” of the sewer pipes, reducing their wear. If drainage is provided in the bath, cooling the water will not allow microcracks in the enamel to form over time.

      Extra Rinse

      The extra rinse function has been improved in the latest Electrolux models.