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What Bank Is Behind Best Buy’s Credit Card?

Sarah Edwards | April 04, 2023

Citibank is the bank behind Best Buy credit cards.

Summary: Citibank, N.A. administers the Best Buy credit card program. The company offers two cards: a retail store card and a Visa credit card. SoloSuit explains how the Best Buy credit card program works.

Best Buy is a popular megastore where you can find any electronics you need, including televisions, computers, smartphones, refrigerators, and fitness equipment. Many people go directly to Best Buy when they need a new device or electronic peripheral.

When making a purchase, customer service associates will ask if you’d like to sign up for a Best Buy credit card. Best Buy offers two credit cards issued by Citibank, N.A., and cardholders are eligible for special financing deals.

Best Buy has two credit card programs

People who want a Best Buy credit card can choose between a store card and a Visa credit card.

Consumers can use the store card in Best Buy retail stores or on the company’s website. Cardholders can opt for one of two benefits: 5% back on all purchases for every $100 spent and loyalty points for future purchases, or no-interest financing on purchases over a specific dollar amount.

The Best Buy Visa credit card has the same benefits as the retail card, but cardholders can use it anywhere that accepts Visa. Additional features of the Best Buy Visa card include 3% back in rewards points on gas purchases, 2% back on dining, takeout, and grocery purchases, and 1% back on other purchases. Cardholders can use their rewards points to purchase Best Buy merchandise.

Best Buy credit cards have high interest rates

Like most retail credit cards, Best Buy cards have high interest rates.

The current variable interest rate for a Best Buy store card ranges from 28.74% to 30.74% APR, and non-variable rates are between 9% and 24.34%.

Cardholders with the Best Buy Visa are subject to variable interest rates of 15. 24% to 30.74% APR and non-variable interest rates of 9.99% to 20.24%.

It’s best not to use your Best Buy Visa credit card for balance transfers or cash advances since Citibank charges a minimum of $15 for balance transfers and $10 for cash advances.

People with less than stellar credit may incur an annual fee of up to $59 for their Best Buy cards.

Learn how to draft an Answer in a debt lawsuit with SoloSuit’s six helpful tips.

Citibank has an F rating with the BBB

Along with Best Buy, Citibank also administers the credit card programs of Home Depot, Costco Wholesale, and many other retail stores. The Better Business Bureau (BBB) has assigned its worst rating — an F — to Citibank.

According to the BBB, Citibank’s low rating is due to 88 unresolved consumer complaints.

The company has had nearly 7,000 customer complaints in the past three years. Many complaints concern various rewards programs. For instance, one customer had collected almost $1,000 in reward points, but Citibank closed their account without refunding them the rewards.

Another client disputed a missed payment charge from Citibank. They paid on time, but Citibank didn’t correctly apply it. The company reported the client as late to the credit reporting bureaus, and the consumer’s credit score dropped by over 100 points. The consumer fought with Citibank for several months before Citibank resolved the situation.

Sued for Best Buy card debt? Fight back and win

You must make timely payments if you have a Best Buy card from Citibank. Late payments can result in a fee, and you may lose your benefits, such as no-interest financing. Citibank may sue you for your outstanding balance if you stop making payments.

SoloSuit makes responding to a debt lawsuit simple. Our technology can help you draft and file an Answer to your case in a matter of minutes. Just respond to a series of questions about your case and SoloSuit’s software will automate a personalized response for you, including all the proper legal language and formatting.

Let’s look at an example.

Example: Tim has a Best Buy retail store card, which he uses to buy a new TV for $500. He qualifies for no-interest financing for 12 months and makes six monthly payments for $42 each. Unfortunately, Tim loses his job and stops making payments to Citibank. Citibank charges him interest on the unpaid balance and a missed payment fee. After a few more missed payments, Citibank sues Tim for his debt. He uses SoloSuit to respond to the case, giving himself time to work out a debt settlement plan. After taking a close look at his budget, Tim decides he can pay off half of the debt right now. He uses SoloSettle to send a settlement offer, and Citibank accepts. Tim pays off the half the debt and give himself a financial reset.

To avoid unexpected fees with Citibank, you’ll want to stay on top of your credit card payments.

Settle your debt with Citibank

Good news: you can settle your debt with Citibank even after being sued. Here’s how.

Debt settlement is the process in which a debtor offers a lump-sum payment, usually less than the original amount, to satisfy a debt once and for all. If you’ve been sued by Citibank over your Best Buy credit card debt, you can avoid going to court, and save money, by settling the debt. Just follow these three steps:

  1. Respond to the lawsuit with an Answer.
  2. Send a settlement offer to start the negotiation process.
  3. Get the agreement in writing.

SoloSettle can help with all these steps and more.

Watch this video to learn more about these three steps:

While signing up for a Best Buy credit card has some advantages, like access to no-interest financing and rewards points, it comes with a risk. You may lose your perks and incur extra costs if you miss your payment due date. Do your research and consider your financial circumstances before opening a Best Buy credit card. Use SoloSuit to respond to a Citibank lawsuit.

What is SoloSuit?

SoloSuit makes it easy to fight debt collectors.

You can use SoloSuit to respond to a debt lawsuit, to send letters to collectors, and even to settle a debt.

SoloSuit’s Answer service is a step-by-step web-app that asks you all the necessary questions to complete your Answer. Upon completion, we’ll have an attorney review your document and we’ll file it for you.

>>Read the FastCompany article: Debt Lawsuits Are Complicated: This Website Makes Them Simpler To Navigate

>>Read the NPR story on SoloSuit. (We can help you in all 50 states.)

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  • Mississippi
  • Missouri
  • Montana
  • Nebraska
  • Nevada
  • New Hampshire
  • New Jersey
  • New Mexico
  • New York
  • North Carolina
  • North Dakota
  • Ohio
  • Oklahoma
  • Oregon
  • Pennsylvania
  • Rhode Island
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  • South Dakota
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Can the My Best Buy Credit Card Be Used Anywhere?


Andriy Blokhin

Full Bio

Andriy Blokhin has 5+ years of professional experience in public accounting, personal investing, and as a senior auditor with Ernst & Young.

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editorial policies

Updated April 21, 2022

The My Best Buy credit card is a form of in-store credit and so can only be used in Best Buy stores and when making purchases online through the Best Buy website. Outside of Best Buy, the card is not accepted, since it is not associated with any major financial card networks such as MasterCard, Visa, American Express or Discover. However, Best Buy does also offers the Best Buy Mastercard or Visa credit card that can be used anywhere MasterCard-branded cards are accepted.

Key Takeaways

  • The My Best Buy store credit card can only be used at Best Buy stores and websites, offering cardholders incentives like 5% cash back and zero-interest financing on purchases.
  • Like many other store credit programs, the card cannot be used to make purchases elsewhere, such as on Amazon.
  • Best Buy does, however, offer a branded Visa or Mastercard which can be used anywhere in the world.

The My Best Buy Credit Card

The My Best Buy store credit card is issued by Citibank, and it is designed to benefit customers who can use this card exclusively at Best Buy stores and its website. Therefore, it is not a general credit card that can be used elsewhere, such as on Amazon or WalMart.

The main advantage of the card is that it offers 5% back in rewards to its regular cardholders and 6% back to Elite Plus members. In the past, Best Buy has offered special six-month financing for purchases in excess of $199; 12-month financing for purchases in excess of $399; 18-month financing for major appliance purchases totaling $599 or up; and 24-month financing on home theater purchases totaling $799 and up.

During the promotional period for the special financing offer, Best Buy credit cardholders do not have to pay interest if they make their fixed monthly payments on time and pay off their balances at the end of the promotion period. Additionally, in 2017, Best Buy began promoting its credit card with offers to its holders of 10% back in rewards on their first purchases.

Best Buy offers additional rewards to its Elite Plus customers. Cardholders can qualify to be Elite Plus members after spending $3,500 at Best Buy or an affiliated store in one calendar year. After earning the Elite Plus status, cardholders then earn 6% cash back on all Best Buy purchases.

My Best Buy Credit Card Terms

Besides its promotional financing, the My Best Buy store credit card charges its customers an interest rate that is equal to the prime rate plus 21.99%. The card also has a late payment penalty of up to $40. Citibank charges a minimum interest of $2.

In addition to the My Best Buy store card, Best Buy does partner with Visa to issue a co-branded credit card that can be used anywhere. Both types of card will still offer Best Buy shoppers 5% cash back. The My Best Buy Visa usually offers cardholders 3% back on gas purchases, 2% cash back on groceries and at restaurants, and 1% cash back on everything else. Special financing offers do not earn cash-back rewards.

‎App Store: Citibank RU

Screenshots (iPhone)


Citibank is a bank that has been working for you since 1993. For 12 years we have been among the most reliable banks in Russia, according to Forbes magazine.

The application will become your faithful financial assistant and will reduce the time to go to the bank.
Make transactions online:
– activate the card and set the PIN code
– view account statements and supporting documents for transactions
– keep track of card transactions
– transfer money by phone number (Fast Payment System)*, card number* or details
– pay off loans, credit card debts and / or installment programs
– update personal information (addresses, e-mail address, phone number)
– register applications for transferring documents to the bank (updating passport data, submitting documents to the currency control department, closing all accounts (except for a credit card account))
– submit form W-8BEN online
*Features and risks inherent in this form of payment are defined in the contract with the client. The client needs to familiarize themselves with them in advance.

Our priority is the security of your capital and personal information. That is why the application has the following functions:
– Touch ID / Face ID login (fingerprint / face recognition function) or password
– password recovery
– confirmation of operations via Code Generator or SMS

With the function of transfer by phone number (Fast Payment System), money transfer is instant.
You can also make transfers:
– by card number *
– by account number
– between your accounts
– by phone number (Fast Payment System) *
– send an online order to withdraw funds from a brokerage account
*Features and the risks inherent in this form of payment are defined in the contract with the client. The client needs to familiarize themselves with them in advance.

In the application you can:
– see the history of transactions and the amount of the minimum payment
– view statements of debt and transactions
– replenish the card by transfer from your account
– repay the loan, credit card debt and /or installment programs

Pay for Internet, utilities, mobile communications and other services instantly and without commission. After paying in the application, you will be able to independently generate a document confirming the payment and save it.

If the application is unstable, we advise you to:
• clear/reset application data and cache in the phone settings and restart the device;
• Reinstall the application (delete it and install the latest version).
If the recommendations did not help, please send us a screenshot (screenshot) / video of the error indicating the device model, operating system version, date and time of entering the application to [email protected]. We will check the information in detail and will definitely help you.

For all questions, please contact the support service:
– by mail [email protected]
– by hotline number +7 (495) 775-75-75 in Moscow, +7 (812) 336-75-75 in St. Petersburg and 8 (800) 700-38-38 for calls from other cities of the Russian Federation

Version 13.5

We fixed some bugs in this version.
If the application is unstable, please reinstall it. Help is needed? Write to us at [email protected] — we will definitely help.

Ratings and reviews

Ratings: 19k

I waited for the SBP and waited …

When trying to make a transfer via SBP, it gives an error: You do not have a suitable account for making a payment. And what account, excuse me, is suitable ??

Thank you for writing to us. We have fixed this error and are doing our best to fix it as soon as possible. Sorry for the inconvenience.

good app

Convenient to use. You can quickly transfer money in the Fast Payment System or use a ready-made template for transferring by bank details.

Thank you for your review and high rating. We are working for you!


Hello. Please add your ATMs to the section branches and ATMs. They are not. Email only. What is the problem. Please those experts. Do your work conscientiously. Use your talent to improve the application!

Thank you for writing to us. Enter the name of the city or street in the “Address Search” field and the application will show you all available ATMs.

Developer Joint Stock Company Commercial Bank Citibank has indicated that, in accordance with the app’s privacy policy, data may be processed as described below. Detailed information is available in the developer’s privacy policy.

Data used for tracking information

The following data may be used to track user information in apps and websites owned by other companies:

with user data

The following data may be collected, which is not related to the user’s identity:

  • financial information

  • Geoposition

  • Contact details

  • Contacts

  • User Content

  • Identifiers

  • Usage data

  • Confidential Data

  • Diagnostics

Sensitive data may be used differently depending on your age, features involved, or other factors. Read more


Joint Stock Company Commercial Bank Citibank

320.3 MB




© 2019 Citigroup Inc.


  • App support

  • Privacy Policy

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review of mobile applications of the four largest US banks — Design on

Artyom Gorodetsky, art director and founder of the Designstudio. AG studio, and the AIC team dismantled application interfaces from a UX point of view.

20 006

Bank of America

The main function of the start screen is to enter the application. The interface is inconvenient: small text and four cards that scatter attention.

The login and password fields are stuck together – it is difficult to get into them with your finger. Rectangular shapes without rounded corners are unpleasant to the eye.

Each application page has a footer with legal information. If you click on the link, a message will appear: “You are moving to another site. We want you to know that the site owner is responsible for its content. Its privacy policy may differ from ours, so please review it.” And two possible answers: “Yes” and “No”.

Two questions arise:

  • Why report something that does not directly concern the user? If it’s something serious, you need to talk about the consequences.
  • There is no question in the message, but there are answer options. What do I agree with? What am I giving up? What will happen next?

Trying to order a new credit card. We find ourselves not in a separate section of the application, but on the bank’s website. Choose the type of account, terms of service and type of card. To understand the terms of service for an individual card, you will have to read the small text and understand how points and bonuses differ from rewards. After a long quest, we click on confirmation, and the site reports that the system is unavailable.

After that, we plan a meeting with a bank employee. We are again thrown to the bank’s website. This time everything works – we made an appointment. The confirmation button at the bottom of the screen upsets: it is too narrow.


The application of the second largest US bank by capitalization looks neater and more concise.

Credit card balance on start screen. The balance here is the absence or presence of debt, not available funds. The amount of funds available is listed below.

On the first screen, everything looks more or less decent, but as soon as we go deeper into the application, we will again encounter canvases of small legal text.

In the “Bonuses” section there is a list of gas stations throughout the country where you can get cashback. There is no map with geolocation, as well as a list of stations nearby.

Very limited functionality. Everything the app offers:

  • see reports;
  • exchange rewards;
  • view payment history;
  • request a new payment date;
  • replace a lost or damaged card;
  • recommend the bank to friends.

There are not much more options in the side menu:

  • view your accounts;
  • open an investment account;
  • get acquainted with the new products of the bank;
  • find the nearest ATMs.

It is not possible to transfer money to relatives or replenish the balance of a cell phone.

We tried to schedule a payment, but received the message: “You cannot schedule a payment due to a zero balance, and your account is not intended for additional payments.” How to fix it, the bank does not say.


Citibank’s dark blue start screen looks neat. But the functionality suffers: on the main screen we see only the card and its number.

The rest of the interface looks more modern and better than the competition. But on the next screens, the problems start: canvases of text and separate windows to select a payment date.

There are also frank shortcomings. When planning a trip, the bank offers to select the card that you want to protect from being blocked while traveling. But there is only one card in the list, you need to choose it, otherwise you won’t go any further. The only thing you can do after confirming the dates is to look at the list of all trips.

In case of loss or theft of the card, banking applications have the “Block card” function. We are trying to do this in the Citibank application.

We see the message: “If you notice something suspicious, call the online bank or log into your personal account from your laptop and report that the card is lost or stolen.” Instead of giving the client the opportunity to quickly block the card and order a new one, the bank offers to look for a hotline phone and explain the situation to the manager.

In the upper right corner we notice “Continue”, which leads to the next section. There you can request a new card. But there are two incomprehensible moments:

  • Is the lost card blocked after ordering a new one? There is no information about this anywhere.
  • If the client is located in another city, he will be able to order a card to the address indicated for the old card. You cannot change the delivery address in the application – only from a computer.

TD Bank

TD Bank application main page:

  • The buttons at the top of the screen duplicate the list of options at the bottom.
  • The main element of the page is the “Apply Now” button, made in the best traditions of 2004. It is smaller than the rest of the objects: it was literally crushed by two blocks.

We were unable to evaluate the performance of the TD Bank application as it does not work in Russia. After going to any section, a message appears: “We are working on it.” According to Artyom Gorodetsky, this has been happening for all six years that he has been served at the bank.

Why is this happening

The main reason for these outdated interfaces is the sluggish and conservative US banking system. Bureaucratization and regulation of the market have led to the creation of complex and inconvenient products in a developed country.

In 2018, US banks are still playing the role of “safe money store” and do not seem to think about the usability of their mobile products for the client. Designer Michael Janda lists three problems that cause this to happen.

Applications are written in the old code

The first bank in the USA appeared in 1781. The first online banking was in the 1980s. And by 2000, about 80% of US banks offered this service. For example, Bank of America had 3 million online users in 2001.

It is very painful for businesses and customers to close websites and applications in order to update them to more modern versions. As a result, banks have to build new applications based on old code, which was last updated in 2007. Banks that appeared after 2007 have applications that look more modern and clearer.

Banks are overly regulated by the state

Any change goes through several approval stages. Bank of America has 36 million internet banking users and 25 million active mobile app users.