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Whether looking for your first 3D printer or an old pro looking for an upgrade or a second machine, you can find great savings. There are loads of fantastic 3D printer deals on FDM and resin models, including some of our favorites.

There are so many promotions separating the hype from the actual bargains is difficult. Fortunately, we’re doing some legwork for you, combing through the best deals on printers from Amazon, Best Buy, Newegg, Anycubic, and other retailers.

We’re tracking all the  3D Printer deals below and any savings on consumables and accessories to make it easier for you to stock up on supplies such as filament or resin.       

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  • Amazon: Up to 30% off Elegoo printers
  • Amazon: Up to 26%  off Anycubic printers
  • Amazon: Up to 10% off PLA Filament
  • Amazon: Up to 10% off PETG Filament
  • MatterHackers: Up to 20% off Filament
  • Anycubic: Save up to $240 on 3D printers

3D Printer Deals

Anycubic Photon Ultra Resin 3D Printer: now $369 at Amazon  (was $399)
For your resin printing needs look no further than the Anycubic Photon Ultra, this 3D resin printer is faster and quieter than the previous Anycubic Photon, and can help you create resin models and miniatures for your favorite hobbies.         

Anycubic Kobra Go: now $159 at Anycubic (was $209)
This Editor’s choice 3D printer features auto bed leveling and a build volume of 220 x 220 x 250 mm this Bowden tube-fed printer is the ideal way to get started with 3D printing. The heated PEI spring steel print bed makes removing prints a breeze.       

Phrozen Sonic Mini 8K LCD Resin 3D Printer: now $381 at Amazon with coupon (was $449)
This high-resolution resin printer scored Editor’s Choice in our review and for good reason. It produces wonderfully detailed prints out of the box. The 165 x 72 x 180mm build volume is generous and capable of much more than trinkets.    

Creality Ender 3 V2 3D Printer: now $229 at Amazon with coupon (was $319)
The Creality Ender 3 V2 is a great beginner’s printer and it is now at one of its best prices yet. The Ender 3 V2 is easy to assemble, requiring just a few screws to connect the print gantry to the base. This price is also available on the official Creality website but Prime users can take advantage of free shipping. 

Creality Ender 2 Pro 3D Mini: now $169 at Amazon with coupon (was $179)
The cantilever design of the Ender 2 Pro is not the only thing that sets it apart from its contemporaries. This tiny, portable 3D printer has a 165 x 165 x 180 mm build volume and manual bed leveling. It is aimed at those who want to get started with 3D printing, but it is a capable machine with great print quality.   

Creality Ender 3 Pro 3D Printer: now $199 at Amazon with coupon (was $339)
Creality’s Ender 2 Series of printers are the workhorses of the 3D printer community. They are cheap and dependable. The only issue is the lack of auto bed leveling. With a magnetic, removable build surface and a 220 x 220 x 250mm build volume there is a lot to like.

Creality Ender 3 3D Printer: now $169 at Amazon with coupon (was $218)
The Creality Ender 3 is a smaller form factor 3D printer with a heated print bed and a resume print feature. Focuses on quieter extrusion.

3D Printer Filament and Resin deals

Glow in The Dark Filament Bundle: now $36 at Amazon with coupon  (was $49)
This glow-in-the-dark filament bundle is marked down to $41 and includes four individual spools of 1. 75mm filament. This filament is PLA and sold by iSanmate.  

Overture PLA Filament (1kg): now $15 at Amazon  (was $26)
Overture, a reliable brand in the filament space, has deep reductions on all of its colors of PLA, 1.75mm filament. 

MIKA3D 12-in-1 color 3D printer filament: now $101 at Amazon with 15% coupon applied (was $149)
Get PLA filament of any color you could possibly want in this bulk deal, which gives you $50 off. Each spool has 500g of filament and you get a bottle of 3D printer stick for free.    

Elegoo Water Washable 3D Printer Resin: now $39 at Amazon (was $49)
This resin from Elegoo is water washable, making the finishing process much easier to complete. This discount applies to multiple colors but not all of them.      

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Best 3D Printer Deals: Bring Your Creations to Life for $170

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Aaron Mamiit
Briley Kenney

3D printing is an incredibly feat of technology, and a decade ago it was only an option for NASA scientists and mechanical engineers. Now, anyone can print their own models at home. This large and growing hobby isn’t as hard to get into as many think, and there are now plenty of reliable and affordable 3D printers on the market. Not to mention, there are a plethora of websites and forums eager to welcome newbies and help you secure exceptional 3D designs — which you can print on your shiny new system. So, whether you’ve yet to dive into this burgeoning community and you’re shopping for your first printer, or you’re already a salty veteran looking to take your prints to the next level, our roundup of the best 3D printer deals is sure to have something to please.


  • Best 3D printer deals
  • How to choose a 3D printer

Best 3D printer deals

Creality Ender 3 — $170, was $269

The Creality Ender 3 is an affordable 3D printer that’s included in our list of the best 3D printers under $500 because it offers the biggest build area for its price. It also offers several stability features to prevent any mistakes in your project, plus a magnetic build surface that you can remove to make it easier to remove the completed print. The Creality Ender 3 requires assembly, but once it’s up and running, you’ll be churning out prints one after the other, and with a resume printing function, even power outages or unexpected interruptions won’t stop you.

Prime Day Laptop Deals by Type

Monoprice Maker Ultimate 2 — $175, was $500

Monoprice is a mainstay in our roundup of the best 3D printers, and the Monoprice Maker Ultimate 2 is one of the brand’s most popular models. It features a full enclosure to help maintain optimal internal temperature, with a maximum build volume of 200mm by 150mm by 150mm. There are LED lights inside the enclosure so that you can monitor the printing while it’s in progress, the removable glass build plate provides the flattest surface, and the underlying aluminum plate enables automatic bed leveling with the help of a build-in inductive sensor.

Monoprice MP10 — $210, was $350

The Monoprice MP10 comes with a heated, flexible, and removable steel spring build plate with dimensions of 300mm by 300mm, in addition to an all-metal extruder with an assisted bed level sensor to eliminate mistakes within the first layers of printing. If the build gets interrupted for any reason, including a power outage or accidental unplugging, there’s a resume print function as that the 3D printer will pick up from where it left off. The Monoprice MP10 also has a filament sensor that pauses the printing when your filament runs out.

Flashforge Adventurer 3 Pro — $359, was $399

The Flashforge Adventurer 3 Pro is a fully enclosed 3D printer with a maximum printing volume of 150mm by 150mm by 150mm, on a glass build plate that’s flat and smooth so that you can easily remove your projects once they’re done. The 3D printer’s extrusion system can heat up to 200 degrees Celsius in just 60 seconds, so it’s ready to print in no time, and there’s a built-in HD camera so that you can remotely monitor the printing process if you need to leave it. The sound that it makes is less than 45 decibels, so the 3D printer won’t be a distraction to other people in your household.

Monoprice Voxel Pro — $630, was $900

If you’re serious about 3D printing, you should go for the Monoprice Voxel Pro, which features a large build area that measures 200mm by 200mm by 250mm, allowing you to print larger models or several smaller ones. The fully enclosed 3D printer features a HEPA air filter that blocks dust and other particles to ensure a constant and controlled printing environment. The Monoprice Voxel Pro also comes with a touchscreen user interface, where you can set-up a Wi-Fi connection for live print monitoring using its built-in 720p camera.

How to choose a 3D printer

Three-dimensional printers cover a huge range of sizes and prices, with some industrial models capable of printing houses. Such equipment is naturally beyond the needs or means of most people, however, and the vast majority of consumer-grade units are designed to fit on a tabletop. Even these run the gamut when it comes to cost, so it’s worth it to spend some time to track down a budget-friendly 3D printer (or at least a worthy 3D printer deal on a more expensive unit) that can meet your budget while also satisfying your needs.

Modern 3D printers employ one of two manufacturing technologies: Fused deposition modeling (FDM) or stereolithography (SLA). FDM printers are more popular and use a printing medium known as filament. This filament is heated to its melting point and then extruded through one or more printing heads, which move along three axes to create an object layer-by-layer from the bottom up on a heat-dispersing build plate.

FDM printers tend to be the most user-friendly and the filaments they use are also very common and quite affordable, making these 3D printers good for household items and other common projects. Items made with an FDM 3D printer usually have a noticeably striated appearance due to this layer-by-layer building method, but filaments and the printers that use them are improving and growing more capable of handling complex tasks as this technology continues to mature. Most 3D printers you’ll find will be of this design.

Stereolithography, while actually a decades-old technology, is less common due to the greater cost of SLA printers and their proprietary resins (there are a few 3D printers that use resin, but they tend to be on the smaller side). Instead of filament as a printing substrate, SLA printers start with a resin liquid that is hardened via UV radiation as it is molded into the desired shape within the printing chamber. The UV laser is reflected off of mirrors to selectively target the resin that is to be hardened; this is also done layer-by-layer, but in a much different manner than in fused deposition modeling.

Resin-based SLA printers are therefore capable of creating smoother, more detailed, and higher-resolution objects than FDM printers. These resin objects also tend to be considerably more durable. The trade-off here is that SLA 3D printers (and the resins) tend to be more expensive than FDM units, and the proprietary resins are less flexible and messier to work with.

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3D printing on order in Moscow

The entire production cycle from modeling to post-processing. Price from 7 RUB/cm3

Our 3D printing studio offers additive manufacturing, modeling and post-processing services. At your disposal is a staff of highly qualified specialists, more than 30 professional printers, 6 manufacturing technologies, 50+ printing materials. We are suppliers of equipment and consumables, which allows us to offer some of the most competitive prices on the market.


Advantages and disadvantages of additive technologies

3D printing is by far the most economical manufacturing process and the best option in terms of speed. Now it is possible to design a part, make changes, get a prototype and test it in just a few days.

  • Availability of technology
  • Rapid prototyping
  • Reduced production costs
  • Less waste, more environmentally friendly
  • Design and print complex designs
  • Low cost with small production
  • Limited material selection
  • Limited build chamber dimensions
  • Most products require post-processing
  • Does not scale well from 500-1000 pieces
  • Lower strength than traditional production methods

How we work

You provide a finished 3D model or TK

Just fill out the application form below and describe your task, add a photo.

We calculate the cost

Based on your wishes, we select the most optimal manufacturing technology.

3D printing process of a part

Printing is done on industrial 3D printers, special attention is paid to the quality of workmanship.

We deliver the finished product

The product is packed and delivered in Moscow and Russia. Pickup available.

3D Printing Technologies

We will help you go from concept to physical implementation of your ideas, no matter what you need: functional parts or high-precision prototypes, master models, exhibition samples, layouts. You can also order 3D printing from engineering plastics, materials imitating wood, metals, ceramics from us.

You can be sure that you receive the most comprehensive information on the project.

From 3D modeling, printing to post-processing and painting. Once you find us, you don’t need anyone else.

We always adhere to the schedules set for clients. We guarantee that the deadlines for the implementation of your projects will be the shortest.

We understand the importance of keeping confidential customer information, incl. digital models, drawings, etc. We conclude an NDA agreement.

Having our own fleet of equipment and experts in the field allows us to set a reasonable price level.

We carry out constant quality control. If any shortcomings are revealed at the stage of model approval, we will definitely warn you before launching into production.

Our prices

The cost of printing mainly depends on the chosen production technology and printing material. Also, the price will be affected by the selected print layer, the geometry of the part, in the case of fdm – internal filling

Technology Our printers Layer Colors Cost Term
FDM (ABS, PTEG, PLA printing) Zortrax m200/ m300, Picaso Designer 90 to 290µm 30+ different colors from 7 ₽/cm³ 1-2 days
SLA Zortrax Inkspire, FormLabs 25 to 100µm 10+ different colors from 80 ₽/cm³ 2-3 days
SLS (printed with polyamide) Eosint p365, 3D SYSTEMS PROX 500 60 to 170µm white from 85 ₽/cm³ 5-7 days
CJP (gypsum resin printing) PROJET 4500 100µm full color printing from 70 ₽/cm³ 4-5 days
Polyjet Objet30 Pro 20 to 60µm 15+ different colors from 200 ₽/cm³ 7-8 days
SLM (metal printing) SLM 280 from 20µm grey, bronze from 1500 ₽/cm³ from 10 days

Get a quick quote

Send a request. Our experts will respond within 20 minutes.


Over the years, we have completed a large number of projects of varying complexity from making souvenirs to printing a block layout and engine prototype

Frequently Asked Questions

This section contains the most common questions and answers to them.

”The answer is

The answer to this question is definitely YES. The technology offers a lot of possibilities that will allow you to realize your idea faster and more conveniently than any other production method.

However, keep in mind that 3D printing does not scale well. If 1 printer can produce 1 part in 10 hours, and you need to get 100 parts in this time, then there is no “faster” printer. You need to have 100 devices and run them 24/7. Even this will be difficult to achieve, because most printers require constant monitoring, they cannot automatically start a new print. In addition, the failure rate of printers is around 5-15% depending on the specific machine.

It should also be understood that, unlike traditional methods such as injection molding, where profitability increases with production volumes, in additive manufacturing, the cost of manufacturing a unit of a product will remain approximately the same level at any lot size. Although the initial investment is much lower.

Typically, the volume of serial production when choosing 3d technologies does not exceed 200-300 pieces. products of medium size and 1.5 – 2 thousand pieces of small parts. Finished product tolerances are lower and the choice of materials is limited compared to traditional production.

“Let’s imagine,

Which technology and material to choose depends on the requirements that you place on the product. Projects for different industries will have their own requirements.

Metals are obviously the most durable and resistant materials, especially when it comes to heat. However, metal printing technology is the most expensive.

When it comes to making basic models for proof-of-concept, fast and inexpensive prototyping of simple parts, and building mockups and devices, FDM is the perfect fit. However, keep in mind that FDM has the lowest resolution and accuracy and is not the best option for printing designs with complex functionality. A quality surface and aesthetics here can be obtained through chemical and mechanical polishing processes.

In contrast, Polyjet SLA/DLP/LSD printed parts have the highest resolution and precision, the smoothest surface. Resin printing is a great option for making highly detailed prototypes, functional parts, and master models.

SLS is the most widely used technology for industrial applications and is trusted by engineers and manufacturers in various industries. This method is a cost effective alternative to injection molding for limited run production or functional prototyping.

The cost of printing is calculated based on:
1) The selected printing technology
2) The amount of material used (in addition to the actual volume of the model, it is necessary to take into account the volume of supporting structures)
3) For FDM printing, the cost will additionally be affected by: the quality with which the product (print layer) and infill percentage are printed.

Please refer to the table above for the order of printing prices. For an accurate calculation, please send the technical specification to us by mail [email protected] or fill out the contact form.

For a rough estimate of complex projects, you can explore the section “Our work”

Currently, the most common file format in 3D printing is STL (.stl extension). STL files save 3D models as a surface of geometric shapes and turn it into a triangular mesh. But they cannot display color or texture information of the model.

When a 3D object requires more than one color and more flexibility is needed in encoding the geometry of the 3D model, the OBJ format (.obj extension) is suitable.
Unlike STL, OBJ can encode color and texture information, it also supports both approximate,
, and fine surface geometry encoding. This means that it does not restrict its surface mesh to triangular faces.
The designer can also use polygons such as quads.

There are other file formats that are used in 3D printing. If you have any difficulties in converting to the desired format, please contact us. We will help you figure it out.

The case when simpler is better

Write a letter, attach a file, photo, drawing …

In 2 minutes, the specialist will start the calculation

We deliver products to any point in Russia 900 10

Our clients are large, medium and small enterprises throughout the country, as well as individuals. We deliver products to neighboring countries and Europe.

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      • Silk-screen materials
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      • Chemistry (adhesives, paints, varnishes, special chemicals, cleaners)
      • Mounting and packaging materials
      • Aluminum and plastic profiles
      • Materials and equipment DTF
      • Digital printing ink
      • POS materials and equipment, Joker, Uno and Tritix systems
      • Mobile stands, Flagpoles, Pavement signs, Fencing posts
      • Rigid sheet materials
      • Colored self-adhesive films
      • Materials for printing and lamination
      • Reflective materials
      • Thermal transfer materials
      • Souvenir and premium products
      • Clothes and accessories for labeling
      • CRAFT materials and equipment


      • Equipment for direct printing on fabrics
      • 3D printers and equipment for the production of liquid acrylic letters
      • Laser engravers, milling and vacuum forming equipment
      • Flatbed cutters and cutting plotters (cutters)
      • Solvent, eco-solvent and latex printers
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      • Sublimation printers and calender heat presses (calenders)
      • Printers for printing and transfer printing
      • 3D printers
      • Laminators
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