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Two Player Games online for kids free to play on the same computer

Hosting Games for over 12 Years: Play fun free 2-player games online on Learn 4 Good Games: Top browser games to enjoy – from old school Flash games to HTML5 games. Enjoy fun arcade games, board games, sports/ ball games, shoot/ battle games, thinking strategy games to play against a friend or family member. Also occasionally 3 player games. 

Stick Duel: Medieval Wars

Stick Duel: Medieval Wars is a two player side scrolling fighting game. Play against a friend or AI in this gothic themed fighter, controlling neon stick figures who fight each other from on top of wheeled bases with a series of long weapons. It’s your job to balance your character and try to impale your enemy while trying to keep out of reach of their weapon! Try to keep your balance while you navigate the terrain of the unique battlegrounds. Manage to kill your opponent six times before they get you and you will be crowned the winner!

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Pill Soccer

Experience some hazardous soccer shenanigans in Pill Soccer! Play against a friend or test your luck and skill against other actual players online. Earn gems by winning games which you can later use to buy new outfits, soccer balls or save up to unlock the wonderous tournament games! Stop waiting, get your soccer shoes on and come play Pill Soccer.

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Cyber Cars Punk Racing

Get ready to dive into the world of neon pink and futuristic roadways, Cyber Cars Punk Racing is one a wild car ride!

A car racing game set in a cyberpunk future, your goal is to race your futuristic car in different career options and rig it up with some cool new parts. There are a lot of options to choose from when selecting a career. Checkpoint races, quick races, stunt racing, anything to suit your fancy, and the faster your ride gets the more money you’ll be raking in. But be a bit daring! The more you drift, the more points you get and points equal more money. Once your wallet is fat enough you can buy a new ride, which can also customize to your heart’s desire. There is a tonne to try and do in this game!

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Pixel Combat Fortress

Pixel Combat Fortress is an arena shooter game where you have to defeat the enemy team in a shootout. To succeed here, all you need is a desire to have fun (and loads of it!). Think you can manage it? Lets find out!

The aim of the game is to eliminate as many of your opponents as possible without getting taken down yourself. These are real players that you play with so they will be after you every chance you get…so make sure you are onto them in the same way! You need to have lightening fast reactions to take advantage of any situation in this game, as well as expert marksmanship skills! Sound like you? Come on then!

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Two Punk Racing

Playable on PC with keyboard or with Android tablet plus keyboard, Two Punk Racing is truly challenging, racing game for one or two players! Two Punk Racing takes you into the world of the future. The futuristic winding roads pass through the buildings and sometimes even have gaps with huge jumps over them. Race against the time or against your opponent with Super Cars! There are 7 different modified vehicles in Two Punk Racing game. You can play the game alone or with your opponent on a split screen. You must use new punk cars to pass next levels! If you’re ready to race now, get motivated and win the game!

Use keyboard arrow keys and WASD buttons to control your car. Make sure you do not jump off the road and use M for Nitro Boost which you collect along the road.

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Two Lambo Rivals

Two Lambo Rivals: Drift is an exciting and chaotic open sandbox racer that lets you tear through and drift along the streets of an abandoned city. Take part in the motorised chaos either by yourself or with a friend as you compete to race against the clock in racing matches or set as high of a drift score as you can in drifting matches. Complete challenges, earn money, and purchase other superpowered sports cars in this exciting drifting game!

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Pool And Ball Mania

Pool and Ball Mania is a skill and strategy-based, pocket billiards (pool) game for older kids, teens and grown-ups. Good hand-eye coordination and an excellent understanding of the laws of physics, motion and geometry are essential. You can choose to play as 1 player against the computer, and try and reach the top of leader board, or you can play as 2 players – against a friend or family member. Show us what you’ve got!

The aim of this game is to pot all of your balls and then the final black ball before your opponent! This game is similar to the classic 8 Ball Pool game so if you are an expert at that, you should be destined for success here too! This game will take good accuracy with the mouse, and delicate use of the power function. Too much power will cause the ball to bounce out of the pocket, and too little will result in your shot falling short! Enjoy!

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Tic Tac Toe Mania

Tic Tac Toe Mania is an easy-to-play online version of the timeless classic 2-player pencil & paper game of the past, also known as Naughts and Crosses. Compete against the computer or a friend in a strategic race to get four O’s or X’s in a row. Set on a simple 5×5 grid with 20 spaces, your goal is to get 4 of your symbol in a row – either vertically, horizontally, or diagonally.

Use simple strategy and logic to try and get that often-elusive row of three X’s or O’s. Games of Tic Tac Toe often end up in a tie, so try to confuse your opponent with unorthodox moves and super-fast play. Have you got the tactical know-how to become the Tic Tac Toe champ in town? Sometimes, the simplest games can be the most fun!

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Monster Truck Extreme Racing

Take hold of the wheel and cause some high-speed havoc in Monster Truck Extreme Racing, a regular racing game only with monster truckers! Choose from close to a dozen different monster trucks as you compete against other racers to see if you can clear all 12 levels. If you don’t feel like racing against the AI, you can also always race against a friend in two-player mode or play together or alone in Free Driving mode, where you can explore and race along an open sandbox type map. Whatever your preference, Monster Truck Extreme Racing is sure to entertain you for a couple of hours.

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Night City Racing

Are you looking for the next racing game to play but can’t find anything that really speaks to you? Well, look no further, for Night City Racing is the ultimate racing game for you! This racing game not only has superb driving mechanics but also comes with 3 awesome game modes for you to play! Try Racing mode for some fierce racing competition against other drivers. Challenge mode for some truly insane challenge course. And Free Drive mode to do whatever you want. What’s better, you can play two-player for all three modes. Be sure to check out the garage to see what other cars and customisation features they have for you!

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Paintball Fun Shooting Multiplayer

Paintball Fun Shooting Multiplayer is a fun online shooting game which uses the wonderful game of paintball. You play as a paintball character in online servers around the world. This means you could be playing against someone who is thousands of miles away! Or, if this is not for you, there is also a single player mode in which you will play against the computer. Good luck!

The aim of the game is to be top of the leaderboard as the best paintball player, so have the most confirmed hits! Don’t forget to play smart and change your weapons for certain scenarios to deal better with groups of opponents for example. This is a fast paced game so you must have excellent keyboard skills to control your movement effectively to avoid being attacked and damaged. Play a strategic game and win the battle with a mix of aggressive and defensive play. Have fun!

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Soccer Random

Lace up your boots for an incredibly tricky and addicting soccer skills challenge! Soccer Random is a fun yet difficult soccer ball game in which you can play against the CPU or you can play with a friend in two player mode! In this game you have to score goals by kicking the ball into the opponent’s net! Easier said than done! Enjoy!

The aim of this game is to score 5 goals faster than your opponent which will mean you win the game! To master this tricky game, you have to exhibit superb control, expert timing, a steady hand, and above all – fast reactions. This is a good activity to exercise hand-eye coordination skills as you try to carefully follow the path of the ball all over the screen. Ok football King or Queen, we hope to see some fancy talent on show. Have we found a new soccer football superstar?

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Challenge The Runners

Challenge The Runners is a fun footrace game to the finish with obstacles in the way!

Get in line and start running! Get to the finish line first in this hilarious game where falling just happens sometimes! Run and jump your way across the obstacle course and try to be first! You have to be a quick thinker to become agile, that is the secret sauce to winning this game. Challenge your friend and play on the same keyboard too!

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Shoot Up

Shoot Up – Come and play this apocalyptic game, where you must survive in a world taken over by zombies. Use whatever resources you can find in the open world to help you in your mission. Cars, buildings and walls just to name a few, whatever you can get your hands on it will be of some use to you. You will need all the help and luck you can get, as well as enormous skills. Have you got what it takes?

The aim of the game is to survive for as long as possible from the waves of zombies. They will be relentless so you must be on your guard. This will test and develop your ability to work under pressure and your strategic thinking skills. Do not get overwhelmed by the sheer number of zombies after you, you must have a game plan which you need to stick to. Operate the controls on the keyboard quickly and efficiently to avoid danger and eliminate as many zombies as possible! 

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Mega City Missions

It’s time to tear up the city in Mega City Missions, a high octane and action-packed racing game that is sure to leave you on the edge of your seat. In Mega City Missions, you can choose between two different game modes to play, such as “Free Drive and Career” mode or “Racing mode”. In Race mode, you will compete against 3 other AI-controlled drivers as you race through 5 different maps for prize money. If you get a bit bored, invite a friend over and try out two-player mode. Free Drive and Career mode doesn’t have you competing against other racers; instead, it will allow you to explore the city and compete in a series of challenges. Use your winnings to unlock other more powerful racing cars.

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Fly Car Stunt 4

Fly Car Stunt 4 is a crazy driving game where you have to clear giant tracks where you go so fast that the car flies for a few seconds. Go fast and beat the timer on the track to earn coins and stars. Buy new vehicles and improve your times with practice.

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City Car Stunt 4

Burn rubber and cause mayhem in this unconventional racing game as you compete along racetracks built in the skies in City Car Stunt 4. Face off against the AI in “Racing” mode as you try to see if you can complete all 12 levels of this high-speed game. If that isn’t for you don’t worry as you can always compete against a friend in split-screen mode, or simply compete in “Free Driving” mode as you and your friend, or alone, try to collect the diamonds strewn across insane stunt courses.

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Tank Mayhem

Tank Mayhem is a fun, easy to play tank shooting game where you play within a maze against either a computer controlled tank, or a tank can be controlled by your friend who can play alongside you! Battle it out to see who will be the victor in this great battle! Use all your available skills!

Transport yourself to the battleground and hone your shooting accuracy in one of the most feared war machines of all time – the Tank. The aim of this game is to eliminate the opponent’s tank with your own whilst utilizing the upgrades available, such as lasers and defensive impenetrable shields. Drive around to collect the upgrades and use your nifty fingers to find and then destroy the opponent’s tank. This truly is classic warfare on a grand scale! Quick reactions, concentration, and an eagle eye are all vitally important. Don’t hesitate – you can be sure that the opponent won’t! Good luck Commander, we’ll see you when this is all over.

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Survival Wave Zombie Multiplayer

Survival Wave Zombie Multiplayer game lands you into the middle of a fight with an army of zombies. The game requires good memory for controls, quick reaction skills and a well-planned strategy. This game comes with new graphics, a new hostile environment, and brings a whole new meaning to the phrase ‘wave after wave’. You must do everything you can to survive, are you ready?

The aim of this game is to survive as many waves as possible. The zombies will come at you thick and fast and you must act quickly, decisively and effectively in order to stand any chance of doing well! You must use your skills on the keyboard to master the controls. Once you do this, you will have a much better opportunity to survive for longer and get a much higher score. Expert keyboard knowledge and skills will be your best asset here, you want to be able to navigate around the world, shoot, reload, change weapons, jump and crouch without having to be staring down at the keyboard, wasting valuabe time!

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Two Ball 3D

Two Ball 3D is a 3D physics based game, in which you need to keep your ball from falling or crashing off a series of ramps, and collect floating diamonds. When you successfully collect diamonds, you can save up to buy items in the main menu such as character avatars and power ups. You can choose to play single player, or in split screen, test your reflexes against a friend!

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Drunken Duel 2

If you ever wanted to duel your friends while drunk, and with weapons while on top of a building. Then Drunken Duel 2 is the game for you. Shoot your gun or throw shurikens to get the other player off the building. Whoever wins five rounds is the winner of the game.

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‎2 Player Games – Pastimes on the App Store


Play with friends multiplayer games. 2 player games. Party Games for two people.

Challenge your friends with these fun games for 2 players! Two players in the same device. Are you ready for an amazing party with friends? Senior games presents this multiplayer fun game for two people to play on the same device. Its 3D design will make you enjoy the mini games more realistically. Compete with your friends! Only one player can be the winner of the mini games offline!


– 2 player – With this multiplayer mode you can play to the mini games with friends on the same smartphone or tablet; from home, at school, university or during free time. Don’t miss the crazy party for 2 players offline!

– 1 player – If you want to play alone to the mini games, this is your ideal option. You will have to face AI and compete against it.

This application contains quick and short party games for 2 players. The offline mini games are really addictive! The challenge consist in being the fastest! Some games consist of several rounds of play so you can offer revenge to your opponent.


Let’s play the offline mini games and let the party begin! Within this game you will find different challenges to compete with your friends:

– Color puzzle
– Duel in the Far West
– Space adventure
– Slapping
– Car fight
– Pinball
– Hockey game
– Ninja runner
– Basketball
– Jetpack
– Camel race
– Mathematical operations
– Ping pong
– Hungry hippos
– Turtle race
– Disk battle

In each of the mini games in this collection of multiplayer mini games there are different challenges to overcome. Win 3 games in a row, win a game on hard mode, play games with friends and many more! Complete the different achievements, improve your skills in each game and become an expert in 2 player games.


The championship mode is a combination of mini games from the different games that appear in the application offline. A perfect option for those who like to try all the games. The winner of the competition will be the player who wins the most rounds!


– Multiplayer: play against another person or against AI
– Available in several languages
– Fun and fast party games offline
– 3D design for a more realistic experience
– For all ages
– Completely free

Senior Games is a project of Tellmewow, a mobile game development company specialized in easy adaptation and basic usability, which make our games ideal for older people or young people who simply want to play an occasional game without major complications.

If you have any suggestions for improvement or want to stay informed about upcoming games that we are going to publish, follow us on our social networks: Seniorgames_tmw

Version 218

Thank you very much for playing our game!
We have fixed bugs, optimized performance and improved the user experience.

Ratings and Reviews

4.9K Ratings

my son enjoys these games

My son is eight years old and he loves playing these games with his girlfriend! They’re so CUTE ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ together! These games, there’s lots of games, two player games and if you don’t have somebody to play with you, you can play with a robot and um yeah except for some you have to pay for and I’m a cheapskate so I don’t pay for it and I had to watch the ad but if you’re fine with watchin an ad this game is for you! if you’re lonely if you’re single if you’re a cheapskate if you have money it’s for all!

I love to play the game

The game two players is so entertaining I Play with my sister and my Brother this is one of my favorite games I love to play even though I have like hundreds of apps this is one of my favorites of apps thank you for making this game to the creator of the game this is for you

Good game

It’s a good game, there are mini games you can play, and all of them are well thought out and interesting. There are also no adds, which is nice for a change. But there are hardly any mini games, and that annoys me. You just keep playing the same games over and over. In another 2 player games I play, there are over 20 mini games and there more…simple, and make more sense. Pls add more mini games 🥺🙏🥺🙏🥺🙏

The developer, Tellmewow, indicated that the app’s privacy practices may include handling of data as described below. For more information, see the developer’s privacy policy.

Data Not Linked to You

The following data may be collected but it is not linked to your identity:

  • Location

  • Browsing History

  • Identifiers

  • Usage Data

  • Diagnostics

Privacy practices may vary, for example, based on the features you use or your age. Learn More


Tellmewow Studios Sociedad Limitada

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Age Rating

© 2020 Tellmewow


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15 games for two on one keyboard – Gambling

Modern psychologists in every way recommend problem families to play cooperative games. Say, joint activity teaches to rely on each other, helps to find a common language and expands the possibilities of communication. In addition, co-op appears to reduce aggression even when playing very violent games.

Let’s not debunk the progressive (sometimes) theories of psychologists, recalling games in which it is not surprising to quarrel with your best friend for life. This time our task is different: to help take on cooperative games in the most economical conditions. Let’s say at home there is only one computer or laptop and no set-top boxes and gamepads – otherwise you are here.

So what are we playing?

Rayman Legends

For many years, the symbol and mascot of Ubisoft was Raymen – a strange creature without arms and legs, but at the same time extremely active and mobile. A lot of games are dedicated to him, and almost every one provides the opportunity to play together. We chose Rayman Legends primarily because it has been given away for free many times, so it is very likely to be found in your library.

The game does not shock with revolutionary gameplay mechanics – this is a classic platformer. Its main advantage lies in something else: in the level design adjusted to the last pixel, in a frantic rhythm and incredibly smooth animation. And even though the picture is somewhat outdated, due to the colorful design and atmosphere, it still looks great.

The controls are simple: each player only needs a few buttons, so sharing the keyboard is easy.

Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes

Yes, this game is a bit out of the ordinary, because it requires something other than a computer. On the other hand, only one keyboard is still needed: the second player can use a smartphone or even a manual printed on paper. After all, all that is required of him is to give clues to the “sapper”, who has no idea where to start defusing the bomb.

The essence of Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes is simple: the participant in front of the computer is locked in a room with a ticking bomb. The device is intricate, generated procedurally, and by the appearance of all these buttons, panels, displays and wires, one cannot understand where to press or cut, and what to touch is life-threatening. A friend (or friends) with instructions, on the contrary, can give useful advice, but the trouble is: they don’t see the bomb – they only see the manual in front of them.

In order for everything to end without tragedy, it is necessary to be able to establish effective negotiations in the allotted time: each side will have to quickly and clearly describe what is happening. Tip: don’t start the game at night if you have nervous neighbors.


Arcade racer Blur was released ten years ago, but its age did not really affect the gameplay. Before us are real races without rules, during which opponents can be destroyed with a whole supply of deadly devices and techniques. At the same time, they give you a ride on real licensed cars: Audi, Ford, BMW, Ferrari, Dodge and so on.

There are a number of modes for cooperative play. At the same time, the keyboard layout for two players is not too obvious, and the control settings are available only in single player mode. So it’s worth looking for a hint picture in advance.

Ragdoll Runners

Remember games like QWOP and Getting Over It ? Ragdoll Runners is their close relative. But simpler: you have to control only the legs of an athlete, and two buttons are enough for this.

Game physics are inherently tricky, and attempts to win the sprint, long jump, triple jump, and hurdles often end in disaster. Of course, the main fun begins when a friend or a couple of friends joins the game.

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  • First impressions of Mortal Shell. Very Dark Souls

12 orbits

Many projects allow you to play with the keyboard together. But in the tests of the minimalist action movie 12 orbits , … twelve people can participate at the same time. The thing is that each player needs only one button.

In 12 orbits it is necessary to control multi-colored balls, and depending on the mode, recolor the white spheres or collect them into a “tail”. Clashing with an opponent is dangerous, but the longer the match goes on, the harder it is to avoid.

The LEGO Movie 2 Videogame

We chose The LEGO Movie 2 Videogame as the latest LEGO licensed game, but we mean the whole line of colorful action games. Almost every game in the series allows you to play it with a friend: LEGO Star Wars , LEGO Batman , LEGO Harry Potter , Lego The Hobbit and many, many others.

LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga is set to release this fall. The co-op mode in it has already been confirmed, including on the same screen. Let’s hope that the action-adventure will also follow the good traditions of the split keyboard.

Castle Crashers

The 2D arcade adventure Castle Crashers will soon be celebrating its twelfth anniversary, but its industry-leading age won’t stop it. There, players get the role of knights who must save the princesses and return the mystical royal stone. Four knights can go in search of princesses, but this will require additional gamepads, while two can fit perfectly on one keyboard. The co-op includes both a story campaign and additional modes.

Although only a few heroes are available at first, over time and under certain conditions, three dozen characters can be unlocked. And you can equip them with both weapons and spells – both of which are enough in the game.


In 2017, the studio Messhof released the second part of their pixel fighting game, so you can choose any of them: the general principles of the gameplay are identical. The essence of Nidhogg and Nidhogg 2 is to be eaten by a giant worm before the opponent.

To achieve the goal, it is not enough to defeat the opponent in battle once: very soon he will be reborn and will again be on the way. So you have to show not only valor and possession of weapons, but also dexterity, strategic thinking and even cunning. By the way, here you can not only hit with swords, but also throw them.


Dig into your library, you might find a free version of Guacamelee in it! Super Turbo Championship Edition . And, if you once took it from the Steam distribution and never launched it, consider that the time has come. This colorful and dynamic platformer becomes even more exciting if you take a partner with you.

And if the adventures of the Mexican luchador Juan Avocado are to your liking, then you can continue them in Guacamelee! 2. The sequel has even more enemies, wrestling moves and crazy adventures. But the second part supports co-op for four, which means that it is not so adjusted for a duet.

Child of Light

Generally fabulous Child of Light is a single-player title: the warrior princess copes well with all the trials on her own. But the second player can be trusted to control the firefly Igniculus. He needs to do almost nothing – just fly, collect treasures and help a little in battle. So the role of a firefly can be entrusted to a child, parents or friends who are still on “you” with games.

The benefits are undeniable in all cases: the child will be happy to take part in a real fairy-tale adventure, and parents and friends will understand that playing is not as difficult as they thought. And next time you can already call them, for example, in Call of Duty 4 .

Ultimate Chicken Horse

But Ultimate Chicken Horse , on the contrary, is one of those games that you should not even try to play alone. In full glory, its virtues are revealed when playing with four players, but the mode for two will also give a lot of fun and surprises of varying degrees of pleasantness.

The basis of the gameplay is that a colorful company of horses, raccoons, chickens and other animals must get from point A to point B, placing supports along the way. But because it’s deadly boring, the participants were given a set of various deadly traps. As you might guess, the winner will be the one who manages to get from point A to point B without dying along the way.

Rock of Ages

Rock of Ages , its sequel Rock of Ages 2: Bigger & Boulder and The Rock of Ages 3: Make & Break , which will be released in July, is a bit out of the ordinary four-handed games. It involves two players, but they have to use the control in turn.

First, the first builds the defense of his castle according to all the rules of tower defense: he places immovable barriers and mobile troops, he places cannons and catapults, he arranges traps and tricks. The task of the second player is simple: break through the gates of the king’s tower with a boulder rolling from the top. This can be done only on the condition that the stone picks up maximum speed, but if you trust the projectile to its own fate, it will quickly fall into the enemy’s defenses. So the player has to guide the stone, choosing the best path, dodging attacks and jumping over obstacles.

In addition to being fun on its own, this pinball game has a unique style, using a range of historical myths and realities. And the analysis of the sources of inspiration for developers can result in a fascinating cultural debate.

Crypt of the NecroDancer

Combining a rogue-like action movie with a musical rhythm game might not seem like a viable idea at first glance. However, this is not so: the studio Brace Yourself Games turned out to be a wonderful, complex and very unusual adventure.

The Meaning of Crypt of the NecroDancer is simple: get to the end of the dungeon without falling into a million traps and defeating hundreds of enemies. What makes the game unique is that all this happens to the beat of the music, and at each level you also have to meet the allotted number of measures. It is furiously difficult, but it is impossible to break away even alone. What can we say about the ability to beat the rhythm on the keyboard together!


Magicka is one of those games that puts you in danger of arguing with your best friend or ruining a perfect marriage. It’s all about friendly fire, which cannot be turned off: any skill strikes not only enemies, but also inopportunely turned up friends. In addition, local magic is full of surprises: a hastily put together spell can do more damage to heroes than to their opponents.

All participants have eight magic elements, each of which is called by a separate key. And they are all compatible and linked, sometimes quite unexpectedly. Moreover, the final result is formed by the called elements of all players, so you can screw up a friend’s complex combination with one click.

On the whole, the magical adventure came out, although not without flaws, but original. Even many years after the release, the game looks fresh.

Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime

If you want to bring love, goodness and light to this world, then you need to do it on a pink spaceship in the company of space girls. And even better – with friends, and the word Lovers in the title of Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime suggests that these friends should be close enough. In general, so ornately we hint that the game is ideal for couples – family and not only. Under these conditions, the game becomes not only incredibly cute, but also romantic.

Players will have to keep an eye on all the systems of the starship, from the engine and shields to weapons and turrets. And the chances of success depend primarily on whether it will be possible to establish successful teamwork.

Our list, of course, does not include all games where there is an option to play together on one keyboard. We did not talk about projects that are already well known: Left 4 Dead 2 , DiRT 3 , Portal 2 , Rocket League , Resident Evil 6 or Worms Armageddon and so everyone knows. No less worthy Sonic and All-Stars Racing Transformed and DeathSpank were also left behind.

Let’s note another circumstance: most of the listed games are not only content with one keyboard – they also run even on office computers. Their requirements are modest, and these titles deliver no less joy when playing together than many AAA projects.

  • Tropico 6 will be temporarily free on Steam
  • Risk of Rain 2 will rise in price after the release of
  • Mortal Shell beta is now available to everyone

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December 2018

Hello to all game lovers, big and small! New Year is coming, which means we have nice gifts for you. These include a collection of Christmas games about Santa Claus, Father Frost and the Snow Maiden. We hope everyone will enjoy throwing snowballs and sleigh rides during the New Year holidays, which have always been a real vacation for children, but for adults have turned into a full-fledged vacation.

November 2017

Having noticed the best flash games sinking into the depths of the site, we decided to help you play the old forgotten but popular ones through the display of the new panel. It is not available on all monitors, but only starting with a resolution of 1280px, so as not to distract owners of small screens on the current page. Depending on the genres of the current game, we show different collections, so they differ on different pages.

And also our old and attentive visitors have noticed changes in the main and additional menus. All this is aimed at improving the usability of the site by avid players. We try to make it better (although someone rightly notes here – remove ads and it will be fine) – we answer this something like this: everyone wants to eat and in order to keep all content free for use, put yourself AdBlock and there will be no problems. This is a standard plug-in that cuts out ads inside games and on the pages of gaming sites.

June 2017

As expected, cool and top games were not always pushed to the top. After disassembling and reassembling everything, our team found a way to slip the coolest flash drives upstairs. I hope you will appreciate the ratings that are built with your active participation and the resulting content will give odds to competitors 🙂

Dear friends. We decided to make a new sorting for game search, it’s called Sticky. We find and display the toys that you most often stick to. Turned on – and let’s play non-stop. Because everyone considers popularity, novelty – this and that, then we decided to please you with one more filter, according to which games that take a lot of time will be found. Be careful, because starting to play them you can miss such a great weather on the street :).

Given the fact that the flash plugin is blocked by chrome and other browsers, we firstly disabled ads before loading the game (it was a flash movie), and secondly, we decided to add more HTML5. HTML5 is universal and works regardless of the platform on which you open it (PC, Mac, Android smartphone, iPhone, iPad, etc.) support for this plugin will also become limited soon (google said) and unity3d games often hang your browser, which leads to the fact that you leave our beautiful site for other places 🙂

February 2017

In February 2017, the algorithm for counting thematic and popular games (based on which listings are built in sections) was updated. We decided to calculate the popularity of each game not by the number of its views, but by its duration – this allowed us to identify really popular flash drives on which you hang out for a long time.
As far as theme games are concerned, we had to combine several mathematical models to display truly themed flash drives. Those. if earlier under each game you saw mostly top ones (and they were often the same everywhere), now they are shown more diversely and correctly (in our opinion).

January 2017

Since January 2017, a new menu with a large number of heroes has been added to the site. To some, this option of a sliding menu may seem inconvenient, but I assure you that this is a matter of habit. With a large menu, it has become more convenient to poke at a game genre. And we tried to sort the genres as close as possible to the preferences of our visitors. Added new sections – minecraft and transformers, I don’t know why they are so wildly popular 🙂

July 2016

Since July 2016, we have added the ability to play downloadable iframes (they are on the developers’ sites) in a separate window. This will allow, firstly, to increase the size in the visible part of the screen, and secondly, the absence of advertising and other garbage. Often, a flash drive opened in a separate window works faster than one loaded in a standard page (due to the lack of advertising and other page elements).

If you are looking for a site that contains the best and most interesting flash games for adults and children, then you have found it, because on Game01 you can play anything you want!

User-friendly interface and flash for every taste

You can choose any of the fun presented on the site thanks to a convenient navigation bar. It is enough to select the appropriate section and click on the icon you like in it. Just two clicks – and you enjoy the game for free!

Our site is always available thanks to a reliable server with a good channel, so you can be here at any time of the day without any restrictions. The list of games is updated daily, so we advise you to bookmark Game01 in order to be aware of the latest updates and be among the first to evaluate our carefully selected game novelties.

Develop while having fun!

In the game, each person learns certain information. Strategy, puzzles, logic games, platform games – all these and many other genres develop logic, spatial thinking, imagination and train coordination of movements.

Therefore, those parents who do not allow their children to play online are wrong. The main thing is to choose good games, and you can safely launch any of the options offered on our website, because we don’t have bad games!

The most exciting games for boys

If you like exciting stories and mind-blowing adventures, then games of such categories as “Shooters”, “Zombies”, “Shooters”, “Cars”, “War”, “Fighting” are specially selected for you. “and many others. Also, you will surely like sports simulators from the sections “Racing”, “Hockey” and “Football”, because no boy can understand his life without the spirit of competition or fast cars.

You can also enjoy new adventures of various heroes such as Batman, Ben 10, Naruto, Spiderman. Feel like your favorite superhero or cartoon character and overcome any obstacles on your way!

The most beautiful, romantic and interesting games for girls

If you like to model unique outfits or cook delicious and beautiful food, then you will love games in categories such as “Food”, “Makeup”, “Dress Up” and “Decorate Things” . Show your imagination and exquisite taste by creating beautiful things and showing them to your friends!

In addition, you can take an active part in the adventures of characters from your favorite cartoons, such as “Winx”, “Monster High”, “Barbie” and many others. Game stories of different genres will not let you get bored, you just need to start!

It is interesting to play for both adults and children

If you think that online flash games are only for children, you are wrong. Among them there are many interesting options, the gameplay of which is really addictive!

For example, the same “Farm”, popular in social networks, is presented on our website in various versions, among which you are sure to find an attractive one for yourself. What can we say about various races, fighting games, platformers and shooting games that you can fight alone or with a friend.

The same applies to various logic games, puzzles and strategies. Under the external frivolity of some of them lies a serious challenge to your erudition, logic and spatial thinking. So show others how well you know how to play!

The best games on Game01!

Here you can play for free and without registration. But we still advise you to log in using your account in Odnoklassniki, Mail.ru, Facebook or VKontakte. Just a couple of clicks, and you get a lot of privileges compared to users who have not been authorized. For example, you can enjoy your favorite games ad-free, as well as participate in the monthly player competition with cash prizes.